Donald Trump ‘God Bless The USA’ Bible Endorsement Is Poorly Received Almost Everywhere

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Apr 21, 2024

Celebrating Easter in America this year, former POTUS Donald Trump encouraged Americans to buy his “favorite book” and “make America PRAY again.”

That’s right — he’s endorsing the sales of the God Bless The USA bible and, perhaps unknowingly, raising the ire of the Christian communities across the country.

“God Bless The USA” Bible

In his X (formerly Twitter) post, Trump wrote, “Happy Holy Week! Let’s Make America Pray Again. As we lead into Good Friday and Easter, I encourage you to get a copy of the God Bless The USA Bible.” 

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In the video he attached with the post, Trump stated he was partnering with country singer Lee Greenwood. The Bible was meant to be themed with Greenwood’s patriotic song, “God Bless The USA.” The post is also linked to the Bible’s website.


Bible Bonuses

For $59.99, the Bible also includes, among others, the handwritten chorus to “God Bless The USA” and a copy of the Declaration of Independence.

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Trump alluded in the promotional video that most Americans didn’t know their rights, but they could read all about it in the Bible. That’s because the Bible’s other bonuses are the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Published Since 2021

Trump and Greenwood’s Bible is not new. It was first published in 2021, featuring an illustration of the American flag and the words “God Bless The USA” on the cover. It’s sold exclusively on the website.

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Perhaps the most crucial information about this Bible comes from the website’s FAQ section. It said, “No, is not political and has nothing to do with any political campaign. is not owned, managed or controlled by Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, CIC Ventures LLC or any of their respective principals or affiliates.”

Faith for Money

Responses on X vary, but most are questioning Trump’s audacity of using people’s faith to make money. One X user quipped, “That is what you call total desperation.”

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Meanwhile, more serious responses called Trump’s actions as “sacrilege, blasphemy and desecration of the Bible.” Putting the American flag on the cover also struck some users as “borderline offensive.” Even a Trump fan admits, “this is cringe for me as a Christian.”

Religious Community’s Response

The religious community is not thrilled, either. Rev. Benjamin Cremer on X wrote, “It is a bankrupt Christianity that sees a demagogue co-opting our faith and even our holy scriptures for the sake of his own pursuit of power…”

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A poster from South Carolina also pointed out that Trump’s Bible endorsement is a “3rd Commandment Violation.” He was referring to one of the Ten Commandments of the Hebrew Testament, which forbids taking God’s name in vain.


No Separation of Church and State

Jemar Tisby, a historian and author, explained why that version of the Bible is making people angry. The Bible, he said, sold the idea that America was founded as a Christian nation, a concept of nationalism historically tied to prejudice and white supremacy.

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The inclusion of the Declaration, US Constitution, and the song lyrics are what’s causing outrage, according to Tisby. “So it’s adding to the Bible, and it’s adding specific political documents to the Bible that completely erase the separation of church and state.”


Rooted in Racism and Prejudice

Tisby’s sentiments are echoed by Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons, the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty’s communications director. When he saw the Bible endorsement, he viewed a politician promoting Christian ideology using fears rooted in racism and prejudice.

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“When I hear ‘Make America Pray Again,’ I hear Christian nationalist promises that we are going to somehow ‘restore’ Christianity in this country,” he told CNN. “And if authoritarianism does come to the United States, it’s all but guaranteed it will be done in the name of Christianity, which is a very scary thought.”


Controversy of Old

This particular Bible’s controversy is also not new. Back in 2021, the Bible was supposed to be published by HarperCollins Christian Publishing. But the publisher passed on it. 

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Tisby, who published 3 books under HarperCollins’ religious imprint Zondervan, joined with other writers to discourage the publisher from publishing the “God Bless The USA” Bible. “We did not want to be associated with a publisher who’s going to publish a Bible like this.”


Publisher’s Move

Tisby theorized the publisher understood that there was an urgency in the matter because “we’re not just talking about someone’s book. We’re talking about the sacred text of the Bible.”

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As it happens, HarperCollins holds the publishing rights to the New International Version translation of the Bible, which is a bestseller. Meanwhile, “God Bless The USA” Bible uses the King James Version, which is in the public domain.


Unshakeable Supporters

Anglican vicar David W. Peters in Texas, on the other hand, holds the opinion that criticism over the Bible will not truly shake Trump’s supporters.

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Instead, he says, “I think it will confirm [to them] that their critics are out of touch. Why would anyone object to a Bible?” Furthermore, people’s varied reactions to the patriotic Bible is showing how diverse American Christianity can be, depending on the denomination or community. 


Quote a Verse

The essence of liberal progressive faith is compassion, Peters said to CNN. “So it is mind boggling [to such people] how someone could say they were a Christian and follow a guy who is very much not compassionate.”

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Meanwhile, some people among the populace are still waiting for Trump to quote a verse from his “favorite book.” “Please ask Trump to quote anything in the Bible, I dare you,” wrote an X user. But he’s been refusing to offer a quote since 2015. “The Bible means a lot to me, but I don’t want to get into specifics,” became his quote instead.