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Hermès Birkin Bag Worth Over $9 Million Stolen at an Airport Check-In Counter

Source: DanEscrow/Twitter

People have had their handbags stolen at the airport. But very few will compare it to the theft of a high-value designer handbag in a popular Spanish city. The bag in question contained a whopping $9.3 million worth of valuables.
Just like hundreds of other travelers at the Barcelona airport, a Russian family strolled towards the check-in counter in high spirits. They had enjoyed a good time in the Spanish city and were looking to check into an Emirates flight that will take them out of the country.

The pair interacted with airport staff unaware that their Hermes bag was in danger. The Hermes Birkin bag had caught the attention of three thieves who knew its value. The thieves acted swiftly. They soon consulted amongst themselves before finalizing a pretty sophisticated plan to make away with the bag.
This particular bag was no ordinary piece of leather. It was an elite version of the highly-priced Hermes Birkin, one of the most luxurious pieces of accessories around.
While we do not know the exact cost of the bag, we have a good idea about it. The bag could cost anything from $10,000 to $2 million.
This particular piece of Hermes Birkin was generously and specially endowed. It was gold and diamond encrusted.
Can you imagine how glamorous a handbag dressed with 8.2 carats of diamond would look? In addition, the bag also had a little padlock, adorned with another 1.64 carats of the most precious stone on the planet. For experienced robbers, this celebrity bag won’t be difficult to notice.
Ironically, the Birkin bag was, according to Hermes, “born in the sky.” It was on a 1984 London-bound flight that the bag was first conceptualized and designed.
There, British superstar actress Jane Birkin complained to a passenger by her side about her need for handbags. Amongst the many bags she had come across, none had satisfied her need for a balance of space and style.
She wanted a bag that was large enough to contain the belongings of a young mother. Yet, the bag should convey the glamor that a celebrity like herself should be associated with. Luckily, she was speaking to one of the most creative minds in the fashion industry, Jean-Louis Dumas.
He immediately got to work, sketching the designs of Birkin’s dream handbag right there on the plane. Hermès would later bring the idea to life and name the products after Jane Birkin.
Hermès bags are not mass-produced. So they are expensive, hard to get, and exclusive to only those who can part with a fortune. For the two travelers, they would worry less about the Birkins and more about its content – $9.3 million in jewelry and cash.
The contents included a $5 million diamond ring, a $990,000 Bvlgari watch, an $822,000 chanel brooch, $500,000 worth of diamond earrings, and $22,000 cash.
It took the brilliance of Barcelona policemen to save the day. The cops rounded up the thieves as they made away in their car. Thanks in part to security footage.
Luckily the Russian duo had their valuables returned. Not everyone would have that much luck. The late Jane Birkins probably provided some extra luck from her grave.

Written By Olawale Ogunjimi

Olawale is an experienced writer with a passion for creating captivating content across various verticals. With over five years of experience and a knack for storytelling, Olawale is highly adept at creating engaging and informative pieces that resonate with audiences. Outside of work, he enjoys solving puzzles and playing Scrabble.

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