Drivers Say Electric Cars Are Making Them Sick – Tesla Owner Reports Nose Bleeds, ‘Debilitating’ Pains, and Hair Loss

By: Georgia | Published: May 15, 2024

While electric vehicles are lauded for their clean energy credentials, a surprising number of owners are sounding the alarm about unexpected health issues. 

Complaints range from mild discomfort to serious symptoms, suggesting there might be a hidden cost to driving these high-tech cars.

Discomfort from EV Braking and Acceleration Systems

The unique braking and acceleration systems in electric vehicles are causing a stir, with an uptick in complaints about motion sickness, dizziness, and nausea.

Close-up of a Tesla car's dashboard displaying a navigation map on a large touchscreen, with the steering wheel in the foreground

Source: Patrick Langwallner /Unsplash

The new mechanics that make EVs zip and halt so differently from traditional cars seem to be shaking up more than just the industry.

Troubling Reports from a Tesla Owner

In 2021, a Tesla owner reported suffering from nosebleeds, hair loss, and severe body aches. 

Close-up of a Tesla logo on a dark, textured surface of a car, showing droplets of water on the emblem

Source: Austin Ramsey/Unsplash

Though she couldn’t be certain her car was to blame, she said that these troubling symptoms stopped after she sold her Tesla.

Mold Problems in Tesla's AC Systems

Several Tesla drivers have had to give up their cars due to mold growing in the air conditioning systems, leading to respiratory issues like asthma.

Interior view of a Tesla car showing a clean, modern design with a large central touchscreen and minimalistic dashboard

Source: Bram Van Oost/Unsplash

It’s a significant concern that points to potential flaws in vehicle design.

Rough Ride with Tesla’s One-Pedal System

Ed Kim from AutoPacific criticized Tesla’s one-pedal throttle system for being overly abrupt, a factor he believes strongly contributes to motion sickness.

A Tesla car driving on a wet road, illuminated by street lights with a blue tint, reflecting on the wet asphalt

Source: Dylan Calluy/Unsplash

This highlights a possible oversight in the pursuit of innovative car designs.

The Impact of One-Pedal Driving

Tesla’s one-pedal driving feature, designed to simplify operation, can actually complicate things by causing the car to jerk unexpectedly.

A white Tesla car parked on a roadside with a snowy landscape in the background during sunset

Source: Taun Stewart/Unsplash

Ed Kim explained that this could lead to a discomforting experience as the car pitches back and forth.


Influencer’s Health Deteriorates Post-Tesla Purchase

A health and wellness influencer, @livingwellwithelle, noticed a marked increase in fatigue after buying a Tesla in 2021.

View from the driver's seat of a Tesla car showing hands on the steering wheel and the car's touchscreen dashboard displaying maps and speed, with a blurred road and trees seen through the windshield

Source: Brecht Denil/Unsplash

She documented on Instagram how this exhaustion progressively impacted her day-to-day life negatively.


Eye-Opening Comparison in Vehicle Types

The same influencer felt a notable difference in her health while driving her mother’s gasoline-powered car, free from the symptoms she endured in her Tesla.

Rear view of a white Tesla Model 3 parked on a roadside with mountainous terrain in the background

Source: Clayton Cardinalli/Unsplash

This contrast raised serious questions for her about what might be at play with electric vehicles.


Escalating Health Issues Over Time

Over time, @livingwellwithelle faced increasingly severe health issues, including nosebleeds and nausea, particularly on long drives.

Frontal view of a dark Tesla Model S driving through city streets lined with cars and a red fire hydrant

Source: Jasper Garratt/Unsplash

She also experienced significant hair loss, a distress she shared in a candid Instagram post.


Mold Concerns in Tesla’s HVAC System

Complaints about mold in Tesla’s HVAC systems are on the rise, with users reporting bad odors and health concerns.

Close-up view inside a Tesla showing the driver's hand on the steering wheel with a large digital dashboard screen displaying navigation and media information

Source: JP Valery/Unsplash

One owner vented on Instagram about a persistent smell that worsened with rain, despite a clean cabin filter.


High Costs and High Risks

A frustrated Tesla owner shared on Reddit how his expensive vehicle became a health hazard, with mold spores affecting his family’s health.

Rear view of a black Tesla Model 3 parked on an urban street with visible UK license plate

Source: Jordan/Unsplash

Despite spending $119,000, his efforts to fix the issue were in vain, illustrating a serious problem that persists despite costly interventions.


The Bigger Picture of Electric Vehicles

Despite their benefits for the planet, electric vehicles are not without their controversies.

Perspective from behind the Tesla's steering wheel looking onto the digital dashboard showing vehicle information and a clear view of the navigation map on the central touchscreen

Source: Austin Distel/Unsplash

Debra Holtz from the Union of Concerned Scientists acknowledged the dangers of traditional cars but has yet to address the new health concerns reported by EV owners.