Who Lives Inside Florida’s ‘Billionaire Bunker’?

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Jan 10, 2024

Few places around the world claim to house as many of the world’s billionaires and influential figures quite like Florida’s Indian Creek Village, a small, highly guarded island in the southern part of the state.

Often referred to as Florida’s Billionaire Bunker, the small island is home to people like Tom Brady, DJ phenomenon David Guetta, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and a former White House senior adviser, Ivanka Trump.

Exclusive Village in South Florida

Florida’s billionaire bunker is located not far from Miami Beach. Its 41 lots are built on a 300-acre artificial island in Biscayne Bay.

Birdeye view of the super-exclusive Indian Creek Village and its luxurious homes

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The village can only be entered via one bridge, which is heavily guarded 24 hours a day.

History of Indian Creek Village

The small island community only became an official municipality of Florida back in 1939. Following this, it received its own police force and marine patrol, and now even has its own mayor.

This photograph shows Biscayne Bay and the wealthy Indian Creek Village.

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Fast forward to the modern era, and it’s now one of the most luxurious areas in Florida, boasting its own country club and golf course for its residents to enjoy.

The Center Piece of the Island

Speaking with NBC6, Paul George, a historian working for the Miami Museum, explained the island became popular during the 1920s.

A golf club is held to the ground as a person lines up a shot at a golf course

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According to the historian, “The centerpiece was a golf course and a clubhouse, and that’s what you always see when you come to the island. That becomes the first of everything there.”

Billionaires' Playground

Due to the island’s exclusive nature, house prices have climbed to absurd levels in recent years.

Close up of a Golden Venetian Mask with Plume

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According to Miami Condo Investments, a few years ago, the average price of a home in Indian Creek Village was estimated to exceed $20 million. Yet, this has dramatically increased since COVID-19.

$100 Million Homes

One prominent real estate agent, Dina Goldentayer, who’s sold numerous homes in the exclusive village, said prices have dramatically increased since the pandemic.

A sizeable white mansion accompanied by a large swimming pool is listed for sale in the exclusive Indian Creek Village

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Speaking with Bloomberg, Dina claims that the price of homes has risen as high as $100 million.


Amazon Founder Moves to Island

Last year, Jeff Bezos announced he would be leaving his home of Seattle, sparking conversation as to where the Amazon founder may end up.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pictured in a suit alongside his soon-to-be-wife Lauren Sanchez

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Lo and behold, one of the world’s wealthiest men couldn’t resist purchasing a luxurious mansion in Indian Creek for just under $80 million.


Ivanka Trump Calls Indian Creek Home

Ivanka Trump is another of the island’s famous residents. The former White House senior adviser purchased a home with her partner, Jared Kushner, in April 2021.

Ivanka Trump pictured wearing a white floral sweatshirt during a talk

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According to reports, the couple spent over $24 million on the home. Once renovations were complete, the couple moved their family of three children from D.C. to Florida.


Tom Brady Enjoys Life In Florida

Former NFL superstar Tom Brady purchased a two-acre lot in Indian Creek back in 2020 with his then-wife, Gisele Bündchen.

Work is well underway at Tom Brady’s estate under construction in Indian Creek Village

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He splashed out an enormous $17 million on the land. While the pair later broke up, it appears Brady is looking forward to a future in the area as he secured a $35 construction loan last year.


David Guetta Plans to Buy

French DJ David Guetta is another prominent celebrity who is looking to settle down in the exclusive paradise of Indian Creek Village.

DJ uses his mixers to perform a live set for a group of people

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According to reports, he is set to buy a 16,000-square-foot, 12-bedroom home for nearly $70 million.


Billionaire Buissman Calls Luxurious Island Home

One of the island’s wealthiest inhabitants is American business owner Edward Lampert, whose estimated net worth stands at close to $2 billion, according to Forbes.

American Businessman Edward Lampert, pictured as he rests his hand on his chin


Lampert bought his 17,000-square-foot Italian-style mansion for an estimated $40 million over a decade ago.


Five Wealthiest Residents Worth Close to $200 Billion

If you take the five wealthiest homeowners currently residing in Indian Creek Village, their combined network equals around $191 billion.

A sheet of freshly printed American $1 bills

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Paul George told Bloomberg, “Only the very wealthy, the billionaires,” can afford the homes on the island. He continued, “Hundreds of millions aren’t gonna cut it anymore.”