‘It Has Become a Symbol of Our Nation’s Decline’ — Trump’s Plan to Turn California Around if Re-Elected

By: Lauren | Published: Mar 26, 2024

Former president and candidate for the 2024 election Donald Trump is certainly known for having strong opinions about almost every topic, political or non. 

And Trump’s latest standpoint is that the state of California has “become a symbol of our nation’s decline,” and that Governor Gavin Newsom, or as Trump calls him “Gavin New-Scum” is absolutely to blame. 

California - “Not Really American”

For decades, California has always been considered a little different than the rest of the country. However, it was usually because California seemed like a dream world. From Hollywood to Big Sur, the lives of surfers and celebrities from the Golden State were something many aspired to. 

Magnifying glass looking closely at California on a map

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But more recently, California has been feeling less and less like the rest of the nation, not because of its sandy beaches, but because of its politics. In fact, about half of all Republicans surveyed said California is “not really American.”


Why Is California Considered Un-American?

California is arguably the leftist-leaning state in the country. To many Democratic voters, the Golden State is exactly what America should and can look like. However, to many Republicans, it is the antithesis of the America they believe in. 

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While California has always leaned left, since Governor Gavin Newsom was elected in 2018, the state’s policies have become more Blue than ever before. Gov. Newsom has implemented taxes on firearms, decriminalized psychedelics, increased minimum wage, and spent billions on green energy initiatives over the past few years. And he still has more changes he wants to make. 

How Does Trump Feel About California?

As always, Trump wasn’t shy when he told his supporters how he feels about California’s recent changes, as well as the man behind it all, Governor Newsom. 

Former president and candidate for 2024 Donald Trump during a speech

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At a conference last month, the former president told the audience that, “[California] is failing… It has become a symbol of our nation’s decline.” Trump also gave Gov. Newsom the harsh nickname “Gavin New-Scum” and said that “he destroyed California.”

Trump’s Specific Accusations Against the Governor

In addition to his overwhelmingly negative statements about California and Gov. Newsom, the presidential candidate also cited a few specific mistakes he believes the governor has made during his time in office. 

Photograph of California Governor Gavin Newsom looking concerned

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First, Trump said that Gov. Newsom has told international migrants, “If you come up, we’re going to give you pension funds…. We’ll give you a mansion.” Which is, of course, not something the governor has ever said. 

The Facts Behind the Hyperbole

What Trump is referring to with this hyperbole is the massive number of international and undocumented migrants currently living in California. 

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According to the Public Policy Institute of California, there are currently 1.85 million immigrants in the state. Gov. Newsom recently announced that the state will provide healthcare, housing, and financial assistance for food for many of these undocumented residents. A plan which Trump wholeheartedly disagrees with.


Trump’s Plan to Close the Border

When Trump was running for president in 2016, he told the world he planned to build a giant wall on the border between the US and Mexico to put an end to illegal immigration. 

View of a metal wall along the US-Mexico Border

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And while he wasn’t able to complete that project during his four years in the White House, this time around, Trump says he will completely close the border on his very first day in office. 


Trump Plans to Overturn Biden’s Green Energy Programs

In addition to Governor Newsom’s take on immigration, the former president has also spoken out against his expensive plans for sustainable energy. President Biden has implemented several programs and legislations to increase the use of sustainable energy while decreasing the use of fossil fuels around the country.

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Gov. Newsom has not only participated and worked hand-in-hand with President Biden on these plans, but has created more of his own for the Golden State. If Trump is re-elected, he says he will overturn the vast majority of these plans on both the state and the federal level. 


Trump Famously Denies Climate Change

Trump claims these programs are bad for the American economy, and because the former president famously denies climate change, he sees no benefit in trying to make America change its energy sources. 

Aerial view of the Sacramento Delta in Northern California

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In fact, Trump also said he will stop California from protecting the Sacramento Delta by allowing the Sacramento River to flow into the Pacific Ocean. While environmentalists argue that doing so would be incredibly detrimental to the region’s natural resources, Trump simply said, “We’re not going to let them get away with that any longer.”


Trump Plans to End Crime in Oakland

While there is a great deal of debate as to whether California’s changes are good or bad, no one can argue that the rampant crime in Oakland is a real problem. 

Members of the Oakland Police Department prepare for a riot

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Trump says he has the perfect solution to the problem, which is to send federal law enforcement officers to the city to shoot active criminals. The former president said to Oakland burglars, “If you rob a store, you can fully expect to be shot as you are leaving that store — shot!”


If California Doesn’t Listen - Trump Will Send the National Guard

With Trump clearly threatening Gov. Newsom and the state of California, many wonder what will happen if he is re-elected in November. 

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Although he hasn’t said so directly, many are worried that if Gov. Newsom and his team don’t comply with Trump’s orders, he could decide to send the National Guard to enforce them. 


California and America Could Both Look Much Different in Six Months

As the electron gets closer, almost every American is curious and really quite worried about what the nation will look like in six months. Republicans are dreading another four years with President Biden and democrats are terrified of another Trump administration. 

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Although every election comes with uncertainty, the candidates for this year are two of the most drastically different in history. And if Trump is elected, there’s no doubt that the country, and specifically the state of California, will look drastically different by the end of the year.