Inside Elon Musk’s Unusual Guidelines for Former Partners

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 22, 2023

Behind all the geeky billionaire tech moves, Elon Musk seems to have quite an interesting love life. He is one of the richest and most popular men in the world, but that has not stopped him from having romantic excapades.Howe

However, here is one thing you might not know: Elon Musk has rules his partner must always follow. It almost seems he is bringing his engineering mentality to his romantic relationships, and everything must be optimized, evaluated, and examined. Without further ado, let’s explore his stipulations!

Breaking the Rules and Getting All Exes to Bond

As a wealthy, busy person, Elon Musk certainly already has enough drama. One of his relationship rules is that his current partner must get along with his exes.


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While this may sound like an odd request, Musk’s justification is straightforward. He has a prominent public presence and image, so he wants to avoid any problems that would damage his standing in the public eye. 


Think Again Before You Cancel Plans with Him

Elon Musk probably never takes no for an answer. We see this in how he runs his businesses and interacts with people. Well, he brings this attitude to his personal and relationship life as well.


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One of his ex-wives, Justine Wilson, says canceling with him doesn’t work out so well since he doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Justine and Elon met at school. He had approached her, saying he met her at a party she didn’t actually attend. Musk later invited her out for ice cream, and the rest was history.

If He Doesn’t Want to Talk About It, Drop It

For Musk, you cannot express your feelings about certain things if he doesn’t want to discuss them at that time. Don’t even bother trying—he is not interested if he says he is not interested in talking.


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One of Musk and Wilson’s kids, Nevada Alexander Musk, died at two weeks old as a result of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Musk did not fail to hide that he was not interested in speaking about the matter.

Matching Schedules Are a Must

Elon Musk is a very busy man. As his partner, your schedule must fit his—if it doesn’t, the relationship cannot work.


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There are even reports that this is the cause of his and Amber Heard’s relationship failure. She was also very busy, hence, their relationship hit the rocks. 

Sleep Buddies

Despite his billionaire status, Musk has a soft and vulnerable side. He expects his partner to be by his side when he goes to bed.

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Elon once spoke about his deep-seated emotions about the pain of sleeping alone in a 2017 interview. He knows how it feels to be alone in a big house with no one, and he hates it.


In it for the Long Haul

The business mogul does not believe in casual dating. Elon is very vocal about this and has said it publicly repeatedly. He wants a soulmate or a long-term relationship.

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He does not do one-night stands, and anyone in a relationship with him must be ready to pull through and be in for the long haul.


Work Leads, and Everything Else Follows

Elon Musk has an unusual dedication to his career and business. He puts it before anything else. In fact, he can work for long hours continuously and stay back at the office for as long as takes to solve issues.

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His business comes before his personal life. He has made it clear that his career is his priority, and he wants his loved ones to respect that.


Get Used to Ignoring the Media

Musk’s lifestyle comes with great media coverage. Elon and his activities, good and bad, have been the subject of extensive coverage in the media, including social media, tabloids, newsletters, blogs, and news sites.

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He tells his partners to take social media reports and speculations with a grain of salt. 


Refrain From Making Any Financial Requests

Elon has a lot of money and can afford anything money can buy. Still, there was a report from Business Insider that he does not expect his partner to ask for monetary favors.

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As a rich man and considerate partner, he gives his current partner a credit card with up to $20,000 monthly. 


Blond Hair Is His Type

It looks like the tech billionaire has a thing for blond hair. Wilson noted that Elon wanted her to go blonder.

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Other exes Talulah Riley and Grimes dyed their hair blonde when they dated him. Coincidentally, Tim Higgins wrote in his book that Tesla workers claimed Musk was happier when Riley’s hair was the whitest possible shade of platinum.