Walgreens Exec Says American Dream Is ‘Rapidly Diminishing’

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Jan 23, 2024

John Driscoll has become a controversial figure in the eyes of America’s wealthiest inhabitants after calling on the government to tax millionaires more.

The Walgreens exec used the plea in an attempt to revive the American dream, which he claims is close to extinction.

Walgreens Executive Calls for Change

Driscoll currently sits as the executive vice president of Walgreens Boots Alliance.

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Recently, the business owner took an unanticipated stance on tax. He sent a letter to U.S. lawmakers urging them to increase the percentage of tax millionaires paid by millionaires.


The End of the American Dream

The Walgreens exec appears to have been motivated by his desire to ensure the American dream remains a reality for all of the nations inhabitants.

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Driscoll took a stance alongside the nation’s entrepreneurs and activists, who are fighting to ensure the “rapidly diminishing” American dream stays alive (via MSN).

Proud Immigrant Takes a Stance

Driscoll has spoken on several occasions about his family history. His Irish grandparents came to the U.S. to make a new life and did so thanks to the possibility of the American dream.

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According to the Walgreens exec, the idea that hard work can bring forth prosperity in America is still alive, but it is slowly dying with each passing year.

Proud to Pay Campaign Sends Letter to Davos

As an outspoken advocate of the Proud to Pay More campaign, Driscoll co-signed a letter that addressed leaders at this year’s WEF meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

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The Proud to Pay More campaign is run by various groups worldwide, including the Patriotic Millionaires and Millionaires for Humanity. It aims to ensure the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.

Lawmakers Urged to do Whatever Is Necessary

Driscoll has been very outspoken on the idea of taxing the rich. This was echoed in the letter he recently signed.

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“In this spirit, I call on national and international lawmakers to do whatever it takes to tax wealthy people like me,” Driscoll wrote (via Business Insider).


Over 250 Millionaires Join the Cause

Driscoll is joined by over 250 billionaires and millionaires in the Proud to Pay More campaign.

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Yet, many of the Walgreens exec’s most affluent peers do not share his view on taxes.


IRS Commissioner Speaks on Tax

Daniel Werfel, the IRS commissioner, revealed last year that taxing the wealthy is becoming increasingly difficult due to the methods they employ in an attempt to evade the system.

IRS Special agents dressed in full gear stand outside of the home of a potential tax evader

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He said, “complicated methods the wealthiest tax taxpayers used to hide their income and evade their paying their fair share of taxes.”


Fighting Back Against the World's Wealthiest People

The IRS has managed to push back against wealthy Americans who are trying to outsmart the system.

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According to the federal office, since last October, they have managed to retrieve over $122 million from over 100 American millionaires who have yet to pay their fair share of taxes.


Elon Musk Speaks on Higher Tax

Last summer, Elon Musk responded to Joe Biden’s claim about the rich “paying their fair share.”

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“I agree that we should make elaborate tax-avoidance schemes illegal, but acting upon that would upset a lot of donors, so we will see words, but no action,” wrote Musk (via Business Insider).


Benefits of Taxing the Rich

Researchers at the European Union’s Tax Observatory have yielded fairly shocking results.

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Analysts claim that as little as a 2% tax on every billionaire in the world would bring in over $250 billion each year.


Driscoll Warns of an Aristocracy

During a portion of the letter co-signed by Driscoll, he warned that if governments fail to tax the rich, they may become an aristocracy that sits well above the middle class.

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“If our world leaders want to prevent millionaires and billionaires and their children from becoming the accidental aristocracy, they need to ensure that these taxes work as meaningful and effective checks on dynastic wealth,” Driscoll wrote.