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Here’s How Alien Footage Can Earn You $1 Million

Source: Unsplash/Chip Somordevilla/Getty Images

Since the Pentagon recently announced the existence of UFOs, residents of the USA and the world have become wildly excited about the now very real prospect that aliens from outer space have visited us here on Earth.

And Amazon has decided to capitalize on this exciting new reality by opening up an out-of-this-world competition: The company will pay a whopping $1 million to any American resident over the age of 18 who captures evidence of a real extraterrestrial on a Ring camera.

Terrifying UFO Encounters That Defy Explanation

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They are calling it Ring’s Million Dollar Search for Extraterrestrials, and although it seems ridiculous in both what Amazon is asking for and the unbelievable prize they are offering, this contest is 100% real. 

Ring Doorbell owners have between October 4 and November 3, 2023, or Halloween season, to send in their Ring camera footage that they believe shows a real-life alien. The videos will then be assessed by a group of extraterrestrial experts, and if they believe you’ve caught an alien on camera, you’ll be a proud millionaire.

Amazon is even offering a $500 gift card to anyone who sends in a video with “Out-of-this-World” creativity. The competition announced, “Earthlings, we can’t wait to see your Extraterrestrial sightings (real or creative interpretation).”
Of course, it’s really a marketing campaign more than anything else. Amazon apparently wants to increase Ring Doorbell sales and is using the recent UFO announcement and the Halloween season to do so.

In case you missed it, the US government announced this year that they have and are studying what they call Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPS, which most people call UFOs. The report from the Pentagon came after United States Air Force veteran and former National Reconnaissance Official David Grusch told the world that the government was hiding UFOs at the House Oversight Committee.

Grusch told the world that the Pentagon was reverse-engineering, found alien technology, and hiding the truth from the American public, something he believed should be rectified immediately. And surprisingly, that’s exactly what they did.

So now, the world knows that the US government not only has UFOs in their possession but also that they are attempting to and maybe have already begun to understand how these space crafts work.

Although there has yet to be any confirmation that actual aliens have visited us, humans, here on Earth, the likelihood has seriously increased now that everyone knows their spaceships are here.

While there are undoubtedly still skeptics who will never believe that aliens are either real or have come down to our humble planet before, more and more people are now on board since the government’s announcement.

And along with Amazon’s new competition, it’s highly likely that people around the country will be on the lookout through their Ring Doorbell footage for a real-life alien. Most likely because they want to make a cool million, but also because finding a real alien would change the world as we know it forever.


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