Buy Now, Pay Later Added to Walmart Self-Checkout

By: Alyssa Miller | Published: Jan 02, 2024

When Walmart introduced a layaway payment plan as an option, it became a game changer for shoppers. Although Walmart got rid of layaway in 2021, the retail giant replaced it with a buy now, pay later financing option with Affirm in 2019.

Now, Affirm is becoming more widely available to Walmart shoppers. Affirm announced that loans will be offered at self-checkouts with some conditions.

How Does Affirm Work at Walmart?

In an announcement by Affirm, the “buy now, pay later” loans will be offered at the self-checkouts of more than 4,500 U.S. stores. To qualify for this new payment plan, buyers must spend at least $144 on Walmart products in-store, excluding groceries.

A green self-checkout at Walmart

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The financial limit of $4,000 will be placed on each shopper using the payment plan. Shoppers will have three to 24 months to pay off their purchases.

How to Use Affirm at Walmart’s Self-Checkout

According to Reuters, Walmart shoppers can use the service at self-checkouts by logging into Affirm’s app or website and entering the required details. These details include the last four digits of their Social Security number.

Credit card reader at Walmart

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Shoppers who are approved for the plan will receive a bar code to finalize payment at the self-checkout.

Affirm Will Increase U.S. Shoppers' Purchasing Power

Pat Suh, Affirm’s SVP of Revenue, said in a statement, “Expanding our partnership with Walmart and bringing Affirm transparent monthly pay-over-time options to their self-checkout kiosks in the U.S. will help even more consumers increase their purchasing power during the holiday shopping season and beyond” (via AL).

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Affirm has been eligible with employee assistance at Walmart stores since 2019.

Is Affirm Only Avaliable in Walmart Stores?

Customers can also use the payment plan on, in the Walmart app, and at the Walmart Vision and Auto Centers. Walmart’s website shows that “Affirm-eligible” items include TVs, video games, mattresses, furniture, toys, appliances, tired, and baby essentials.

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Eligible customers will be shown the total price of their purchase without any late or hidden fees, according to Affirm.

Why Is Affirm Avaliable at Walmart's Self-Checkouts?

In a recent Affirm research, 54% of Americans want retailers to offer a by now, pay later option at checkout (via Progressive Grocer). About three out of four consumers would either delay or not purchase without Affirm services.

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Luckily, Affirm’s latest service to Walmart’s checkout process will give customers the payments they owe without extra charges.


Walmart Is Always About Finding Low Prices for Customers

Walmart has become the American grocery store for many citizens. The retailer, which recently celebrated the largest single-day rollout of re-grand openings in the company’s history, offers a wide variety of services and consumer products at fair prices for the general public.

Walmart shopper discovering a low price item

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Walmart has upgraded many of its features to improve layouts, expand product selections, and innovate technology that gives shoppers and Walmart employees better support to make a convenient and more enjoyable shopping experience.


How Did Walmart Become America's Supermarket?

It should be no surprise that approximately 230 million customers visit Walmart’s 10,500 stores and several e-commerce websites. The global behemoth retailer started in 1962. Founder Sam Walton wanted to craft a customer-focused experience that offered low prices.

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The motto of Walmart became: “We save people money so they can live better.” This idea has made Walmart’s revenue reach new highs of $572.3 billion in sales in the U.S. in 2022.


How Does Walmart Maintain Low Prices?

There are many ways that Walmart has maintained low prices all of these years. One option is using rollback pricing. The tactic allows the retailer to offer temporary discounts on select items over peak seasons.

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This creates a sense of urgency in customers, who can only get these deals in-store or online at specific times. It increases sales while promoting heavy discounts.


Walmart Made Waves with Price-Matching Policy

Another strategy used by the retailer is its Price Matching Policy. The policy allows Walmart to compete against other retailer prices by matching their prices. It is a way that Walmart subtly flexes that it has the best prices.

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Walmart is confident that its quality and affordability will ensure that the customers are getting the best price possible in-store.


Walmart Is All About the Discounts

Of course, Walmart maintains that it is the best retailer for shoppers looking for the best prices thanks to its competitive pricing tactics through multiple discounts. This strategy helps attract shoppers as they hunt for the lowest prices.

The checkouts at Walmart near the self-checkouts

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On top of the discounts provided, Walmart allows customers to combine discounts to help cut prices without sacrificing their profits.


Walmart Is Innovating for Better Prices

Walmart has always looked for the best and most innovative ways to give customers the best and most affordable shopping experience. With Affirm now being offered at self-checkout, customers have another option to improve their shopping experience.

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Low prices, affordability, and payment plans have resulted in Walmart becoming one of America’s favorite supermarkets.