Family’s Decision to Leave Florida Over Soaring $12,000 Insurance Costs

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 11, 2023

Natalia and John, like many, dreamt of a home and a stable financial future. However, they soon faced unexpected challenges in Florida that many homeowners dread. 

Seeking a financially stable future, they considered relocating. Their story highlights the challenges they faced and the pivotal choices they made.

The Cherished Home in Plantation, Florida

Buying Natalia’s childhood home in Plantation was more than just a real estate transaction. It was nestled comfortably between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.


Source: Ameer Basheer/Unsplash

This property, with its quintessential Floridian pool, was not just brick and mortar but held countless memories and dreams.


Insurance Pressures Lead to Roof Replacement

The year 2021 brought an unexpected letter from their insurer. Demanding a roof replacement or risk losing coverage, Natalia and John faced a homeowner’s nightmare. 


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With each shingle’s replacement, the weight of their challenges became more palpable.

The Economic Strain Post Roofing Work

With their savings drained and Natalia’s 401(k) borrowed against, they hoped for relief. 


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But the insurance company had other plans. Their premium unexpectedly doubled to an astounding $12,000 annually, forcing them to reevaluate their financial strategy.

Rising Cost of Living

While grappling with their housing expenses, Florida threw another curveball. The prediction of their electric bill skyrocketing and a whopping $31,000 annual estimate for childcare began to paint a gloomy financial picture. 


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They realized the costs were becoming suffocating.

A Financial Balancing Act

The couple tried to stay ahead by focusing on essential home maintenance. 

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Yet, as they made efforts to make their home safer and more efficient, external entities like the utility companies continually shifted the goalposts with their rate hikes.


The Decision to Relocate

The sale of their Florida home brought forth new possibilities. Wisconsin, a state that once seemed distant and foreign, now appeared on their horizon. 

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John’s fond memories of TV shows set there coupled with promising research made the state a beacon of hope for the family.


Settling in Dell Prairie

In Dell Prairie, adjacent to the scenic Wisconsin Dells, they found their new haven. This wasn’t just a change in address, but a transformative lifestyle shift. 

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The sprawling two-acre Wisconsin property was a vast departure from their earlier 0.31-acre plot in Florida.


Financial Benefits of the Move

Their new home, priced at $325,000, was a financial breath of fresh air. 

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The equity from their Florida sale, combined with the new home’s affordability and favorable insurance rates, offered a glimmer of financial relief they hadn’t felt in years.


Embracing Wisconsin’s Natural Beauty

Wisconsin opened up a world of beauty for Natalia, John, and their children. 

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From lush forests to winter wonderlands, the state offered a refreshing contrast to Florida’s tropics. Here, they hoped their children could thrive, explore, and grow closer to nature.


Decision Rooted in Family's Best Interest

Throughout their journey, the couple emphasized the importance of putting family above all. 

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Despite the emotional weight of leaving their cherished Florida home, they recognized the imperative need to seek a place where their children could envision a future without daunting financial challenges.


Summarizing Their Journey

Natalia and John’s story is not just a tale of relocation but one of determination and prioritizing family. 

Source: Elina Fairytale/Pexels

Their journey sheds light on the challenges that countless homeowners face and illustrates what families are willing to endure to secure a brighter and more stable future.