Climate Activists Plan Major Summer Protest With New Target: ‘Make Their Lives Miserable’

By: Georgia | Published: Apr 24, 2024

Climate Defiance is organizing a major protest aimed at the Congressional Baseball Game scheduled for June 12 at Nationals Park, Washington, D.C. 

The group announced their intention to stage a “historic blockade” during this annual event where Republican and Democratic Congress members play baseball, using it as a platform to challenge ongoing fossil fuel subsidies.

Stakes Highlighted by Climate Defiance

In a recent communication, Climate Defiance expressed the gravity of the environmental crisis.

A vibrant blue iceberg floats in a lake with snow-capped mountains and cloudy skies in the background

Source: Melissa Bradley/Unsplash

They said, “We – society, humanity – are careening into an abyss. The decisions we make now will reverberate not for centuries, but for millennia. If we do not act now, boldly and swiftly, millions will die from storms and from starvation.”


Michael Greenberg Criticizes Congressional Inaction

Climate Defiance founder Michael Greenberg criticized Congress for their environmental policies in a statement to Fox News Digital.

A smiling young man in a suit stands next to a woman in a red jacket, both looking to the side, in a room lined with shelves full of books

Source: ClimateDefiance/X

He said, “So long as Congress torches our planet, we won’t give them a moment of rest. It is unconscionable that they play games while destroying our prospect for a decent future.”

Background and Timing of the Protest

The protest is set against the Congressional Baseball Game, an event that has become a focal point for the group’s activism. 

A jubilant crowd of people, most in red baseball attire, celebrates around a trophy at a baseball stadium with a mascot, illustrating a moment of victory and group joy

Source: The Congressional Baseball Game for Charity/Facebook

The game, a longstanding tradition, is seen by the activists as a symbol of political distraction from urgent environmental issues.

Previous Protest Efforts and Congressional Response

Greenberg organized a similar protest two years ago, targeting the same event. 

Protesters are seen walking down the street carrying a banner that reads "KAMALA: OFF FOSSIL FUELS," with some holding blue signs, expressing a collective call for environmental policy change

Source: ClimateDefiance/X

However, the protest was called off after the U.S. Senate reached a deal on climate spending that aligned with the group’s demands, just before the game was scheduled to occur.

Urgency Expressed Over Climate Changes

In their communications, Climate Defiance highlighted recent alarming climate data.

A dramatic night scene showing a wildfire engulfing a mountain, with flames and smoke visible against the dark sky, reflecting a severe and urgent environmental disaster

Source: Mike Newbry/Unsplash

They said, “This March was the warmest on record – the tenth month in a row that was the hottest ever. Our planet is burning, and Congress is playing baseball.”


Broad Criticism of Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The anticipated protest targets members from both political parties, emphasizing that both sides support fossil fuel subsidies. 

Protesters carrying a banner reading "BIDEN: END FOSSIL FUELS" with the Climate Defiance logo, are accompanied by a police escort during a march, with an American flag waving in the background

Source: ClimateDefiance/X

Climate Defiance pointed out, “Like the Congressional Baseball Game, fossil fuel subsidies are a bipartisan affair,” criticizing recent legislative actions that have failed to eliminate these subsidies.


Call to Action for Direct Involvement

Instead of traditional forms of activism such as petitions or social media campaigns, Climate Defiance is urging direct action

A group of individuals disrupt an indoor event, unfolding a banner that states "END FOSSIL FUELS" while other attendees and speakers appear in the background, some with microphones in hand

Source: ClimateDefiance/X

They are asking supporters to physically join the blockade of the Congressional Baseball Game to manifest their dissent.


Strategy for Change Through Disruption

The group advocates for “consistent, mass-turnout, nonviolent disruption to stop business as usual and compel politicians to act.” 

A densely packed crowd of climate protesters fills a city street, holding various signs with messages advocating for environmental action and policy change, with city buildings in the background

Source: ClimateDefiance/X

They believe that direct action can significantly influence political decisions and public opinion.


Nonviolent Approach to Protest

In outlining their tactics, Climate Defiance emphasizes a peaceful approach.

Activists stand at a formal event with a banner reading "FED IS BURNING: MONEY FUTURES PLANET," with attendees at dining tables in the foreground and a stage with the Economic Club of New York backdrop

Source: ClimateDefiance/X

They said, “We’ve never blocked roads (no shade to those who do). We’ve never targeted artwork. What we do, and what we do very well, is take the fight directly to the people in power.”


Intended Impact of the Protest

The group explicitly stated their protest goals.

Protesters march through city streets holding a large black banner with the words "STOP BANKROLLING FOSSIL FUELS" in white letters, flanked by signs and amid a heavy police presence

Source: ClimateDefiance/X

“We make their lives MISERABLE until they relent.” This statement reflects their strategy to exert pressure on policymakers by disrupting a high-profile event.


Details of the Upcoming Protest

The protest is scheduled to coincide with the Congressional Baseball Game on June 12 at 5 p.m. at Nationals Park. 

Teams line up on the baseball field during the national anthem at Nationals Park, displayed on a large screen with the Congressional Baseball Game logo, in a scene of American sportsmanship and tradition.

Source: The Congressional Baseball Game for Charity/Facebook

Climate Defiance hopes this event will draw significant attention to their cause and prompt legislative action on environmental issues.