Historic Wyoming Ranch Goes Back on the Market for $67 Million

By: Lauren | Published: Jan 24, 2024

In Northern Wyoming sits one of the oldest and most picturesque ranches in North America, the Pitchfork Ranch.

And the famous ranch is now up for sale, not only as a wonderful home, but as a successful business as well — for an almost unbelievable $67 million.

History of the Pitchfork Ranch

The Pitchfork Ranch has sat in the same spot in Wyoming since before it was even a state when the first settlers arrived in the West.

Photograph of horses walking through the Greybull River at Pitchfork Ranch in the 1900s

Source: Pitchfork Ranch

In fact, the ranch was built in 1878 by Otto Frank Von Lichenstein, who emigrated to the newly founded United States from Germany in 1866, as he found it to be the perfect place to raise cattle.

Pitchfork Farm Is on the Market for the Third Time Ever

After 33 years of running the ranch, Otto Frank died, and LG Phelps purchased the giant property. The Phelps/Belden family ran it for an amazing 95 years until the Baker family took over. 

Cowboys eating dinner around a covered wagon

Source: CD Kirkland/Buyenlarge/Getty Images

Now, for only the third time in history, it’s on the market again.

A Successful Farm for More than 130 Years

Otto Frank was certainly right in his assessment, the Pitchfork Ranch is a fantastic place to raise cattle.

Wyoming mountains

Source: Canva

The incredible space has plenty of grass meadows for feeding and water due to the 7.5 miles of river it sits on. And the ranch has been a wildly successful cattle farm for more than 130 years.

The Cattle Business

The cattle business wasn’t easy work in the later 1800s when Otto Frank took on the job, and it’s not easy now.

Large group of cows on a cattle farm

Source: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Managing the herd, following them around the ranch, wrangling them when needed, and ensuring calves are born healthy take an experienced team.

But the Pitchfork Ranch has become an expert on cattle farming. 

Box of beef available for sale from Pitchfork Ranch

Source: Pitchfork Ranch

And while for years, they have worked successfully raising and selling cattle, they recently decided to offer their choice cattle directly to customers.


"Pasture to Plate"

The Baker family realized that finding quality beef has become more and more challenging, so at Pitchfork Ranch they’ve made it their mission to raise and slaughter their cattle the right way.

Fresh beef for sale at the Pitchfork Ranch

Source: Pitchfork Ranch

The Bakers have said, “Our focus [for the ranch] is to build our quality commercial herd to offer ethically raised beef from our pasture to your plate.”


Pitchfork Ranch Is a Fully Operational Business

The Bakers have created a modern and successful business on the ranch, and the $67 million price tag they set includes not only the land and homes there, but also the entire operation.

Map of Wyoming

Source: Canva

It can currently feed 1,300 cows every year, and has a fully incorporated hay operation, feed, equipment, and an entire cow herd ready for next year.


The Amazing Horses at Pitchfork Ranch

In addition to cattle, there is also a horse farm at Pitchfork Ranch. They use horses every day to herd the cattle, so the Baker family decided to breed and raise their own as well.

Cowboy roping a calf at a rodeo

Source: Canva

They also host a famous horse sale every year that brings in people from around Wyoming and the entire country. 


The Annual Horse Show

The annual sale is not only a great place to buy and sell some of the most impressive horses in the country.

People dancing during an event at the Pitchfork Ranch

Source: @PitchforkRanch/Facebook

It is also somewhat like a festival in that there is camping, local vendors, a dog trail, and live music. It’s certainly a beloved event in the local community


How Pitchfork Ranch Influences the Community

That’s not all Pitchfork Ranch does for the community. Ben Anson, the real estate agent for Pitchfork Ranch, recently said, “I think the stuff that [Pitchfrok Farm] has done for the community has been awesome.”

Rodeo audience watches the performance closely

Source: Giles Clarke/Getty Images

From hosting regular events for charity, inviting community members to come to enjoy the amazing natural wonders of the ranch, and selling their beef directly to local residents, almost everyone who lives near Pitchfork agrees.


Spending $500,000 on a Community Conference Center

The Pitchfork Ranch has even spent half a million dollars on a community conference center.

Woman rides horse at the Pitchfork Ranch

Source: @PitchforkRanch/Facebook

And held several fundraising events to encourage local businesses and citizens to donate and make the events center a reality.


A Constant Focus on Conservation

The Pitchfork Ranch has also been a constant supporter of conversation of the land, flora, and fauna on its land.

A black-footed ferret looks at the camera

Source: Wikipedia

For example, they’ve recently focused on the recovery of the black-footed ferret. Previously, environmentalists believed them to be extinct, but now, their numbers are growing again.


The Many Houses on Pitchfork Ranch

Of course, that means there are many barns and facilities for the business side of the ranch, but this incredible property is also home to eight residences.

Two of the many houses on the Pitchfork Ranch

Source: Zillow

There are small cottages, as well as larger homes. And while the land itself cannot be divided, the listing states that the new owners will be able to do with the homes what they please.


Rooms for Everyone

However, the new owners may not want to change a thing, as the homes on Pitchfork Ranch are known for being beautiful as well as historical.

Cattle on ranch

Source: Canva

The main house, known as Stone House, was built in the 1930s. Although it has modern appliances, the Stone House still has a wonderful antique feel. 


Pitchfork House Layouts

The Stone House is quite large at 5,400 square feet and has eight bedrooms and five bathrooms.

A black and white photo of the Pitchfork post office from the 1800s

Source: @PitchforkRanch/Facebook

The River House was built in 1948; at 3,500 square feet, it has four bedrooms and an indoor swimming pool. We haven’t even mentioned the 2,600-square-foot Manager’s House.


Where Is Pitchfork Ranch?

Located in the Bighorn Basin area, Pitchfork Ranch sits in front of the Absaroka Mountains in a valley along the Greybull River.

Cows graze in front of the Absaroka Mountains on the Pitchfork Ranch

Source: @pitchforkranchbeef/Facebook

It includes 96,000 acres, with 13,886 acres of deeded land, 5,645 Bureau of Land Management acres, 44,984 forest service acres, and 31,600 acres leased by the state.


Life in the Great Outdoors

Anyone who visits the Pitchfork Ranch can tell you that it’s so much more than just a cattle farm. It truly is the epitome of the great outdoors.

Workers on horses prepare to herd cattle on the Pitchfork Ranch

Source: @pitchforkranchbeef/Facebook

When visiting the ranch, one can swim in the Greybull River, hike through the local mountains, hunt for deer and fowl, and go fishing, off-roading, camping, boating, and, of course, horseback riding.


Visiting the Pitchfork Ranch

For those who have fallen in love with the Pitchfork Ranch while reading but don’t have $67 million in the bank to make it their own, there is still a way to visit the historic location.

Hunters line up on numbered horses at Pitchfork Ranch

Source: @Pitchfork Ranch/Facebook

There are annual tours led by Lennox Baker himself, several of the natural springs are open all year round, and they even give permits to a few hunters every year.


This Property Is One of the Last of Its Kind

The Pitchfork Ranch is special for a wide variety of reasons, including the fact that it is one of the last ranches of its kind. And the fact that it is up for sale makes it even more unique.

Screenshot of a post by Pitchfork Ranch on Facebook

Source: @pitchforkranchbeef/Facebook

Ben Anson, the ranch manager and listing agent, wrote, “It’s rare to see a contiguous place of land this large, with this much history, on the market.”


The Pitchfork Ranch Hopes That the New Buyer Will Continue Running the Business

As previously mentioned, the new owner of the Pitchfork Ranch will have the opportunity to use the land, homes, and business for whatever they choose.

Pitchfork Ranch employees herd cattle with a beautiful view

Source: @north40photographyanddesigns/Pitchfork Ranch/Facebook

However, Ben Anson, the ranch’s real estate agent, said in a recent statement, “I think keeping it a working ranch is something I’d like to see.”


For Those Who Are Thinking of Investing in the Pitchfork Ranch

Now, if investing in the absolutely incredible and one-of -a-kind Pitchfork Ranch sounds like someone you might want to do, you’ll need to know how to inquire.

Employee herding cattle during the winter at Pitchfork Ranch

Source: @north40photographyanddesigns/Pitchfork Ranch/Facebook

Fortunately, the ranch has made it quite simple. Anyone interested can find all the details they need at Land.com.


There Are Just So Many Reasons to Love Pitchfork Ranch

From the thousands of acres of land to the incredible natural landscape to the fantastic wildlife and historic homes, there’s nothing not to love about the Pitchfork Ranch.

Pitchfork Ranch workers on horses

Source: @PitchforkRanch/Facebook

And while owning a ranch in Wyoming older than the state itself isn’t everyone’s dream, for many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Owning a Piece of American History

For some, living in a place so wildly beautiful is the dream; for others, it’s the successful cattle and horse farm that would draw them in; and for others, it’s the fact that owning the Pitchfork Ranch would mean owning a piece of American history.

Silhouetted cowboy on horse

Source: Canva

These some 100,000 acres have seen every war, heard every song, and felt every generation’s footsteps. It really is something special.