‘Immediately Stop Using’: 1 Million Baby Products Abruptly Recalled for Dangerous Reason

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Jul 06, 2024

Nearly one million baby products have been hurriedly recalled in the United States and Canada after the company realized that children and adults might be at risk of shock when using these items.

The products affected are the Hatch sound machines that were sold at various retailers around the nation by Hatch Baby Inc.

Recalled Baby Machines

This specific recall covers about 919,400 Rest 1st Generation machines sold by Hatch Baby Inc. in the United States. Meanwhile, about 44,352 of the same products were sold in Canada and are subsequently being recalled.

A view of a baby sleeping in a crib at night.

Source: Marie Despeyroux/Unsplash

These recalled baby machines were sold both online and in-store, and many major retailers are impacted by this notice.


Items Affected

According to a brand new release by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), there are only specific items affected by this recall.

A close-up of a Hatch baby sound machine and its plug.

Source: United States Consumer Protection Safety Commission

Hatch sound machines that have the model number CYAP05 050100U — as well as the phrases “Jiangsu Chenyang Electron Co. LTD”, “1.0A” amps, and “Made in China” — are the only machines impacted.

The Risk of Electric Shock

These baby sound machines are being recalled because of the risk of electric shock. Some of the products have AC power adapters that are faulty, thereby increasing this risk.

A close-up of a black plug near a white electrical socket.

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These adapters allegedly have a plastic housing that comes off when one unplugs it. If a child or adult then touches the prongs, they could potentially be shocked.

Immediately Stop Using

In a news release, the USCPSC warned parents around the country that they should immediately stop using these products to keep themselves — and their children — safe.

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“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled power adapters sold with Rest 1st Generation sound machines, and contact Hatch for a free replacement power adapter,” the USCPSC said.

Where These Products Were Sold

As there are almost one million of these products being recalled, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that these items were sold in a variety of different places around the country.

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Many people were able to buy these recalled machines online through Amazon, as well as on the Hatch company’s own website.


Retailers Affected

However, these popular Hatch machines were also sold at various different retailers in the United States.

An exterior shot of a Target store in the daytime.

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According to this latest release, these machines were sold at Target, Walmart, Nordstrom, BestBuy, BuyBuyBaby, and Pottery Barn Kids. Recalled items were sold from January 2019 to September 2022.


Where These Items Were Made

The 1st generation machines affected were imported and distributed throughout the United States and Canada by Hatch Baby Inc., a company that is located in Palo Alto, California.

A view of a baby’s bassinet and mobile.

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However, the models impacted by this recall have “Made in China” labels.


Cases of Electrical Shock

Unfortunately, it does appear that there have been at least two reports of people or children actually being shocked because of these faulty adapters attached to the sound machine.

A close-up of a white plug on a wooden floor.

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The USCPSC has said that two reports filed came from cases of “minor electrical shock.” Meanwhile, at least 19 consumer reports have been filed with the agency against this item in total.


Get Rid of These Dangerous Machines

The USCPSC has further stated that any parent that has these faulty and potentially dangerous sound machines should immediately dispose of the object. They have also explained that parents can receive a free replacement power adapter.

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“Consumers should unplug the cord, cut the cord on the recalled power adapter, take a photo of the adapter showing the model number and the cut cord, upload the photo, and provide their name and mailing address at www.hatch.co/adapterrecall,” they said.


The Seriousness of Recalls Affecting Children

The USCPSC is very serious whenever it comes to baby or children’s products being faulty, especially as this could potentially put a child’s life in danger.

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Therefore, they’re taking the recall of these dangerous sound machines seriously, as it could possibly give a child an electrical shock.


Other Recent Children Product Recalls

There have been more than a few items made for children or babies that have been recalled recently. MGA Entertainment just recalled millions of its Miniverse Make It Mini craft toys that are made for children eight years old and up.

A close-up of a baby’s hand.

Source: Hu Chen/Unsplash

Meanwhile, Jool Baby swings for infants have been recalled by federal regulators because of possible suffocation hazards.