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Family Accidentally Spends $10,000 on Disney+ Gift Cards Thinking They Would Work at the Park

A photograph displaying a person's hand holding a stack of blue Disney+ gift cards, each valued at $100, with the logo and tagline "Stream the best stories" visible on one card held at the forefront. On the right hand side of the image is a close-up view of the gift card
Source: aofthecoast/TikTok

A family from the Midwest nearly experienced a major setback during their long-awaited vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This incident, which has since gained significant attention online, revolves around a substantial sum of money, specifically $10,000, that was mistakenly spent on Disney+ gift cards instead of Disney World park tickets. Andie Coston, a member of the family, brought this incident to light through a TikTok video that has since gone viral, detailing the mix-up and its implications on their holiday plans.

The family’s mistake was a simple one, yet it had potentially far-reaching consequences. They purchased one hundred $100 Disney+ gift cards, under the impression that these could be used for expenses at Disney World.

However, Disney+ and Disney World operate as distinct entities, with their gift cards not interchangeable. The family’s error only came to light as they were finalizing their plans for the trip. Andie Coston recounted this moment of realization in an interview with FOX 35’s Hannah Mackenzie, expressing the family’s initial shock and confusion.

This trip to Disney World was not a spontaneous decision but rather a carefully planned family event. Initially slated for 2020, the vacation had been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adding to the family’s anticipation and preparation.

The family, comprising 16 members, had arranged for everything including plane tickets, making the discovery of the gift card mix-up even more distressing. Coston’s account of the moment they discovered the mistake highlights the emotional turmoil the family went through. She recalled asking her father repeatedly if he was sure about the type of gift cards purchased and the dawning realization of their error.

Coston’s recounting of the incident on TikTok has attracted over 2.5 million views, resonating with a wide audience and garnering a mix of reactions. In her video, she humorously depicted the family’s dilemma, including a light-hearted exchange with her father about informing her mother of the mistake.

In a fortunate turn of events, Disney intervened to resolve the situation. Responding to the family’s predicament and the viral nature of the story, Disney agreed to exchange the Disney+ gift cards for Disney World gift cards, effectively salvaging the family’s vacation plans. This gesture by Disney not only averted a potential disappointment for the family but also showcased the company’s commitment to customer service and the importance of good public relations.

Andie Coston confirmed that their vacation was back on track, with the family scheduled to arrive in Orlando on December 24th, heading straight to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This incident, while initially appearing as a significant setback, ultimately highlights the power of social media in bringing attention to individual stories and the capacity for large corporations like Disney to respond positively to customer issues.


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