Black Voters Slam Biden’s Bid to Win Back Support: ‘Party of hopelessness’

By: Georgia | Published: May 22, 2024

President Biden’s recent address at Morehouse College in Atlanta sparked controversy as he faced accusations of “race baiting”. 

During the commencement, Biden questioned whether democracy truly serves African-American graduates, pointing to systemic inequalities and ongoing racial issues.

A Shock to the System

Lou Valentino, a New York resident, expressed his disappointment on Fox & Friends, calling Biden a “race baiter” and criticizing the speech for setting back the graduates instead of uplifting them. 

President Joe Biden on stage at Morehouse College commencement with three other academic officials, all in ceremonial robes

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Valentino shared his frustrations, saying, “It’s tough to hear that… this guy is trying to set you back… I don’t know what’s going on with the Democrats.”


Biden's Stark Message to Graduates

In his speech, Biden painted a grim picture of democracy for Black men, citing the trail of broken promises and the disproportionate challenges they face. 

President Joe Biden delivering a speech at the podium during the Morehouse College commencement ceremony

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“What is democracy? That Black men are being killed in the street,” Biden told the graduates, highlighting the stark realities they must navigate.

Voter Disillusionment Grows

According to a Fox News poll, there’s been a significant 7% drop in Biden’s support among Black voters since October 2020. 

African American man voting at a polling station with an American flag in the background

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This decline reflects growing dissatisfaction within the community, potentially impacting future electoral dynamics.

Voices of Frustration

Ajay Brewer, a Virginia business owner, echoed sentiments of disillusionment. 

Portrait of President Joe Biden smiling, wearing a dark suit and blue tie

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He criticized the Democrats for promoting a narrative of victimhood and dependence, stating, “It’s hopelessness, man… it’s the party of hopelessness.”

From Support to Skepticism

Brewer shared a personal revelation about his shift away from the Democratic Party after becoming a business owner.

A collage promoting Democratic Party with images of President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and diverse supporters holding signs

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He highlighted a desire for less government intervention, saying, “We don’t need folks to do things for us. We don’t need people to baby us.”


A Changing Perspective in America

Bernadette Wright, an independent voter from Georgia, discussed how people’s perceptions are changing towards political engagement and expectations from leaders. 

President Joe Biden speaking at a podium with a blue backdrop reading "Investing in America" and an American flag in the background

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She emphasized the importance of addressing individual and local community needs rather than generalized racial categories.


Seeking Genuine Leadership

Wright voiced a call for accountability and leadership that truly understands and meets the needs of diverse communities. 

President Joe Biden at a podium with a red backdrop stating "Lowering Housing Costs," smiling at an audience with American flags in the background

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“America is ready for someone who’s ready to lead from a place of understanding,” she stated, advocating for more focused and effective governance.


Protests at Morehouse

The discontent with Biden’s speech wasn’t just vocal; during his address, a group of Morehouse students and faculty turned their backs in protest. 

Signage of Morehouse College featuring its emblem and name, with a partial view of a person in a burgundy robe to the right

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Although not a widespread disruption, this act symbolized significant dissatisfaction with his message.


Reflection of Broader Campus Unrest

The protest at Morehouse is indicative of a larger pattern of unrest on college campuses across the United States. 

Campus protest scene with people around tents and flags on a green lawn, with historical buildings in the background

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Issues ranging from racial injustice to political dissatisfaction have fueled various demonstrations, including some that have led to the cancellation of other commencement ceremonies.


Seeking Middle Ground

The community’s reaction illustrates a deep-seated desire for politicians who can navigate the complexities of modern America without resorting to divisive rhetoric. 

President Joe Biden speaking outdoors at a podium, wearing a light blue striped shirt, with trees and a clear sky in the background

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Voters like Wright are looking for leaders who “come to the middle and lead.”


A Call for Recognition and Change

As the political landscape continues to shift, the demand for leaders who recognize and respect the unique challenges and contributions of all community members becomes ever more crucial. 

President Joe Biden seated at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, discussing matters over the phone

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“They don’t even know who we are at this point,” Wright said, capturing a sentiment of unrecognized potential and aspiration.