Hasbro CEO Sent This Email to Employees After Major Layoffs to Offset Decline in Revenue

By: Georgia | Last updated: Dec 21, 2023

Hasbro, a leading name in the toy industry, is facing a significant restructuring. CEO Chris Cocks, in an email to employees, announced a global layoff of 1,100 workers as part of Hasbro’s “strategic transformation.”

In his email, Cocks stated, “We anticipated the first three quarters to be challenging, particularly in Toys.” This move marks a pivotal shift in the company’s direction during a challenging market period.

The Challenge of Post-Pandemic Market Dynamics

CEO Chris Cocks addressed the post-pandemic market challenges in his email, acknowledging the difficulties faced in the toy sector.

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He noted, “While we have made some important progress across our organization, the headwinds we saw through the first nine months of the year have continued into Holiday and are likely to persist into 2024.” This statement highlights the ongoing challenges that are expected to persist into 2024, impacting Hasbro’s market performance.

Hasbro's Earnings Report Reveals Financial Strains

Hasbro’s recent earnings report illustrates the company’s financial struggles, with a 10% decline in third-quarter revenue compared to the previous year.

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This downturn is significant, with Cocks mentioning in the report, the company was “not able to offset” the declines in consumer products and entertainment sectors, indicating a challenging phase ahead for Hasbro.

Formulating a Strategy for Financial Recovery

In response to these financial challenges, CEO Chris Cocks outlined Hasbro’s strategy in the earnings report.

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He stated, “Our plan for Q4 is to drive share over the holiday, exit the year with clean inventory, a much-improved corporate overhead.”

Implementing Workforce Reductions for Cost Savings

In an attempt to save costs, Hasbro previously announced plans to reduce its workforce by 15%, aiming to save $300 million by 2025.

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This initiative has already led to the layoff of 800 employees, with further reductions anticipated. These steps are integral to Hasbro’s efforts to streamline operations and manage expenses effectively.

CEO's Email Details Extent of Employee Layoffs

In his communication to employees, CEO Chris Cocks revealed the scope of the layoffs, with 800 employees already laid off and more expected into 2024.

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He stated, “The majority of the notifications will happen over the next six months,” emphasizing the company’s focus on reorganizing and optimizing its organizational model.


Rationale Behind the Timing of Layoffs

Cocks explained the necessity of the layoffs in his email, emphasizing the need for a solid and profitable foundation.

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He mentioned, “The current environment demands that we do more, even if these choices are some of the hardest we have to make,” highlighting the need for modernization and streamlining for future growth.


Communicating the Immediate Impact of Layoffs

The immediate impact of the layoffs was communicated by Cocks, with many employees expected to be informed quickly.

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He noted, “Many of those whose roles are affected have been or will be informed in the next 24 hours ” This process varies globally, reflecting the company’s careful consideration of each role in its restructuring process.


Comprehensive Support for Affected Employees

Cocks emphasized Hasbro’s commitment to supporting affected employees, stating in his email, “For those employees affected we are offering comprehensive packages including job placement support.”

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This decision, especially during the holiday season, reflects the company’s understanding of the personal impact of these layoffs.


Real Estate Optimization in Hasbro's Restructuring Plan

As part of its restructuring, Hasbro plans to optimize its real estate footprint.

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Cocks mentioned, “Our Providence, Rhode Island, office is currently not being used to its full capacity,” leading to the decision to consolidate teams at their Pawtucket headquarters. This move aims to create a more efficient workspace in line with post-pandemic work patterns.


Future Investments to Drive Growth

Despite current challenges, Hasbro plans to invest in key areas to foster growth.

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Cocks stated, “As we uncover more cost savings, we’ll invest in new systems, insights and analytics, product development, and digital.”


CEO Emphasizes Unity and Focus on Growth

In concluding his email, CEO Chris Cocks stressed the importance of unity and support among employees during these changes.

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He expressed gratitude for the affected employees’ contributions, saying, “We’re grateful to them for their contributions, and we wish them all the best.” The focus for Hasbro remains on navigating these changes to return the business to growth and fulfill its mission.