Fisherman Finds a Mangled Truck Near a Creek in “Miracle” Discovery

By: Lauren | Published: Jan 02, 2024

In an almost unbelievable turn of events, two fishermen found a mangled truck under a bridge in Indiana, only to realize there was a man holding on for dear life inside.

The story of Matt Reum is being called a “miracle” by local police, and almost anyone who hears it can’t help but think the same thing.

Two Indiana Fisherman Catch More Than They Bargained For

Mario Garcia and Nivardo Delatorre decided to call it quits after fishing on a river in Indiana on Tuesday, December 11, 2023.

Mario Garcia and Nivardo Delatorre, fishermen who found Matt Reum, speak to the press

Source: Youtube

But on their way out of the woods, they noticed something under an I-94 bridge and decided to investigate.

Finding a Mangled Truck Under the Bridge

As they walked closer, they realized it was a silver truck, which had clearly been in a horrific accident.

A spotlight shining down under the bridge showing Matt Reum’s hidden truck

Source: Youtube

The truck was stuck under the darkest part of the bridge where it was completely hidden from the road above, as well as from the woods around it. Finding the truck in and of itself was a small miracle, but what happened next is even more shocking.

“He Woke Up”

Garcia opened the door of the truck and found what appeared to be a lifeless body inside. But when Garcia touched the shoulder, he said, “He swung around. He woke up.”

Mario Garcia, one of the fishermen who found Matt Reum, speaks to the media

Source: Youtube

Immediately, Garcia shouted to his son-in-law, Delatorre, to call 911 and tell them they needed help right now. While they were waiting, the man in the truck told them he had been there since Wednesday, December 5, waiting trapped and screaming for help for six long days.

Emergency Services Were Quickly on the Scene

Indiana firefighters, police, and EMTs were on the scene within minutes, but it proved far more challenging than expected to remove the man from his car.

Matt Reum’s mangle truck being removed from the scene

Source: @WSBT/X

Because of the way the car had folded in on itself, his leg was caught in the metal and professionals first needed to separate the vehicle in order to get him out safely and alive.

Finally Getting Free of the Wreckage

After what must have felt like days but was really only hours, the rescue teams were able to remove who they now knew was Matthew Reum from the mess and get him to Memorial Hospital of South Bend.

Rescue workers bringing Matt Reum out on a stretcher from under the bridge

Source: Youtube

He was extremely dehydrated, close to starvation, and had severe injuries all over his body. At first, they didn’t know if Matt would make it, as he was in critical condition for several days while doctors operated.


Matt Reum Will Miraculously Survive This Terrible Accident

The doctors had to amputate Matt’s leg from the shin down. But while he is still in intensive care, his condition is no longer considered critical.

Matt Reum smiling in his hospital bed

Source: GoFundMe

It’s still serious, but his doctors, his family, and even Matt himself has hope that he will come out of this alive and stronger than ever.


Matt Is Incredibly Hopeful After Almost Losing It All

There’s no doubt that during those six days stuck in his car, drinking rain water to stay alive, Matt almost lost all hope of surviving.

Matt Reum in a hospital bed with his inspiring statement written beside him

Source: Youtube

But he recently made a statement to the press in which he explained how he’s feeling about it all now. He said, “No matter how tough things get, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes in the least expected way.”


Matt’s Friends Aren’t Surprised By His Incredible Strength

Matt’s incredible response of hope may come as a shock to some, but his friends aren’t surprised at all.

Matt Reum’s homepage in Instagram

Source: @matttherussian/Instagram

They say he has “always been a positive, kind, and energetic person,” and many agree it was his eternal optimism that kept him alive in that truck, even when it must have seemed like he would never be found.


Thanks to the Amazing Rescue Team

Matt also said in his statement that he is incredibly grateful for those who found and rescued him.

Rescue crew preparing to extract Matt Reum from his truck under a bridge in Indiana

Source: Youtube

And the rescue team had some wonderful things to say about Matt as well. Indiana State Police Sgt. Glen Fifield said, “The will to survive this crash was nothing short of extraordinary.”


The Fisherman Who Saw a Truck in the Dark and Saved a Life

While there’s no doubt that the rescue team and Matt’s undying hope made sure he lived to see another day, it was really the fisherman, Garcia and his son-in-law, who made this miracle happen.

Matt Reum’s smashed truck being removed from under a bridge in Indiana

Source: Youtube

The truck was almost impossible to see and the temperature that night was dropping rapidly. The Indiana sergeant on the scene said, “It’s a miracle that he’s alive in this weather. I don’t believe he would’ve made it through the night tonight.”


Matt Reum’s Family and Friends Are Reaching Out for Help

But of course, thanks to the fisherman and everyone else who helped, Matt did survive the horrific accident that left him stuck in his car alone and bleeding for six days.

GoFundMe page for Matt Reum’s medical bills

Source: GoFundMe

While Matt is currently just thrilled to be alive, he is asking for a little more help to help pay the looming medical bills coming his way. And the world has responded in an amazing way to help the man who became a miracle.