Elon Musk’s Father is Worried About His Son Being Assassinated Because of Political Influence

By: Lauren | Published: Sep 12, 2023

Typically, presidents, prime ministers, and other political figureheads are the only people in society worried about assassinations.

But recently, father of businessman and billionaire Elon Musk divulged he believes that his son should also be concerned and even prepared for an assassination attempt due Elon’s influence on global politics.

Who Exactly Is Elon Musk?

Most people on Earth has heard of Elon Musk, but not everyone understands exactly who he is and, more importantly, what he does.


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Musk is the richest person on the planet. He is an experienced businessman who made an incredible $253 billion through his companies, Tesla, PayPal, Twitter, and SpaceX, and many other investments.

Elon Considered a Monumental Figure in Politics

Although Musk isn’t technically a politician, because of his immense wealth and the fact that several of his businesses, including SpaceX and Tesla, are connected to the US and many global governments, he is considered an important figure in politics.


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He frequently has personal meetings and conversations with world leaders such as President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, he consistently weighs in on political matters on X, formerly known as Twitter, and various other media platforms.

Participation in the War in Ukraine

More specifically, Musk directly participated in the war in Ukraine by assisting Russia during its invasion.


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Russia’s satellites essentially became unusable in February 2022, so he saved the day by providing terminals that would allow Russians to work within the Starlink satellite system created by his company, SpaceX.

More Than a Mere Goodwill Offering

When Musk first offered the satellites, he didn’t immediately ask for payment, which many saw to be a gesture of goodwill and evidence that the billionaire wanted to actually use his creations to send aid to those in need.


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However, less than six months later, Musk proved the world wrong by asking the Pentagon to fund his so-called gifts. He told the US government that the equipment he sent would cost SpaceX a total of $100 million in 2022 alone, and that he believes he should be paid for the service provided.

Musk Has Become an “Unelected Official” for the War Since Coming to Russia’s Rescue

Since sending over almost $100 million in satellites and batteries, Musk has become increasingly involved in the war, as well as Ukrainian, US, and Russian politics in general.

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In fact, many sources are reporting that federal officials in both Russia and the United States are treating Musk like an “unelected official” with legitimate influence in the war.


Only Getting the Time of Day Because of His Starlink Satellites

Realistically, the only reason Musk’s political opinions are being heard by political leaders in Ukraine, Russia, and the US is because they are using his satellites to facilitate the war.

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While some Musk fans argue that the businessman offered the satellites because he truly cares about what happens to the countries at war and their residents, others believe that he is leveraging his equipment in order to have more power within global politics.


No Matter His Intention, Musk is Certainly Involved

But whether or not one believes that Musk is an altruistic billionaire or a cunning businessman attempting to get his foot in the door of the White House, the truth is that he is now unofficially involved in the diplomacy of the planet.

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While for years he had simply been considered exceptionally wealthy, Musk is now somewhat considered a world leader. And as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.


Errol Musk is Afraid for His Son’s Life

After several news sources released stories explaining Musk’s role in government policies, his father, Errol Musk, spoke out about the damage and potential harm this information could cause his son.

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He told one source that the articles were like “the artillery-like softening up of the enemy before the actual attack” and that they were “hit jobs.”


Shadow Governments Coming After Musk

Errol also stated that the articles were “a shadow government-sponsored opening salvo on Elon.”

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The idea of shadow governments is essentially that there are powers at play behind the scenes pulling the strings that the general public is unaware of. Many have deduced that with his statement, Errol is saying there are unelected people of power who want to see Elon dead because of his political involvement.


Paying Top Dollar for Security

Last December, Musk realized that his private jet was being tracked. Around the same time, he stated that several journalists and stalkers wanted to harm him. In order to combat these problems, Musk upgraded his personal security.

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Today, two bodyguards are with the billionaire at all times, even when he goes to the bathroom. Musk told the world last year that at any time, he could “die under mysterious circumstances.”


Is There Really a Threat to His Life?

The truth is that there have been no actual attempts or even threats on Musk’s life since he became involved with Vladimir Putin or the war in Ukraine. This story is, for now, simply the worries of a caring father.

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That said, if Elon continues to play a vital role in global policies, he may face more criticism than ever, including backlash from American citizens—and maybe even real threats against his life.