Jeff Bezos Says He and Elon Musk Are Very ‘Like-Minded’

By: Lauren | Published: Jan 13, 2024

There aren’t that many multibillionaires in the world, and there are even fewer who came from humble beginnings, are wildly successful entrepreneurs, and even started a space exploration company.

However, both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos tick all four of those boxes. And while there has always been gossip flying that the two are competitors who don’t get along, Bezos finally put the rumors to rest when he said he would “love” to hang out with Musk.

What Do Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Have in Common?

It would actually be quicker to write a list of the differences between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, as the two billionaires have so much in common.

Jeff Bezos holding a book during the early days of Amazon/Elon Musk sits at his home computer in his 20s

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Both men started their businesses, Zip2 and Amazon, respectively, with nothing and quickly made millions. They both have their own space exploration companies, SpaceX and Blue Origin, and they are numbers one and two on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

Musk’s Success Has Slightly Overshadowed Bezos

Although Jeff Bezos is the second richest person in the world with an amazing net worth of $174 billion, Elon Musk is far richer, with a total value of $221 billion.

Elon Musk folds his hands while speaking at an event

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And while Bezos’ enterprises are certainly successful, most people agree that Musk has quietly pulled ahead as the most prosperous entrepreneur on the planet.

SpaceX vs. Blue Origin

One way in which Musk has seemingly won the ongoing competition against Bezos is through his wildly successful company, SpaceX.

SpaceX facilitiy/Blue Origin facilitiy

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Both SpaceX and Blue Origin have repeatedly contended for contracts with NASA, but SpaceX has won the bid almost every single time.

Bezos Doesn’t See Space Exploration as a Competition

But in a recent podcast, Bezos finally spoke frankly about the apparent space exploration competition between him and Musk, and his response was quite surprising.

SpaceX Dragon spacecraft passes over Dubai

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Jeff Bezos essentially said that the exploration of space is such a vast and truly never-ending adventure, that there’s no need for competition. Like the internet, Bezos argued, there is room for everyone at the top.

Lex Fridman Sparked this Interesting Conversation About Musk

While Lex Fridman and Jeff Bezos were discussing Blue Origin and how Bezos feels about SpaceX, Fridman said something interesting that sparked the rest of the conversation about how Bezos feels about Musk.

Elon Musk and Lex Fridman pose in front of a car in the dark

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Fridman, who is a good friend of Elon Musk, told Bezos that Musk has previously said nothing but positive things about Blue Origin and Bezos as a person.


What Else Did Jeff Bezos Say About Elon Musk?

In response to Lex’s comment, Bezos started to explain how he personally feels about his fellow billionaire.

Jeff Bezos at a red carpet event

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“I don’t really know Elon very well,” Bezos said on the “Lex Fridman Podcast.” “I know his public persona, but I also know you can’t know anyone by their public persona. It’s impossible.”


Jeff Bezos Says He Doesn’t Really Know Musk

Bezos continued saying that he knows people assume the two know each other well because they are so similar, but he insisted that he really doesn’t know Musk at all.

Elon Musk and Lex Fridman hold birthday cupcakes

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In fact, he told the podcast host, “You know Elon way better than I do.” This is certainly true, as Fridman and Musk hang out frequently and have even spent their birthdays together.


Lex Fridman Believes Musk & Bezos Should 'Shake Hands'

In response to Bezos’ comment about Lex and Musk’s close friendship, Fridman said, “I hope you guys hang out sometimes, shake hands,and sort of have a kind of friendship that would inspire just the entirety of humanity.”

Screenshots of both Lex Fridman and Jeff Bezos as they talk on Fridman’s podcast

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Fridman continued, “Because what you’re [both] doing is one of the big grand challenges ahead for humanity.”


Bezos Said He Does Want to Cultivate a Friendship with Musk

Jeff Bezos agreed with Lex’s statement, saying, “Well, I agree with you, and I think in a lot of these endeavors, we’re very like-minded.”

Jeff Bezos speaks to an audience at an Amazon event

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He also said, “I’m not saying we’re identical, but I think we’re very like-minded.” He added, “So I love that idea [of hanging out with Musk].”


The Podcast Wasn’t All About the Potential Friendship, But That’s All Anyone Can Talk About

It’s important to note that the 130-minute podcast was not entirely focused on the potential friendship of Bezos and Musk, but instead, on Bezos’ current projects, thoughts, and plans for the future.

Screenshot from Lex Fridman pdocast in which Jeff Bezos shows Fridman around Blue Origin

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However, since there have been so many rumors that the two business owners don’t get along, these few statements have been all anyone can talk about.


Will Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk Collaborate in the Future?

Elon Musk hasn’t publicly responded to Jeff Bezos’ comments on Lex Fridman’s podcast yet, but the world is certainly waiting at the edge of their seats to see what he has to say.

People watch as the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket lifts off from launch pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

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And even more than a personal response, many are hoping that the two billionaires will soon collaborate and, as Fridman said, “have a kind of friendship that would inspire just the entirety of humanity.”