People are Sharing Their Grocery Expenses Online to Complain About Inflation, Internet Makes Them Regret it

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Nov 11, 2023

There’s no denying inflation has begun to affect the vast majority of people living in the United States. Food and grocery prices are through the roof, with many struggling to afford the basics.

People are taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share pictures of their grocery hauls and the cost of the items. However, many soon regretted their decision due to the overwhelming criticism towards their purchases.

Inflation Hits the States

The recent inflation experienced throughout the US can be felt in every aspect of daily life. The price of everything is rising, from fuel to fresh produce. However, it appears to be most noticeable in the grocery stores.


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Everything from snacks to dairy and meat has skyrocketed over the past year, and it doesn’t seem like prices will drop anytime soon.

Time Are Tough for Everyone

Even celebrities like rapper Cardi B have voiced their concern over the increasing prices of groceries on X.


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Amidst the rising prices, a new trend has arisen on X—many users are taking to the app to share pictures of their recent shopping hauls and what they paid for the items.

Unexpected Responses

Several X users have reported that they’ve been spending upwards of $200 per week on food and have shared the evidence for the world to see.


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However, most of the responses on the popular social media platform have nothing to do with inflation or the price of groceries. Instead, people have begun critiquing the items in their carts.

Shop Smarter and Healthier

X user @littlebillie shared their recent haul from the grocery store and captioned it, “$270.47, and don’t act like you don’t like Pringles.”


Source: Twitter/@littlebillie

It wasn’t long before users started commenting on their haul. One user, @BlakeTheJamake wrote, “0 percent of what’s on the table shouldn’t be on the table, y’all need to learn to shop smarter..and healthier.”

$200 Worth of Juice

Another X user, @KamNoScams, shared what she recently purchased from the grocery store, captioning the post with “$200.”

Source: Twitter/@KamNoScams

She received numerous comments on the contents of her cart. One user commented, “That’s $45 worth of juice,” while another said, “Wasting $200 like this is crazy.”


Is the Price Really the Problem?

The online critics are all in agreement that the reason behind the high cost of groceries stems from the processed foods and snacks.

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While they certainly admit inflation is real, many critics believe you can shop more cost-effectively by stocking up on essential pantry items and seasonal vegetables.


What $200 Gets You in Ireland

Understandably, some families rely on ready-cooked meals due to busy schedules. Other people’s hauls are full of whole foods and basic items, yet they are still expensive. One such example comes to us from Ireland.

Source: Twitter/@0xgaut

The user, @0xgaut, was not free from online critics, with many questioning his unusual quantity of honey. One online user said, “What exactly does someone do with 20 bottles of honey.”


Is Australia the Worst of All?

No nation appears to get hit hard during an inflationary period quite like Australia. This was substantiated in a recent post from X user @krracaboz.

Source: Twitter/@krracaboz

She posted a picture of her small haul, which cost a whopping $76. Considering she only has around 13 items, many users are thankful they don’t live in Australia right now.


Is It All For Fun?

Due to the popularity of the recent trend of sharing your groceries on X, some members of the social media app have theorized the posts are intended as a joke to confuse and upset people.

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One user went as far as to write, “These Posts have to all be bait,” referring to the possibility that some people exaggerate the cost of some items.


Either Way, the Prices Are Ridiculous

While many are having some fun with the trend on X, it hasn’t stopped others from focusing on the real problem at hand.

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One comment posted to the platform said, “Everyone is replying that ur making ‘bad decisions’ and not focusing on the fact that EITHER WAY, the price on these things is RIDICULOUS. Like yes or no?!”


The Show Must Go On

Whether or not you find any entertainment in the recent trend of those sharing their grocery haul, we can all agree that our current spell of inflation is unfortunate.

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However, there are a few ways to save money. Buying local, reducing the amount of snacks, and checking for deals can all help ensure you leave the supermarket with a little more bang for your buck.