Jimmy Kimmel Demands Apology From “Hamster-Brained” Aaron Rodgers for Falsely Connecting Him to Epstein

By: Savvy Dime Staff | Published: Jan 19, 2024

Beef between football player Aaron Rodgers and host Jimmy Kimmel was not on our 2024 bingo card, but here we are!

The celebs have been in a massively public feud since the news that the Epstein filed would be released.

Aaron Rodgers, the famed New York Jets quarterback, just made waves in the very first days of 2024 — opting to call out late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel for his presence on the Epstein client list.

Jeffrey Epstein’s log (left) pictured next to his portrait (right)

Source: YouTube/Law&CrimeNetwork

Jimmy shot back on the first monologue of the year, calling Aaron “Karen” Rodgers and making several other quips. Here’s what we know.


What Is The Epstein Client List?

The Epstein client list is the list of names that financier Jeffrey Epstein would call to promote and sell underage sex services.

A news segment highlights the unsealed client list, with a photo of Jeffrey Epstein overlaying the announcement.

Source: Youtube/Fox 32 Chicago

Members on this list were allegedly partaking in human sex trafficking, which is a serious legal offense that could carry lengthy fines and prison time.

Was Jimmy Kimmel Actually On The Epstein List?

Once Aaron Rodgers made the accusation that Jimmy was on the client list, the internet went wild. Tabloids picked up the story immediately, and endless streams of gossip sites dug deep to verify.

Tabloid titles and video cover pages highlight the Jimmy Kimmel and Epstein chatter.

Source: TikTok

An investigation from Reuters notes that no currently released case documents have Jimmy Kimmel’s name on them.

Wait — I Saw Him On An Online List!

If you’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel on any sort of Epstein client list at the time of this publication, you may want to check your sources.

Epstein files shown next to eachother

Source: Wikipedia/X@akafacehots

Reuters has noted that there are no documents that have his name on them that have been released and that any that appear to have been faked — possibly by AI.

What Exactly Did Aaron Rodgers Say?

Aaron Rodgers started the controversy with Jimmy Kimmel and Epstein on January 2nd, 2024 — stating that “there’s a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel,…hoping that (the list) doesn’t come out.”

A YouTube thumbnail featuring McGrath and Rodgers is shown, overlaid with “First Ever In Person Aaron Rodgers Tuesday.”

Source: YouTube/ThePatMcGrathShow

He said this on The Pat McAfee Show, going viral for his statement mere minutes after. There was a quick reply from Jimmy, who took to X and his show to discuss the matter further.


Let’s Go To Court

Jimmy worked to dispel any sort of doubt about his presence on the Epstein list, taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) to address his fans before the matter got out of hand.

Aaron (left) and Jimmy (right) shown next to eachother.

Source: YouTube/InsideEdition

He ended his post with a shot back at Aaron Rodgers, warning him to “keep it up, and we will debate the facts further in court.”


Why Would Aaron Rodgers Come After Jimmy In The First Place?

The feud naturally prompted some questions from fans, leaving many wondering why he would take aim at Kimmel in the first place.

Jimmy Kimmel mid-roast session in his Aaron Rodgers monologue

Source: Youtube/InsideEdition

Jimmy hypothesized his assumption on air, stating that “he (Rodgers) was probably just trying to get back at (me) for previously roasting (me) on Live!


On And On

“Aaron Rodgers has a very high opinion of himself,” Kimmel continued, according to AL. “Because he had success on the football field, he believes himself to be an extraordinary being.”

A profile shot of Aaron Rodgers is shown.

Source: Wikipedia

“…He thinks that because God gave him the ability to throw a ball, (that) he’s smarter than everyone else.”


The Monologue Continued

Per AL,  Jimmy went on say that “…either he (Rodgers) actually believes my name was going to be on (the list),…or the more likely scenario is…he’s mad at me for making fun of his top knot.”

Jimmy Kimmel is pictured roasting Aaron Rodgers’ top knot on-air.

Source: YouTube/InsideEdition

“He’s particularly upset…because I made fun of the fact that he (thinks) the UFO sightings…were being reported to distract us from (the list).


Jimmy Got Personal

The rant didn’t end there, though. The comedian continued the rant, leveling his proverbial gun at Aaron’s education.

Aaron Rodgers shown in his college days

Source: YouTube/ESPN College Football

“(He’s) a guy who went to community college, then got into Cal on a football scholarship and didn’t graduate…he put on a  magic helmet, and that G made him a genius.”


Would Jimmy Kimmel Accept Aaron Rodgers’ Apology?

According to AL, Jimmy doesn’t believe he will get an apology at all. “He’s too arrogant to know how ignorant he is,” he said.

The apology request goes viral, prompting this review thumbnail from The Odd Couple on YouTube

Source: YouTube/TheOddCouple

AL confirms that if Rodgers were to apologize, Kimmel would accept it. “But he probably won’t do that…” Kimmel continued on his bit.


Has Aaron Rodgers Apologized to Jimmy Kimmel?

It is not currently believed that Aaron Rodgers has apologized to Jimmy Kimmel at the time of this publication.

Aaron Rodgers shown looking solemn

Source: Wikipedia

When Variety reached out to Rodgers’ team for commentary, they were not given a response, according to AL. Rodgers may respond on social media in the coming months.