Chicago Residents Wearing MAGA Hats Slam Mayor for $70 Million Migrant Allocation: ‘We need the money more than they do!’

By: Georgia | Published: Apr 19, 2024

As tensions simmer in Chicago, MAGA hat-clad locals fiercely confronted Mayor Brandon Johnson about diverting a whopping $70 million to migrant services. 

A heated debate erupted during a public meeting initially intended as a routine funding vote.

Locals Demand Funds for Their Neighborhoods

One passionate resident, donning a red MAGA cowboy hat, directly addressed the mayor, pleading, “We need that money in my neighborhood, we need that money on my block.” 

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Highlighting the community’s demand, the plea emphasized the need for financial focus on local issues rather than external aid.


Chicagoans Left Hanging

The Daily Mail reports that the meeting, filled with high hopes and fierce debates, ended anticlimactically without a decision. 

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With the vote postponed, city aldermen left residents in suspense and frustrations mounted regarding the undetermined fate of the $70 million.

Recall Threats and Political Promises

As the atmosphere thickened, residents didn’t hesitate to warn Mayor Johnson about political repercussions. 

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“Vote for the money for these immigrants today and we coming for those seats, you can believe that,” declared one local, reflecting the community’s determination to protect their interests.

Mayor Johnson's Laughter Amidst Recall Talks

In a surprising turn of events, Mayor Johnson responded to recall threats with laughter, pondering over less popular past mayoral decisions. 

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“We’ve had mayors close schools, we’ve had mayors who have shut down public housing,” he recounted, contextualizing the current uproar within a broader historical narrative.

A Mayor’s Defense: Standing by Progressive Policies

Undeterred by the criticism, Johnson continued to champion his administration’s progressive policies and their transformative potential for Chicago. 

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“I just call into question anyone who would be motivated to see this type of transformation disrupted,” he stated, firmly standing against his critics.


Pushback Against State Laws

Spurred by the mayor’s controversial policies, Dan Boland has initiated a movement to amend state laws protecting the mayor from recall, aiming to empower Chicagoans. 

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“We can’t let Chicago circle the rim for another three years,” Boland voiced, advocating for proactive local governance reform.


Safety Concerns Amplify Local Discontent

Within the swirl of policy debates, residents like Boland are voicing concerns about rising crime rates linked to the influx of migrants. 

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“People can’t go out and even go to the grocery store without getting mugged,” he shared, emphasizing the personal impacts of the city’s challenges.


Budget Priorities Under Scrutiny

If Mayor Johnson successfully reroutes the funds, they will be sourced from Chicago’s 2022 fund balance, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

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Such a decision would bring into question ongoing debates about budget priorities and fiscal management within city administration.


A Local’s Heartfelt Plea

During a poignant December meeting, local resident Lauren Lawrence voiced her concerns.

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She said, “I’m not against anyone coming in here legally… But for those who have not, they don’t top us. They don’t go before us. We’re not last in line,” highlighting the emotional and social complexities of the sanctuary city debate.


Following Lightfoot’s Legacy

Lawrence also criticized the mayor’s adherence to his predecessor’s policies, expressing dismay over the city’s focus on migrant support at the expense of established residents, particularly in inner-city communities. 

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Her critique painted a vivid picture of a city at a crossroads, grappling with its identity and priorities.


A Call for Federal Help

As the migrant situation intensifies, Mayor Johnson, alongside other city leaders, has appealed for federal emergency status to provide much-needed funds. 

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Their plea comes as the city struggles with the logistics and humanitarian aspects of housing thousands of asylum seekers, marking a pivotal moment in its history.