George Santos Makes More on Cameo Than Entire Career in Congress

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Dec 11, 2023

Former Congressman George Santos has been making headlines again this year after it was revealed he’s made six figures selling videos on the Cameo platform.

Santos, who was expelled from Congress less than two weeks ago, has reportedly made more than his previous yearly salary of $174,000 in less than 48 hours on the platform.

Disgraced Congressman Finds New Venture

George Santos has been under fire over the last few months after allegations of fraudulent schemes were brought against the former congressman.

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It culminated with his expulsion from Congress after 311 lawmakers voted to remove him from the House of Representatives permanently. Yet, it appears he’s found a new career.

Congressman Turned Content Creator

According to reports, Santos earned a salary of $174,000 annually during his time with Congress.

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However, he recently signed up with Cameo, a platform allowing celebrities to provide fans with personalized videos. According to Semafor, he has made more than his former yearly salary in just 48 hours on the platform.

Publication Reveals Shocking Figures

The Semafor publication was the first to reveal that Santos had earned an impressive sum of money in just two days on Cameo.

CEO of Cameo, Steven Galanis, talks about the promise of the video platform

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According to screenshots and Steven Galanis, the CEO of the platform, the ex-congressman may have earned six figures in under 48 hours.

Santos Could Become A Whale

Galanis believes Santos could become a massive hit with users of the Cameo platform.

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He is “an absolute whale,” said the CEO, who claims he is competing with the likes of Bon Jovi and Sarah Jessica Parker for the title of the platform’s most successful personality (via Forbes).

Rising Prices For Users

When Santos initially began working with the platform, his personalized videos started at $75.

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However, he quickly hiked the prices to $150 before more than doubling them to around $400 after his popularity on the site increased.


Customers Requests

People have paid Santos for numerous personalized videos, including wishing them a happy engagement and encouraging students, and some even requesting him to yell at them.

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Santos even sang a few lines of a popular Taylor Swift song in one video.


Controversial Customer

Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania was among those who paid Santos for a personalized video. However, this was seen by many as a controversial move.

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Fetterman allegedly paid Santos nearly $350 to troll Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, who has recently been accused of taking bribes.


Get Over It

Speaking in an interview, Fetterman claims he doesn’t care what people say about giving Santos, who has been accused of fraud, money.

Fetterman Gives Speech

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When asked what he thought of the comments, he said, “They really gotta get over it” (via Business Insider).


Santos Gets Caught In The Act

Santos was expelled from Congress after the House Ethics Commission released a report that stated that he used campaign funds to enhance his lifestyle.

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The former congressman was accused of recklessly using the funds for an OnlyFans subscription, Botox, and designer clothes.


Santos Could Be Facing Jail Time

While losing his place as a congressman may seem like the worst-case scenario, Santos could also be facing jail time.

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He has been indicted on 23 criminal charges in New York connected to money laundering, wire fraud, and identity theft.


Good Riddance to the House

As it stands, there’s no further news about the charges brought against the disgraced congressman.

Santos Answers Questions

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When questioned about his termination, Santos said, “Why would I want to stay here? To hell with this place.”