Guy Fieri Doesn’t Plan on Giving His Sons Any of His Fortune Unless They Get 2 Degrees

By: Lauren | Published: Jan 14, 2024

Guy Fieri is one of the most famous chefs on the planet; through his popular TV shows, public appearances, books, and several restaurants around the country, the star has made quite a tidy fortune for himself.

And in a recent interview, Fieri surprised his fans by saying that his two sons, Ryder and Hunter, won’t be inheriting his immense wealth unless they get two college degrees.

The Interview That Everyone Is Talking About

During a virtual interview with Fox News, Fieri explained that he plans to “die broke” unless his sons can follow his explicit instructions.

Guy Fieri speaks to the camera in a virtual interview

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He said, “I’ve told them the same thing my dad told me. My dad says, ‘When I die, you can expect that I’m going to die broke, and you’re going to be paying for the funeral. And I told my boys, ‘None of this that I’ve been building are you going to get unless you come and take it from me.’”

Guy Has a Fantastic Relationship With His Father

Although the words may sound harsh, Guy Fieri has never felt anything but love for his old man.

Guy Fieri takes a selfie with his father

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The eldest Fieri taught his son that he had to work hard for everything and anything he wanted in this life, and Guy wanted to pass his father’s wisdom down to his own sons.

Guy Fieri Has a Large Fortune to Bequeath

However, there’s no doubt that Guy Fieri has a much bigger inheritance at stake than his father ever did.

Guy Fieri smiles toward the camera while wearing a plaid shirt

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The Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives star is now worth an incredible $70 million thanks to his successful career, money that his sons absolutely would love to have.

What Do Guy’s Sons Have to Do to Get His Millions?

Guy said he would be happy to share his fortune with his kids if they could do one thing: Get two college degrees, i.e., a bachelor’s and a master’s.

Guy Fieri with his family in front of his Hollywood Star

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Fieri claims that by getting two degrees, his sons will not only show him that they know how to work hard and dedicate themselves to something, but they will also set themselves up for occupational success in the long run.

Guy Fieri Isn’t the First to Think of the “2 Degrees” Rule

Guy said in the interview that he got his parenting advice from the one and only Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaquille O’Neal smiles at the camera

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Fieri explained, “Shaq said at best. Shaq said, ‘If you want this cheese, you got to get to two degrees.’”


How Hunter Fieri Responded to His Father’s Stipulation

Guy’s eldest son, Hunter, has taken his father’s words to heart. He already has his bachelor’s degree and is already working on his MBA at the University of Miami.

Guy Fieri and eldest son, Hunter Fieri at a red carpet event

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In addition to his two degrees, Hunter, 27, is also achieving great things in his personal life.


Hunter Fieri Recently Got Engaged

Hunter met Tara Bernstein at the Super Bowl in February, and he says, “We both knew that we were going to marry each other. We just knew.”

Hunter Fieri and Tara Bernstein at a Nylon event

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And finally, he proposed on Thanksgiving of this year with all of their family and friends at their Northern California ranch.


Ryder Fieri Is Less Excited About the Two-Degree Rule

While Hunter seems to understand his father’s wishes, Ryder, who is only 17 and a high school senior, doesn’t feel the same.

Guy Fieri and son Ryder Fieri at a basketball game

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Fieri told his fans that Ryder said, “‘Dad, this is so unfair. I haven’t even gone to college yet, and you’re already pushing that I’ve got to get an MBA? Can I just get through college?’”


Even Guy’s Nephew Jules Is On Board

When Guy Fieri’s sister died, he and his wife raised their nephew Jules as their own son.

Guy Fieri with nephew Jules and son Hunter at a concert

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And today, Jules is working to get his law degree; Guy told the press, “Jules is in the music industry down in L.A. He’s in the law program at Loyola Marymount right now. If you’re going to be a big-time entertainment agent, you need to have that law background. So he’s doing that.”


Guy Is a Family Man at Heart

While many people have snapped back against Guy Fieri for his comments in the interview, one look at his social media pages will show anyone that Guy is a family man above all else.

Screenshot of a post on X by Guy Fieri

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He, just like his father did, wants his sons to make something of themselves in this world, to be able to work hard, and to know that nothing is free.


Will Guy Fieri’s Kids Get His Fortune?

Hunter and Jules are already on their way to completing their post-graduate degrees, and even though Ryder isn’t thrilled with the pressure to get an MBA, he is on his way to college and knows what is expected of him in the future.

Guy Fieri with young sons Hunter and Ryder at a red carpet event

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So it seems as though Guy Fieri’s kids will inherit his millions, as well as get two college degrees, just like he wanted all along.