Florida Wants to Get Rid of Spring Breakers

By: Lauren | Published: Mar 10, 2024

When one hears the words “Spring Break,” their mind almost immediately goes to the sandy beaches of southern Florida. For decades, the two have been all but synonymous, as thousands of young partiers have flocked to the Sunshine State every March.

But this year, that’s all changing. Florida has announced it is “breaking up” with Spring Breakers. The announcement also explained that those who don’t quite get the message will experience a much different vacation than in previous years, with increased police presence, excessive parking fees, and several new rules.

What Is Spring Break?

For those who have never packed their skimpiest bikini and headed down to Florida in March, Spring Break is almost impossible to comprehend.

Aerial view of hundreds of visitors on Miami Beach during Spring Break

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Essentially, thousands of college, and even some high school, students arrive on the beaches of Florida every year to party during their school’s spring vacation. The parties take over entire towns and beaches, with underage and binge drinking, drugs, sex, and a variety of other illegal activities.


What Was Once Fun Has Gotten Out of Control

Some say that Spring Break in Florida was once a fun, safe event for everyone who likes to let loose to enjoy.

Partiers at Spring Break in Florida

Source: @thelonelyisland/YouTube

However, in recent years, there have been far more incidents and accidents than ever before. And as many Florida residents, business owners, and police officers now explain, it is no longer a safe event for visitors and Floridians alike.

What Happened at Spring Break Last March?

Their concerns are certainly not base-less. In fact, last year, Miami saw an incredible amount of violence during Spring Break.

Young partier getting arrested on the beach during Spring Break in Miami, Florida

Source: @nameone_better/TikTok

In March of 2023, there were 488 arrests, more than 230 people were charged with felony offenses, 100 firearms were seized, and two people were shot dead ⎼ all in Miami during the one week of Spring Break.

Why Has Spring Break Become So Dangerous?

Older generations are famous for constantly comparing the differences in the current reality to what life was like for them back in the day. However, it seems that when it comes to Spring Break, there really are several big differences between now and then.

People enjoying the beach during Spring Break in Florida during the 1960s

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Spring Break in Florida wasn’t always considered dangerous; that’s a new development. And while people can and do blame social media, gun laws, drugs, and the general mentality of the young, the truth is that there’s no one reason why this event has turned from light-hearted fun to truly life-threatening.

Which Florida Cities Get Hit the Hardest During Spring Break?

There’s no doubt Miami has always experienced the brunt of the chaos during the week of Spring Break, but it’s not the only city in Florida for young partiers.

The southern portion of Miami Beach, known as South Beach (foreground), and Downtown Miami (background)

Source: Wikipedia

Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale have also had their fair share of problems with Spring Breakers over the years. Each of these paradise-like vacation spots is finally trying to stop the madness.


Miami’s Viral Break-Up Video

Although many cities are frustrated, Miami is certainly putting in the most effort to discourage Spring Breakers from arriving later this month to party.

Screenshot from the city of Miami’s video “breaking up” with Spring Break

Source: @City of Miami Beach/YouTube

“It’s not us, it’s you,” said the City of Miami’s video in which residents explain that they are “breaking up” with Spring Breakers. In the video, several people explain that the Spring Break parties are no longer safe and, therefore, Miami wants nothing to do with them this year.


Miami Is Laying Down the Law

In the video, they go on to say, “Just so you know we’re serious, this March, you can expect things like curfews, bag checks, restricted beach access, DUI checkpoints, $100 parking, and strong police enforcement for drug possession and violence.”

Screenshot of a video by the city of Miami explaining the new rules of Spring Break

Source: @CBS Miami/YouTube

The city desperately hopes these regulations will discourage thousands of potential visitors from choosing Miami as their Spring Break destination. For those who ignore the warnings, they will be met with a much different Spring Break experience than they’ve had in previous years.


Additional Safety Measures Have Also Been Implemented

Of course, cities like Miami, Daytona, and Fort Lauderdale are increasing the presence of law enforcement to prevent violent crimes, but they are also implementing several preemptive safety measures.

Man spiking a woman’s drink at a bar/Drink test kits as sold by Amazon

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For example, the Fort Lauderdale police are distributing Narcan nasal spray to limit overdoses, as well as drink test kits so people can ensure their beverages aren’t spiked.


The Miami Police Department Will Be Working Around the Clock

The Miami Police Department is preparing for the upcoming week of Spring Break right now, setting up checkpoints and saying “see you later” to their families, as the majority of them will be working around the clock.

Photograph of the Miami Beach Police Department in front of the precinct

Source: @miamibeachpd/Instagram

As Eric Feldman, the police chief at Central Florida’s New Smyrna Beach, explained, next week, there will be “eight times the amount” of the average police force out and about.


Governor Ron DeSantis Reminds Americans That Florida Is Still Welcoming Respectful Vacationers

Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, said in a recent press release, “Florida’s a very welcoming state, we welcome people to come and have a good time.”

Two friends sit on the beach and cheer bottles of beer

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But he continued, “Make no mistake about it: If you’re coming here in order to enjoy Florida and … have a good time, fine. If you’re coming for these other reasons, if you’re committing crimes, causing havoc, you are going to pay the price.”


Keeping Florida Safe for Everyone

Realistically, it’s difficult to hear the arrest numbers and death toll from last year’s Spring Break and not get why Florida is finally putting its foot down.

Vacationers relaxing on South Beach in Miami, Florida

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The state wants to remain a safe place for its residents and tens of millions of visitors every year, and in order to do that, the absolute chaos that is Spring Break needs to be stopped.