“Crazy Plane, Lady’ From Viral Rant, Comes Out as Far Right-Wing Influencer

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Apr 24, 2024

A woman known to the internet as the “Crazy Plane Lady” for her outburst just before a flight was scheduled to take off last year has resurfaced as a ring-wing influencer.

Tiffany Gomas was videoed during her “not real” rant aboard an American Airlines flight and has now been photographed showing off her support for “100 percent woke-free American beer.”

Tiffany Gomas Cashes in on 15 Minutes of Fame

Last July, as a routine American Airlines flight was set to depart, Tiffany Gomas stood up in the middle of the aisle and demanded to leave the plane.

An image of the crazy plane lady, Tiffany Gomas, during an appearance on a talk show

Source: @InsideEdition/YouTube

In the footage, Gomas appears to be under the impression that an imaginary passenger or ghost aboard the Airbus, prompting her to depart from the flight before it even took off, per Indy 100.


Disturbed American Airlines Passenger Pleads to Get off Flight

The video clearly shows Gomes in a disturbed state of mind as she screams, “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f*** off, and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*** off.”

An image taken from the original clip of Tiffany Gomas on the plane

Source: @SchengenStory/X

She’s then heard saying, “And everyone can either believe it, or they can not believe it. I don’t give two f***s.”

The Person Back There is Not Real

While many who saw the footage were quick to suggest Gomas was having some kind of mental breakdown brought on by alcohol or drugs, she later spoke about the incident on the Pardon My Take podcast.

An image of Tiffany Gomas during an appearance on the podcast Pardon My Take

Source: Pardon My Take/YouTube

“The reason I probably haven’t come out yet is that it’s so cringe,” she said in the studio. According to Gomas, she had gotten into a “little bit of an altercation” with another passenger “it spiraled out of control, Per The New York Post.

Gomas Confirms She Never Saw a Ghost

When the podcast hosts asked Gomas whether she really had seen an angel or a ghost, she quickly dismissed the accusations.

An image of Tiffany Gomas during her incident on the American Airlines flight

Source: @SchengenStory/X

“I literally did not see anything. It was an expression of speech.”

Woman Claims the Entire Incident Was Taken Out of Context

According to Gomas, the entire incident was taken out of context, and everything she had said was initially aimed at the man with whom she had been in an argument.

An image of Tiffany Gomas during an interview on the Pardon My Take podcast

Source: Pardon My Take/YouTube

“They’re making me look bat s–t … and given, I did, I did look absolutely crazy but, no — I was in my feels, needed to get that off that, I was highly distressed. Not a good look,” she said.


Crazy Plane Lady Becomes Conservative Influencer

Gomas appears to have landed on her feet in the wake of the incident and has become an influencer for the “woke-free” American beer company, Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer.

Tiffany Gomas is pictured working at her home desk

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

The beer has gained popularity among far-right Amercians and various conversations after many boycotted Bud Light over the partnership it made with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender activist.


Gomas Takes to X to Promote Conservative Beer

On April 17, Gomas shared an image posing with a can of the beer to X, which sparked

Source: gooddoveov

Gomas added the caption, “Wonder how many people I’m gonna p**s off with this post.”


Newfound Fame For Crazy Plane Lady

Gomas’ post to X led to many calling her a conservative influencer, whereas others outright criticized her.

An image of a woman using her smartphone

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@forsakenhenry wrote, “Are conservatives really doing this dumb sh*t again where women in skimpy outfits are gonna sell beer no one actually wants to drink?”


Everything Was Planned Ahead of Time

One X user went as far as to suggest the entire viral moment on the plane last year was planned ahead of time so that Gomas could use the attention to become an influencer.

An image of a couple looking at a smartphone

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@C3JayDanMaz wrote, “Her Karen breakdown on the plane makes perfect sense now. Way to cut half of your admirers out for a measly $15k endorsement.”


Conservative Women Come to Gomas’ Aid

While Liberals have unpleasant things to say about Gomas’ post, Conservative women on X have come to her aid. @TaraBull808 wrote, “Collect their tears, Tiff.”

An image of a woman posing with an American flag wrapped around her

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“Liberals have nothing on conservative women. Looking good, Tiffany,” wrote @Sassafrass_84


Gomas is Not Paid by the Brand, Says the CEO

Speaking with Newsweek, Ultra Right Beer CEO M.Seth revealed that Gomas has no association with the brand.

An image of several men drinking pints of beer together

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“Is not paid by us. Beautiful women are just naturally attracted to our brand,” he said.