Business Owners Express Outrage Over Biden Giving Work Permits to New Migrants: ‘It’s Offensive’

By: Georgia | Published: Apr 17, 2024

Some business owners are red hot with frustration after the Biden administration decided to give out hundreds of thousands of work permits to migrants.

“It’s offensive,” a phrase echoed through the corridors of commerce, as these permits were extended even to those in the country illegally.

The Announcement

Last September threw a curveball when the administration announced protection and work permits for many, including undocumented Venezuelan migrants and Afghan nationals. 

President Joe Biden stands at a podium in a formal suit, smiling as he speaks

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This move, aimed to handle the surge at the southern border, has not sat well with everyone.


A Local Voice in the Crowd

Sam Sanchez, a restaurant owner and National Restaurant Association board member, expressed his displeasure to The New York Times

A line of migrants, predominantly in dark clothing, sit along a dirt road next to a white van in a rural setting, with greenery in the background

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“It’s offensive that my employees and other immigrants are being leapfrogged by new arrivals,” he said, articulating a sentiment of unfair advantage.

Long-Time Workers Feel Sidelined

It’s not just business owners who are displeased. 

A group of migrants, including children, are seated on the ground in a line at night with their backs to a tall border fence. A border patrol agent stands to their side, illuminated by artificial lighting

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Immigrants who have worked on U.S. soil for years shared their grievances too. “For those of us here a long time trying to do everything right, it’s just not fair that we are forgotten,” Juan, whose surname is not known, lamented.

The Latino Voter Conundrum

Eduardo Gamarra, a professor who has studied Latino voter attitudes in the U.S., shared insights that many Latino voters are irked by policies favoring new immigrants over those who have long been part of the community. 

Migrants, many with backpacks and children in tow, walk past law enforcement officers along a fenced path on a sunny day

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He said, “When you try to say, ‘Why are you supporting these positions?’ they will tell you, one, ‘We don’t like illegals,’ even though they might have been illegal themselves.’” 

Sanctuary Cities Join the Discussions

The pushback isn’t just from business owners. 

A well-dressed city official speaks at a podium, with an intense expression on his face and a dark background with blurred figures

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Fox News reports that leaders from cities like Chicago and New York are stepping up, urging DHS to safeguard the jobs of thousands by extending work permits for those illegally in the country.


A Plea from the Windy City

Chicago’s Mayor Johnson made headlines with a bold request to the Biden administration: nearly half a million work permits for undocumented migrants. 

President Joe Biden, wearing a blue suit and red tie, stands next to a smiling man in glasses, also in a suit, in a candid photo with a light interior background

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With a city population of 2.7 million, Johnson argues Chicago could welcome up to 700,000 more.


Editorial Backlash

The decision to potentially flood the labor market with new permits has not gone unnoticed or uncriticized. 

A panoramic view of the Chicago skyline at dusk, showcasing the city's high-rise buildings illuminated with lights, with Lake Michigan visible in the background

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The Chicago Sun Times editorial board didn’t mince words, calling it a recipe for chaos and a political misstep for Biden.


The Political Pressure Cooker

As immigration becomes an increasingly heated topic, President Biden finds himself squeezed from all sides.

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Activists want more done for those undocumented, while business and community voices call for a reassessment of priorities.


The Economic Ripple Effect

Local economies could feel the pinch as new work permits are issued. 

Individuals sitting in front of computer terminals while speaking on phones in an immigration processing center, with border patrol agents monitoring from behind glass windows

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Businesses argue that integrating so many new workers swiftly could disrupt the market dynamics and impact existing workers and services.


A National Debate Ignited

The controversy has sparked a broader debate on immigration reform. 

President Joe Biden, accompanied by uniformed border patrol agents, walks along a path adjacent to the tall border wall on a sunny day

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With such divisive policies on the table, the discussion is shifting from local diners and city halls to the national stage, where the future of U.S. immigration policy hangs in the balance.


What's Next for Immigration Policy?

As tensions simmer and various stakeholders make their voices heard, it’s clear that a comprehensive approach to immigration reform is more crucial than ever. 

A white Border Patrol SUV parked next to a tall security fence topped with concertina wire under an overcast sky

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The nation watches and waits to see how the administration will navigate these turbulent waters.