Disney Faces $105M Investment Pullout from South Carolina Amidst Allegations of ‘Structural Rot’

By: Georgia | Published: Dec 18, 2023

South Carolina has made a significant financial decision, withdrawing $105 million in investments from The Walt Disney Company.

This action comes amid concerns voiced in an interview with Fox Business Digital by State Treasurer Curtis Loftis regarding what he describes as a ‘structural rot’ within the company.

Elon Musk Criticizes Disney CEO

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has publicly called for the dismissal of Disney CEO Bob Iger. This criticism from a prominent business leader adds to the mounting scrutiny Disney is facing.

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The combination of Musk’s statement and South Carolina’s financial withdrawal suggests increasing pressure on Disney’s leadership and corporate direction.

Reasons Behind South Carolina's Withdrawal

According to State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, the decision to divest from Disney is attributed to the company’s management allegedly abandoning their fiduciary responsibilities.

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Loftis expressed his concerns about the internal issues at Disney in a statement to Fox Business Digital, highlighting perceived problems in corporate governance and management.

The Financial Impact: $105 Million in Disney Securities

The South Carolina Treasurer’s Office will not renew $105 million worth of Disney debt securities upon their maturity.

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This decision reflects a significant change in the state’s investment portfolio and potentially has wider implications for how public funds are managed in relation to corporate governance and social responsibility.

Criticism of Disney's ESG Criteria

Loftis has criticized Disney’s adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

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He argues that this approach diverges from traditional investment principles and does not align with the state’s investment strategy.

Concerns Over Disney's Leadership and Performance

Loftis has expressed concerns over the cultural and managerial shifts within Disney.

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He links these changes to the company’s recent performance issues, indicating a belief that the current leadership and corporate culture are contributing factors to Disney’s financial challenges.


Disney's Stock Performance Analysis

Despite South Carolina’s divestment, Disney’s stock has shown some resilience, with a nearly 4% rise year to date.

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However, it remains more than 50% below its all-time high, suggesting a volatile period for the company. This fluctuation in stock price is helpful in understanding Disney’s current market position.


Disney's Financial Recovery Signs

Despite recent criticisms and financial challenges, Disney reported a revenue increase of 5% year over year in the fiscal quarter ending September 30.

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The company’s adjusted earnings per share have also improved, indicating some level of financial resilience amidst the ongoing controversies and market pressures.


Loftis on the Impact of Divestment

Speaking in a separate interview with Fox Business, Loftis has stated that South Carolina’s exit from Disney investments is not expected to cause significant harm to the company.

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He emphasizes the importance of making investment decisions based on principles and believes there are ample investment opportunities elsewhere that align better with the state’s criteria.


Disney’s ESG Strategy and Challenges

In its 2022 annual report, Disney acknowledged uncertainties around achieving its ESG goals. The company is aware that integrating these goals into its business may affect its financial performance.

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This admission reflects the challenges and complexities associated with incorporating ESG criteria into corporate strategy.


Analysts' Perspectives on Disney Stock

Despite the controversies and challenges, analysts from JPMorgan and Bank of America maintain positive outlooks on Disney stock.

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Their ratings suggest a belief in the company’s potential for recovery and growth, despite the current hurdles and the recent divestment by South Carolina.


The Future Outlook for Disney

The recent events, including South Carolina’s divestment and the criticisms from business leaders like Elon Musk, put Disney in a spotlight of scrutiny and speculation.

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With mixed financial indicators and ongoing debates about its corporate direction and ESG strategy, the future of Disney remains a topic of interest and analysis in the business world.