Don’t Bother Buying These 8 Appliances

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Dec 13, 2023

These days, there’s no shortage of new appliances available that are meant to make daily tasks easier and more efficient.

However, while some devices are fantastic, others simply aren’t worth the money or the space they would take up. So, let’s find out which are the eight appliances that no one really needs.

A Fridge Just for Beverages

Reality superstars often proudly display their beverage refrigerators that are stocked with their favorite juices, sodas, kombuchas, and flavored waters.

Woman selecting a beverage from a fridge full of drinks

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But the truth is that most people don’t have enough drinks on hand to fill a beverage fridge, and spending thousands on one that will cost extra to run every month is a waste of both money and energy.

Instead of an Ice Maker, Opt for Classic Ice Trays

Everyone loves an ice-cold drink filled with perfect little ice cubes, but that doesn’t mean they should go out and buy an ice maker.

Illustration of an ice machine

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In fact, using traditional ice trays in the freezer is thousands of dollars cheaper, saves energy, and still provides those delectable ice cubes. And if there’s any time when someone needs more ice than trays can provide, they can simply buy a bag of ice at the grocery store for next to nothing.

Giant Chest Freezers Use a Ton of Energy

Although a chest freezer in the garage may seem like a great idea for bulk buying, the truth is that these appliances cost a small fortune to run.

Illustration of a chest freezer on a snowy field

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Instead of using hundreds of dollars in energy every month, a much better idea is to declutter the freezer attached to the fridge and fit as many bulk products as possible there.

Fridges for Wine Aren’t Really Necessary

Unless someone is a wine collector with an immense and expensive collection, a wine fridge is really a waste of money and space.

Wine fridge with the door open

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Even though they’re often smaller than standard fridges, they use just as much energy, which will increase monthly bills. Not to mention that to serve wine at the perfect temperature, it just needs to come out of the standard fridge a few hours before the event.

Make Sure to Opt for a Built-In Dishwasher

A new surprisingly popular appliance is the portable dishwasher. Some people argue that they are cheaper and easier to install than their built-in counterparts, but that’s not really the case.

Open dishwasher full of plates, silverware, and glasses

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While installing a dishwasher may be more expensive at first, it uses less energy over time than the portable option and even adds value to the home or apartment.


Central Vacuums Are Old News

While central vacuum systems were once considered the height of sophistication, these days, they’re really more trouble than they’re worth.

Technician working on a central vacuum system

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Not only are they expensive to maintain, they also take up space, don’t usually reach the corners of every room, and, as newer vacuums are so powerful, are less effective than the portable options.


Don’t Buy an Electric Pizza Oven

Although it may sound fun to be able to make delicious homemade pizza, electric pizza ovens are expensive and really quite wasteful.

Pizza oven on a countertop

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Most pizza ovens just cook pizza, so it’s really not worth the high price tag and the space it will occupy in the home.


Life Without a Dryer Is Better

Most American families couldn’t imagine doing laundry without a dryer, but it’s actually very uncommon to see them in homes throughout the rest of the world.

Woman with a basket full of sheets in front of a dryer

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These appliances are very energy-intensive, and they are also known to damage clothes over time. So, between saving money and protecting clothes, skipping the dryer has several benefits.


These Appliances Simply Aren’t Necessary

Realistically, hanging clothes out to dry is only fractionally more time-consuming than using an electric dryer, and it can save many families several hundred dollars in utility bills every year.

Colored clothes hanging from a line in a backyard

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You also air out your clothing with this natural method.


Just Get One Fridge

And when it comes to the many kinds of refrigerators available for purchase these days, the truth is that no one really needs more than one fridge.

Refrigerator in a compact kitchen

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The best thing to do is to invest in one fridge that’s the right size and style for your personal style and home.


Save Money, Skip the Appliances

Not only are these appliances expensive and unnecessary, but they also significantly increase utility bills.

Pink piggy bank sits atop a pile of pennies

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And the bottom line is that these eight appliances simply aren’t worth the money they will cost to buy or run. So save your money for something better and skip the unnecessary devices.