Elon Musk’s New ‘Apocalypse-Proof’ Cybertruck Is No Match for a Sandy Beach

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Mar 14, 2024

A Tesla Cybertruck got stuck on a California beach this month after the car’s driver illegally drove onto the sand. This report is the latest instance of Tesla’s “apocalypse-proof” Cybertruck being less than durable.

For years now, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has claimed that the Cybertruck could survive a lot. However, it appears it cannot survive driving on a sandy beach.

Apocalypse-Proof Cybertrucks

On Tesla’s website, the company claims that their new Cybertrucks are apocalypse-proof. These cars can survive quite a lot — according to the company.

A Tesla Cybertruck outside in the nighttime with its lights on.

Source: u/Kruzat/Wikimedia Commons

Tesla has long touted the stability of their space-age-looking cars. Their website also claims that the trucks are “durable and rugged enough to go anywhere.” However, since the reveal of these futuristic trucks, many have put this claim to the test.


A Cybertruck Stuck on a Beach

Last week, reports quickly surfaced that a Tesla Cybertruck got stuck on a California beach. This accident occurred on Marina State Beach in an area where drivers are not allowed to drive vehicles on the beach.

An aerial view of the California coastline, with the ocean and beach meeting rocky cliffs.

Source: Craig Melville/Unsplash

A California State Parks spokesperson said, “The owner of the Tesla Cybertruck, who is from Nevada, drove the vehicle onto Marina State Beach over a curb and sidewalk and past a sign stating ‘No Vehicles on Beach or Dunes’. The Cybertruck soon got stuck on the beach.”

The Car’s Tires Were Deflated

Reporting has also revealed how the driver was able to get the car out of the sand. In order to successfully roll the truck back to the road, the driver had to deflate the car’s tires.

An aerial view of a beach where the ocean meets the sand.

Source: Noah Boyer/Unsplash

Because the driver was caught driving on an area of the beach that was restricted from vehicle traffic, they now have to pay a $280 fine.

Tesla’s Claims About Cybertrucks

Social media users and analysts were quick to point out that Cybertrucks aren’t supposed to get stuck on a beach — after all, Tesla has said these cars are apocalypse-proof.

Elon Musk with two other men during a Tesla shareholder meeting in 2019, standing on a stage with a microphone

Source: Steve Jurvetson / Steve Jurvetson/Wikimedia Commons

Many found humor in a futuristic car getting easily stuck on a mere beach. This isn’t the first time Cybertrucks have made headlines in the United States because they’ve shown to not be as stable as Tesla and Musk have claimed.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s Introduction

The idea of an electric pick-up truck — called the Tesla Cybertruck — was first announced back in 2019 by the company. At the time, Musk claimed that this durable car could survive just about anything.

The Tesla chief designer shatters a Cybertruck window after throwing a ball at it.

Source: u/Kruzat/Wikimedia Commons

Musk also said that its windows were like “armor glass.” They wouldn’t shatter from impact. To prove this, the lead design chief threw a baseball at the truck’s windows — and the window immediately broke.


Cybertrucks Against Gunfire

Musk has also touted that Cybertrucks can stand against gunfire — even a Thompson submachine gun. Though this claim has long been said, some Cybertruck owners recently decided to put it to the test.

A gray Tesla Cybertruck outside at night.

Source: u/Kruzat/Wikimedia Commons

A YouTuber uploaded a video of what happens to the Cybertruck when it’s shot at. His video revealed the Cybertruck does indeed become damaged if bullets hit it.


Cybertrucks In the Snow

Over the winter, some Cybertrucks seemed to have problems driving on snow. One viral video showed a Cybertruck spinning its wheels in the snow while in Stanislaus National Forest.

A snowy road during the winter with snow on trees on the side of the road.

Source: Amit Godase/Unsplash

This video alone proved that Tesla and Musk’s claim that the Cybertruck could survive anything may not be completely accurate. Others have claimed bad drivers may be ruining the appeal of the Cybertruck more than anything else, however.


Keeping Up With a Cybertruck

Other Cybertruck owners have claimed that the upkeep of the car is more annoying than anything. Many owners have claimed the car gets rust marks on its stainless steel body. Apparently, this rust is supposed to help reduce potential dents.

A Tesla Cybertruck indoors at a showroom with black rope around it.

Source: Phillip Pessar/Wikimedia Commons

Others complain about the car accumulating a lot of dust on the inside and outside. This has also left fingerprints all over the truck. For some, this has become a hassle; for others, they’ll deal with it because they like the car.


More Serious Issues

While small issues have bothered some Cybertruck owners, there have been more serious claims that vital parts of the truck aren’t working correctly. Brake and steering failures have reportedly happened to some drivers.

A person in a Tesla car using the touchscreen in the daytime.

Source: Malte Helmhold/Unsplash

Others have revealed their Cybertruck had massive software issues. These software problems left one Cybertruck driver stranded.


The Internet Enjoys Cybertruck Failures

Many online have openly enjoyed reading — and seeing — all about the latest Cybertruck failures. When the truck was first announced, some immediately took to joking about the futuristic-looking cars.

A close-up of a Tesla logo on a black vehicle.

Source: Austin Ramsey/Unsplash

Now, many are easily joking about the expensive car’s many faults. A Cybertruck being stuck on a beach only adds to the amusement for those who don’t like Tesla or the car.


Some Remain Impressed With Tesla

However, for all the detractors the company has, there are still many who support Tesla and enjoy the Cybertruck. Amid many failure videos being released, an impressive video of a Cybertruck off-road was enjoyable to watch for some.

A Tesla logo on a white electric charging station at night.

Source: Paul Steuber/Unsplash

Meanwhile, many Tesla car owners and car enthusiasts remain committed to the company. Some even state the Cybertruck is the quickest truck they’ve ever been in.