DeSantis’ Drive for Homeschooling Leaves Florida Public Schools Struggling

By: Georgia | Last updated: May 31, 2024

At the Florida Homeschool Convention, Governor Ron DeSantis proudly shared, “Florida has shown a blueprint, and we really can be an engine for that as other states work to adopt a lot of the policies that we’ve done.” 

His strong push toward homeschooling is shaking up educational norms, impacting students and educators alike.

Empty Desks, Tight Budgets: The New Normal for Florida's Teachers

Governor DeSantis’ enthusiasm for homeschooling and private schooling alternatives is leading to fewer students in public schools. 

Close-up of Governor Ron DeSantis with a serious expression, wearing a headset during a debate

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This decline is leaving classrooms empty and straining school budgets, challenging the future of public education in Florida.


Public Schools on the Brink: A Nudge Toward Private Education

“Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans have spent years aggressively turning the state into a haven for school choice,” notes journalist Andrew Atterbury. 

An empty classroom showing rows of vacant desks and chairs, indicating a lack of students

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This surge toward private education is causing a serious rethink about the viability of public schools.

Mass Exodus: Public Schools Losing Their Crowds

Since the 2019-20 school year, approximately 53,000 students have left public schools in significant Florida counties.

A diverse group of young students sitting on the floor, attentively listening to a teacher reading a book

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This substantial drop is prompting school leaders to ponder the fate of many community-rooted campuses.

Broward's Big Decision: Potential Closures Ahead

Facing budget cuts, Broward County is considering shutting down up to 42 schools in the next few years.

Aerial shot of a large school campus with multiple buildings, sports fields, and parking areas, surrounded by greenery

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These closures could deeply affect communities in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, drastically altering the educational and social landscape.

Financial Fallout: Schools Scramble as Funds Flee

With student numbers dwindling, schools are feeling the financial pinch, struggling to manage resources and keep adequate staff.

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This economic squeeze is putting additional pressures on already struggling institutions.


DeSantis' Dream: A School Choice Haven

Governor DeSantis imagines a Florida where school choice isn’t just an option but a leading example for the nation.

Governor Ron DeSantis speaking at a podium with a large American flag in the background, audience in foreground listening attentively

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His vision focuses on empowering parents to select the best educational routes for their kids, be it homeschooling, charters, or private schools.


Education Evolves: Homeschooling Gains Ground

Driven by DeSantis’ policies, more families are opting out of public schooling in favor of homeschooling and private options.

Two boys doing schoolwork at home, one writing intently and the other focused on his worksheet, in a living room

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This shift is viewed by some as an essential evolution in how education should be approached.


Changing Classrooms: Florida's Educational Overhaul

As traditional public schools lose students, the educational structure in Florida is dramatically transforming.

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This pivotal shift may redefine educational delivery and impact for future Floridian generations.


The Ripple Effects of School Closures

The potential shutdown of public schools is eliciting mixed feelings within communities. 

A diverse group of students attentively listening to a teacher in a classroom, focus on the back of a student's head

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Some see a chance for innovation and improvement in education, while others lament the potential loss of cherished local institutions.


What's Next for Public Education in Florida?

The landscape of public schooling in Florida is at a critical point as DeSantis’ initiatives take root.

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Educators and families are closely monitoring these developments, anxious about how they will influence educational quality and access.


Florida's Educational Experiment: A Benchmark for the U.S?

With Florida at the forefront of the school choice movement, other states are watching keenly. 

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Will Florida’s bold educational reforms serve as a successful blueprint or serve as a cautionary tale? The outcome will likely influence policy decisions well beyond the state’s borders.


The Impact on Employment

The push for homeschooling and private schooling has led to a significant teacher exodus in Florida. Many educators face job instability as public school enrollments decline.

A bald male teacher in a grey blazer and jeans discussing with a diverse group of young students seated at desks in a classroom

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This shift not only affects employment rates but also diminishes morale among teachers who remain in public schools, grappling with uncertain futures and increased workloads.


Teacher Morale in a Changing Educational Landscape

With dwindling student numbers, teachers are experiencing heightened stress and diminished job satisfaction. The lack of stability and support in public schools leads to burnout and reduced effectiveness.

A teacher leaning over to assist three young female students who are analyzing or working on a newspaper project in a well-lit classroom

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Educators are increasingly looking for opportunities in private schools or considering career changes, further destabilizing the public education system.


Social Skills: The Challenge for Homeschooled Students

Homeschooling offers personalized education but often at the cost of social interaction. Homeschooled students miss out on the daily socialization that public schools provide.

A lively elementary classroom scene with students raising their hands eagerly, sitting on the floor, participating in a group learning activity

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This lack of interaction can affect their social skills, making it harder for them to adapt to group settings and develop essential interpersonal relationships.


Extracurricular Activities and Homeschooling

Extracurricular activities, vital for a well-rounded education, are harder to access for homeschooled students. Public schools provide a range of sports, arts, and clubs that foster engagement, teamwork, and leadership skills.

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Homeschooling parents must seek alternative avenues for these activities, which can be costly and logistically challenging.


Technological Innovations in Homeschooling

Technology is revolutionizing homeschooling in Florida. Online platforms, virtual classrooms, and educational apps provide diverse and interactive learning experiences.

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These tools enable parents to offer a curriculum that rivals traditional schools, making homeschooling a more viable and appealing option for many families.


Virtual Classrooms: A New Era in Education

Virtual classrooms have become a cornerstone of modern homeschooling, especially following the pandemic, offering real-time interaction with educators and peers.

A young girl with long curly hair sitting at a home study desk, raising her fists in a triumphant gesture while looking at a laptop screen

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These digital environments mimic traditional classroom dynamics, providing structured learning and social engagement. As technology advances, the effectiveness and accessibility of virtual education continue to improve.


Long-term Impact on Public School Infrastructure

The decline in public school enrollment poses long-term challenges for educational infrastructure in Florida. Empty classrooms and underutilized facilities require repurposing, which involves significant costs and planning.

A group of educators participating in a workshop in a classroom setting, engaging with learning materials and each other

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Education/Facebook

This transformation may alter community dynamics and necessitate innovative solutions to sustain educational services.


Economic Effects on Communities

The economic ripple effects of shrinking public schools extend beyond education. Local businesses that rely on school activities suffer losses, while real estate values fluctuate as families relocate for better schooling options.

Diverse group of elementary students attentively watching a male teacher explain a lesson in front of a whiteboard in a classroom

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Municipal budgets also face strain, impacting public services and community well-being.


Psychological Effects on Students

The shift from public to homeschooling impacts students’ mental health. The lack of routine and peer interaction can lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety.

A student sitting at a desk and working on an assignment in class.

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Providing adequate mental health support becomes crucial to help students navigate these changes and maintain their emotional well-being.


Emotional Well-being in a Changing Educational Landscape

As educational norms shift, students face new emotional challenges. The transition from structured public schools to individualized homeschooling requires significant adjustment.

Overhead view of two female students studying together at a rustic wooden table, with books and a cold drink

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Parents and educators must prioritize mental health initiatives to ensure students thrive both academically and emotionally in these new environments.


Navigating the Future of Education

Florida’s educational landscape is undergoing significant transformation. The shift towards homeschooling and private schooling presents both opportunities and challenges, with the latter being more prevalent.

Silhouette of a female teacher writing complex mathematical equations on a whiteboard in a classroom, viewed from behind, illustrating an educational setting

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As the state navigates these changes, the focus must remain on providing quality education and support to all students, ensuring a balanced and equitable system for future generations.


A Balanced Approach to Educational Reform

Addressing the diverse needs of students, parents, and educators is key to successful educational reform.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, dressed in a blue blazer and shirt, speaks at an outdoor event, gesturing with one hand

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Policymakers need to consider the long-term implications of homeschooling and private schooling trends.