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How To Save Money On Your Water Bill

Learn how you can easily conserve water to save money on your water bill.
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Looking to conserve water and save money on your upcoming utilities bill? It’s time to look at all the ways you can save money on that water bill. While paying for water may not be among your top financial concerns, in the grand scheme of things every little bit does count.

Not only will conserving water save you money, but it will also help you if you’re living in a location experiencing draughts. Stop watching both your money and precious resource go right down the drain. Follow these simple tips to see how you can save and converse water.

1. Be Careful How You Wash Your Dishes

To save on the water and electricity costs of running a dishwasher, you may consider washing your dishes by hand. However, if you are washing your dishes ineffectively, this method can actually be more costly and wasteful than a dishwasher. Be sure not to let the sink continuously run as you clean up your dishes. Instead, fill the sink or a large bucket of some sort with warm water and dip you dishes clean after thoroughly scrubbing them.

2. Consider Reusing Water

Reusing water may not be applicable in all cases, but it can be helpful in some. For example, after you finish boiling your veggies for dinner, consider reusing the water you’ve boiled. Once the water has cooled and your veggies have been served, use that same water to treat your garden. This water will be rich in nutrients from boiling your vegetables and will work wonders on your garden while also reusing water instead of pouring it down the drain.

3. Shorten Your Shower Time

We all love warm showers to wake us up in the morning or to relax in after a long day at work. However, standing in the shower can be incredibly wasteful in both water and money. Instead, try sticking to a shorter shower routine by bathing with purpose. You can even create a shower playlist of your favorite song around 4 minutes in length. Once this song ends, your shower should too.

4. Consider More Efficient Appliances

There are some appliances that are more effective at conserving and controlling water usage. Consider such products as you update and upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms. There are showers that spray mist to conserve water, dishwashers that use less water, sink spouts that are more effective, as well as toilets that use less water in their bowls. If you’re looking to save on your water bill, these are definitely appliances to consider.

5. Check For Leaks

Whether your leaks are big or small, it’s estimated that the average home loses around 10,000 gallons of water per year. You may have a few subtle sink leaks you don’t even know about. So, here is your reminder to check for leaks and get them fixed. You’ll be conserving water and saving money in the process.


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