France Banned the iPhone 12 Due to Unregulated Radiation, Apple Finally Responds With an Update

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 17, 2023

In a recent development, Apple has released a crucial software update for its iPhone 12, following a ban in France. The ban was enforced after French authorities deemed the device violated European regulations on radiation emissions. 

The update is Apple’s response to address and mitigate these concerns, aiming to bring the device back into the French market.

Addressing Radiation Concerns

The French government put a halt on the sales of iPhone 12 after it was found to be violating the set European standards for radiation emissions. This posed a significant hurdle for Apple, especially with the unveiling of their iPhone 15 series. 


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The ban was initiated to ensure public safety and adherence to established health and safety regulations.

Apple’s Swift Action

In response, Apple swiftly introduced a new software update designed to reduce the radiation emissions from the iPhone 12. The update is currently under review by the Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR).


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The technology company is eager to demonstrate compliance with the European standards to have the sales ban on their product lifted in France.

The iPhone 15 Launch

The timing of the ban coincided with the introduction of the iPhone 15 series. There were concerns that the radiation issue with the iPhone 12 could potentially impact the sales and reputation of the new model. 


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Apple was pressed to resolve the issue quickly to avoid any negative implications on their latest product.

Apple’s Defense

Apple initially defended the iPhone 12 by highlighting its certification from various international organizations. They emphasized the device’s global acceptance and adherence to safety standards. 


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However, the French regulatory environment demanded specific compliance, prompting the need for a software update to meet the stringent requirements.

Update Presented to ANFR

To comply with French regulations, the newly developed software update was submitted to ANFR for approval. 

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This move was part of Apple’s concerted efforts to demonstrate adaptability and commitment to adhering to all regulatory standards, irrespective of the region, ensuring that their devices are both safe and compliant for users.


Waiting on Approval

The ANFR is in the process of evaluating the update. This period is marked by uncertainty as both the public and Apple await feedback.

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The regulatory body’s approval is crucial for the resumption of iPhone 12 sales in France. It is a pivotal moment that could potentially affect Apple’s standing in the European market.


EU Countries Monitor Developments

The developments in France have rippled across Europe. Other EU countries are paying close attention to the outcome, with the anticipation that the software update might be required in their jurisdictions as well. 

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This scenario underscores the intricate relationship between technology companies and regulatory bodies across different nations.


Retesting the Device

French regulators are expected to conduct another series of tests once the ANFR approves the software update. The outcome of these tests will determine the future of iPhone 12 in France. 

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A positive result will signify adherence to radiation standards, leading to the lifting of the ban, while a negative outcome could perpetuate the sales prohibition.


Global Implications

This incident isn’t just a localized issue but has captured the attention of the global community. Regulatory bodies, technology enthusiasts, and consumers worldwide are keenly observing the developments. 

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The outcome will not only affect the French market but could potentially influence international perspectives on the device’s safety and compliance.


Awaiting the Verdict

As the review process continues, anticipation builds. The decision of the French authorities will dictate the next chapter for the iPhone 12 in the country. 

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It’s a crucial juncture that underscores the ongoing dance between rapid technological advancement and the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory compliance ensuring consumer safety.


A Decision Imminent

The resolution of the iPhone 12’s sales ban in France is imminent. With the software update submitted, the global tech community, regulatory bodies, and consumers await the final verdict. 

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This decision will not only impact the French and European markets but also set a precedent for how similar future scenarios may be navigated and resolved.