Defense Rests in Hunter Biden Gun Trial

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Jun 10, 2024

Defense lawyers in Hunter Biden’s federal criminal gun trial have rested their case on Monday. The resting of this case comes just a week after the defense called three different witnesses to the stand to discuss Biden’s past drug use.

This recent trial concerns the allegations that Biden lied on federal forms about his past drug use and addiction in an attempt to unlawfully purchase a gun. These events occurred in 2018.

Biden’s Potential Felony Charges

President Joe Biden’s son is now facing three potential felony charges after allegedly lying on a form when purchasing a firearm. When filling out this form, Biden claimed that he wasn’t under the influence or addicted to illegal drugs.

Hunter Biden and his lawyer in front of microphones and people.

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Biden is also accused of purchasing a gun while addicted to an illegal drug. He has pleaded not guilty to all three felony charges.


Witnesses on the Stand

This defense rest comes a week after three different witnesses were called to testify in this case. One witness was Hunter Biden’s daughter, Naomi Biden.

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During her testimony, she explained more about her father’s ongoing drug addiction, including his visits to rehab over the years.

The Prosecution’s Witness

While the defense called different witnesses to testify on Biden’s behalf, the prosecution also had their own witnesses to help prove their allegations.

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Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden’s late brother Beau Biden’s wife, was considered the prosecution’s main witness.

Hallie Biden’s Revelations

While on the stand, Hallie Biden revealed insight into what the defendant was going through in 2018. During this time — when he allegedly bought this gun while addicted to a controlled substance — Hallie Biden was in a romantic relationship with him.

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Hallie Biden admitted that she became “panicked” when she discovered that Hunter Biden had bought a gun in 2018. This eventually led her to choose to discard this gun.

Biden’s Drug Use

Hallie Biden also detailed the defendant’s drug use during the time they were together. According to her, Biden was addicted to drugs during this time.

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She also revealed that he had introduced her to crack cocaine when they were together, fueling the prosecutor’s allegations that he lied about his addiction while buying this gun.


Hunter Biden Did Not Testify

Recently, many reports surfaced over whether Biden would take the stand and be called on as a witness to testify in his own case.

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While speculation hinted that he would do exactly this, the defense did not call Biden to testify. Instead, the defense has now fully rested their case.


Monday’s Discussions

On Monday, the court began as the prosecution and the defense argued over what instructions the jury would receive before they would officially begin deliberations.

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This discussion included how the jurors may be able to request certain evidence to analyze during their deliberations.


Arguing Over Jury Instructions

According to reporting, it appears that the defense had issues with the proposed jury instructions, particularly in the areas where there were “overly expansive and amorphous” definitions of what it meant to be a drug “user.”

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The defense stated that these terms and instructions could lead to their client not receiving a fair trial.


The End of the Trial

This defense rest — and the looming end of the trial — comes after a rather tumultuous case against Biden over the years. Last year, Biden has seemingly filed a plea deal in this case.

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However, that plea deal eventually fell apart after many criticized the terms, stating that it was far too lenient to him. As a result, new charges were filed against Biden last fall.


President Biden’s Assurances

As the president’s son may soon face jail time if the jury finds him guilty of these felony charges, many have wondered how President Biden will deal with this potential conviction.

Hunter Biden hugging Jill and Joe Biden during Biden’s inauguration.

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The president last week restated his intent to accept the outcome of this gun trial, no matter what. He also said that he would not pardon his son if he’s found guilty.


An Upcoming Prison Sentence?

If the jury finds Biden guilty of these three felony charges, Biden could face a maximum of 25 years in prison. He would also have to pay $750,000 in fines.

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If the president’s son is indeed found guilty, this verdict would come only a few weeks after former President Donald Trump’s guilty conviction in his so-called “hush money” case.