Jimmy Kimmel Gives MAGA Supporters a U.S. Citizenship Test to See ‘How Patriotic These Patriots Are’

By: Lauren | Published: Mar 27, 2024

With the next presidential election right around the corner, supporters of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have taken to the streets to rally for their president of choice. However, just as in 2020, rallies for Trump are far more common and boisterous than those for Biden.

While these demonstrations are meant to encourage voters, they’ve become a source of entertainment. Several talk show hosts, such as Jimmy Kimmel, have sent interviewers to ask Trump supporters questions they assume they won’t know the answers to, thus inducing a good laugh among their left-leaning audiences.

Late-Night Talk Shows All Have One Thing in Common

Late-night talk shows like “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” have become exceedingly popular in recent years.

Jimmy Kimmel wears a dark suit and poses in a chair with a lit mirror and his show's logo behind him

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And although they each have different hosts, guests, and formats, each and every one of these programs has one thing in common: They all lean to the left.


Jimmy Kimmel Loves to Give Former President Trump a Hard Time

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” has been on-air since 2003, and over the past 20 years, the comedian has made his fair share of jokes about America’s economy, policies, and, of course, politicians.

Former president Donald Trump points at the audience during a speech/Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel smiles for the camera

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However, it’s safe to say that Kimmel has made more jokes about former President Trump than any other politician to date. Kimmel is not shy about how he feels about the Republican candidate. In fact, he even made a joke at his expense at the Oscars last month.

Kimmel’s Latest Dig Against Trump

In Kimmel’s latest Trump-based comedy sketch, he sent his crew out with microphones to a Trump rally in South Carolina to interview the MAGA fans.

Screenshot of a clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” of MAGA fans answering US citizenship quiz

Source: @JimmyKimmelLive/TikTok

Kimmel’s crew proceeded to ask several Trump supporters if they thought they could pass a U.S. citizenship test. But while the Trump fans were excited to participate, they didn’t do nearly as well on the quiz as they thought they would.

Nearly Every Trump Supported Failed the Citizenship Quiz

The first question they asked was, “What is the supreme law of the land?” None of the several groups of people they asked could answer the question, and most didn’t even have a guess.

The US Constitution on parchment paper on top of an American flag

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Then, the interviewer moved on to ask, “How many amendments does the Constitution have?” Again, no one knew the correct answer. Finally, they asked a question that one supporter got right.

What Are the First Three Words of the Constitution?

When asked, “What are the first three words of the Constitution?” one Trump supporter answered, “In God we trust.” To which the interviewer responded, “Okay, so that’s four,” eliciting a big laugh from Kimmel’s crowd.

Screenshot of a clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” of MAGA fans answering US citizenship quiz

Source: @JimmyKimmelLive/TikTok

Finally, one MAGA fan got this one right with the answer “we the people,” though it became immediately clear that someone walking behind him fed him the correct answer.


Trump Supports Are Supposed to Be “Real Americans”

While many comedy shows use the format of people “failing” to get a laugh, the audience considered this sketch particularly funny for one specific reason.

US Citizenship and Immigration paperwork covered by a large red stamp of the world “FAIL”

Source: @JimmyKimmelLive/TikTok

Each and every one of the participants complained about the influx of immigrants into the United States before taking the quiz. These Trump supporters, as well as almost every other, argue that immigrants are not “real Americans” as they are.


What Is the US Citizenship Quiz

Here’s where the comedy comes in: Every international migrant who applies to stay in the United States must complete a US citizenship quiz, which requires them to answer questions about the nation’s history and politics.

Adult students sitting at a long desk taking a test/Chalkboard that says “Citizen Test” atop an American flag

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Therefore, these “real Americans” know less about their own country than any documented migrant would know. Hence, the laughter from the crowd.


Kimmel Isn’t the First to Make Fun of Trump Supporters

While Kimmel’s TikTok video is certainly making headlines, it is not the first of its kind. Since 2016, when Trump first ran for president, content creators and talk show hosts have been taking their microphones to rallies and asking MAGA supporters questions that will elicit comedic responses.

Screenshot of an interview on “The Daily Show” with a Trump supporter

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This format has become so popular among left-leaning comedians because Trump supporters often have very strong opinions but seem to struggle to answer basic questions that reinforce those ideals.


The Daily Show Ideology Test

Nearly eight years ago, when Trump was first running for president, “The Daily Show” announced that Donald Trump had created an “Ideology Screening Test” that the then-candidate said “will weed out extremists” from his supporters.

Screenshot of an interview on “The Daily Show” with a Trump supporter

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The show sent someone to a rally to find out if any of the Trump supporters there had “extremist” ideologies that the soon-to-be president was apparently avoiding. The audience then laughed along as every single person interviewed failed the test.


Both Sides Are Fighting Dirty This Year

These clips are such one example of how dirty Americans politics has become. Supporters on both sides aren’t holding back when it comes to publicly tearing the other candidate to pieces.

Screenshot of President Biden making a weird face during a speech

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While Democrats love poking fun at Trump and his supporters’ lack of intelligence, Republicans are coming for Biden and his fans, too, with several videos showing the president’s incompetence.


Could These Videos Change the Outcome of the Election?

Depending on your political leanings, these clips are either hilarious or horrific. However, the bottom line is that they are just entertainment.

American citizen placing their vote in a box

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The overwhelming majority of Americans already know who they will vote for in November, and a late-night talk show comedy sketch will not change their minds.