Energy Secretary Reveals Biden’s ‘Obsession’ with Reducing Gas Prices

By: Georgia | Published: Apr 22, 2024

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm recently spilled on ‘The View’ that President Biden is practically “obsessed” with lowering gas prices. 

Granholm highlighted this dedication amidst concerns over rising fuel costs, indicating a strong presidential focus on the issue.

Gas Prices on the Rise, What's the Plan?

With gas prices climbing, ‘The View’ co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin pressed Granholm on the administration’s strategy. 

A person in a black jacket is refueling a white car, holding a red gasoline nozzle inserted into the vehicle's tank

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“What is the administration doing to lower those prices, and should we be worried about the conflict contributing?” Griffin inquired, pointing to global tensions impacting costs.


Global Markets and Oil Dilemmas

Granholm responded by discussing how global events, like the situation with Russia and Ukraine influence oil prices. 

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She reassured viewers that although the situation is complex, the administration is proactive in addressing these challenges to keep gas prices in check.

Strategic Moves with Oil Reserves

In an effort to mitigate rising gas costs, President Biden has taken significant action by releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. 

An aerial view of a large industrial fuel storage facility with multiple tanks and a network of pipes, located in a sandy, open area

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Granholm touted this move as a critical step in increasing supply and stabilizing prices.

Presidential Watch on Gas Prices

“The president is watching this. He’s obsessed with it, and so we’re going to be doing what we can,” Granholm said on the show. 

President Joe Biden, wearing a blue suit and striped tie, sits at his desk in the Oval Office, pensively holding a pen to his mouth

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This direct quote illustrates the administration’s commitment to tackling high fuel costs head-on.

A Presidential Run in the Future?

During the discussion, co-host Joy Behar lightened the mood by playfully asking Granholm, “when are you going to run for president?” 

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm stands speaking at a podium, wearing a teal blazer, with trees and a lamp post in the background

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This moment added a touch of humor amidst the serious discussion of national issues.


Tackling Corporate Gouging

The conversation took a turn when co-host Sunny Hostin questioned the ethics of oil companies, asking if they should “stop gouging the American people.” 

Silhouettes of multiple oil pumps and derricks dominate the landscape against a sunset sky with warm orange and yellow colors

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Granholm reiterated Biden’s call for companies to increase supply and act as better corporate citizens.


Beyond Gas—A Focus on Overall Price Reduction

Granholm emphasized that President Biden’s obsession isn’t just with gas prices. 

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She highlighted his broader initiative to reduce living costs, mentioning tax credits available through electric vehicle purchases and home weatherization.


Climate Change Denial and Political Debates

The segment also touched on climate change, with Behar bringing up a poll showing skepticism among Republicans. 

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Granholm countered by discussing efforts to debunk misinformation, pointing to the Energy Department’s “Malarkey Corner.”


The Reality of Climate Impact

Granholm stressed the undeniable impacts of climate change, citing “record year of heat” and the global financial burden of extreme weather events. 

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This perspective aimed to highlight the tangible consequences of environmental changes.


A Heated Exchange on Air

The conversation on ‘The View’ wasn’t without its tensions.

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Earlier in April, co-hosts engaged in a heated debate over gas prices and political responsibilities, reflecting the national divide on these pressing issues.


Political Choices and Public Opinion

As the discussion wrapped up, Behar argued the necessity of choosing leaders wisely.

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She reflected on past elections and the importance of informed voting in the face of ongoing political and environmental challenges.