Elon Musk Wants Less Spending in Ukraine; Urges US to End Aid

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Feb 20, 2024

Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, recently said that the United States should stop sending aid to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian war. According to Musk, there was no point in wasting all of this money, as he believes Russia will win.

These latest comments from X’s owner came during a Twitter Spaces event that was held with Republican senators and former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Musk Says US Spending Does Not Help Ukraine

Recently, many GOP politicians have begun to fight against the idea that the United States should continue to send money to Ukraine. Since February 2022, after Russia illegally invaded Ukraine, the U.S. has sent money and aid to help support Kyiv.

A close-up of Elon Musk in a suit as he looks off into the distance, a blue sky in the daytime behind him.

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Now, Elon Musk is entering the fray by also saying that US aid to Ukraine should stop. “This spending does not help Ukraine; prolonging the war does not help Ukraine,” he reportedly said in a Twitter Space event. “Having these boys die for nothing is wrong and needs to stop.”


Musk Doesn’t Believe Putin Will Lose

Musk also seemed to insinuate that the U.S. helping Ukraine was a lost cause. According to Musk, there’s no way that Russian leader Vladimir Putin would lose the war.

Vladimir Putin in a black suit talking, with a blue background behind him.

Source: Пресс-служба Президента Российской Федерации/Wikimedia Commons

Musk also said that Putin may be “assassinated” if he were to leave Ukraine without some type of victory. All of this, in Musk’s view, results in Ukraine losing the war and Russia winning.

Musk Encourages Citizens To Call Their Reps

Saying the Ukraine war was a lost cause isn’t the only thing Musk talked about during this Twitter Spaces event. He also encouraged US citizens to call their representatives and tell them to not support the Ukraine funding bill.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy walks down a hallway with brown and orange walls with Elon Musk in 2023.

Source: Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives/Wikimedia Commons

Though Musk encouraged this action, he also stated that he wasn’t a Putin apologist. According to the billionaire, his companies have undermined Russia more than any other corporation.

The History Between Ukraine And Musk

When Russia first invaded Ukraine in 2022, much of the world rallied around Ukraine — including many Republican politicians. Musk himself came to Ukraine’s aid and allowed them to use Starlink satellite receivers to help Ukrainians continue to have internet access.

Ukrainians Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko with Starlink user terminals.

Source: Kyivcity.gov.ua/Wikimedia Commons

However, slowly many in the GOP — and Musk himself — have begun to backtrack on their initial support of Ukraine and their President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Now, many House Republicans have fought to keep the U.S. from sending more aid to Ukraine.

The Musk-Russia Link

Since beginning to walk back his involvement with Ukraine, Musk has seemingly repeated Kremlin talking points when discussing how the war could end.

A colorful map depicting the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Source: Homoatrox/Wikimedia Commons

In October 2023, Musk tweeted about how peace could be restored between the two countries. However, he also said that Ukraine must cede territory to Russia to allow the war to end — something Russia has long said, but Ukraine has denied.


Russia Backing Musk

After publicly stating this, Russia backed Musk by saying that his proposed plan for peace was “positive.”

A Starlink satellite in space looking down at a blue planet Earth.

Source: Official SpaceX Photos/Wikimedia Commons

Recent reports also seem to suggest that Musk is allowing Russia to use Starlink — something Musk has denied. However, Ukrainian military generals have confirmed that Russia is using Starlink and has completely disputed Musk’s denial.


Republicans Influencing Ukraine Support

Musk was joined in this Twitter Spaces event by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and JD Vance. Former GOP Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy was also a part of the call. All four men a part of this event have previously been critical of sending Ukraine more aid.

Kevin McCarthy, in a navy blue suit, sits beside Elon Musk, in a black suit, in 2023.

Source: Office of U.S. House Speaker/Unsplash

Though many Americans quickly supported Ukraine at the beginning of the war, some attitudes have shifted. This may be because many Republican officials have changed their stance. According to the Pew Research Center, 31% of Americans believe the U.S. is providing too much assistance to Ukraine. 48% of Republican and Republican-leaning independents concur.


The Ongoing Ukrainian-Russian War

Though many in the U.S. still support Ukraine, analysts have said that the lack of support in the U.S. Congress has led to many issues in the war zone.

A photo of the Ukrainian town Avdiivka in February 2023 after Russian shelling, showing destroyed buildings and schools.

Source: dn.gov.ua./Wikimedia Commons

U.S. President Joe Biden is the latest to also voice these opinions. After Ukrainian forces had to withdraw from the city of Avdiivka, Biden released a White House statement blaming the U.S. Congress for Avdiivka’s fall.


Ukrainian Ammo Shortages

Ukrainians have also said that the U.S. Congress has led to Avdiivka’s defeat. According to soldiers on the ground in Ukraine, the delay in aid from the U.S. has led to ammo shortages.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Avdiivka in 2023 in front of a blue and yellow sign and Ukrainian flag.

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

The battle of Avdiivka has been long going. Critics say that this lack of aid and ammo, possibly thanks to the delay of the U.S. House’s Ukraine bill, has led to the city’s fall.


The Fear Of Russian Expansion

Though many Republican politicians have said they would not approve of more aid and money being sent to Ukraine, there still remain many GOP members in Congress who continue to support the embattled country.

Amid blue and yellow Ukrainian flags, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy talks at a podium beside the President of the European Commission and the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Source: President.gov.ua/Wikimedia Commons

For many in Washington and Europe, the threat of Russian expansion remains persistent. Many analysts believe that Russia will not stop with Ukraine. Instead, Putin will likely push for more territory in Eastern Europe.


Musk Faces Backlash

Musk has faced ample backlash from his recent comments about Ukraine. From regular X users to Ukrainian officials, many have called Musk out. Recently, Musk’s fellow “Paypal mafia” member Reid Hoffman has also publicly blasted Musk for his comments.

Elon Musk sitting down in a black and white suit amid a black background.

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According to Hoffman, Musk has bought what Putin was “selling, hook, line, and sinker.”