Black Voters Aren’t Excited About Biden, But Dislike Trump Even More

By: Georgia | Published: Jun 17, 2024

It’s clear from a recent USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll that while Black voters played a key role in Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, their excitement is on the decline. 

They still lean towards Biden over Donald Trump, who they favor less, revealing a complex decision as another election looms on the horizon.

Swing States on the Fence

In the swing states of Michigan and Pennsylvania, a survey of Black voters illustrates a tough ongoing decision between Biden and Trump, with many still on the fence. 

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This indecision is more than personal—it could sway entire state results in the upcoming presidential race.


Mixed Feelings in Michigan

Meet Olivia Jones, a 22-year-old student from Central Michigan University, torn between two less-than-ideal choices. 

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“I’m not voting for Trump, but I’m not excited about voting for Biden,” she shares, echoing a sentiment common among her peers in battleground states.

Choosing the Lesser Evil

Macayla Jones, 23, a communicator from Michigan, reluctantly admits her stance: “Biden seems like the less of two evils, which still kind of disturbs me.” 

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Her candid thoughts reflect the tricky political landscape for young voters disillusioned with the options.

A Shift in Loyalty?

Joe Biden won a staggering 92% of the Black vote back in 2020, but recent vibes suggest a shift might be underway. 

President Joe Biden seated at a desk outside the White House, signing legislation surrounded by a diverse group of people, some raising their fists in a gesture of solidarity

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However, this doesn’t mean a move towards Trump, whose approval numbers remain low among Black voters.

Unwavering Dislike for Trump

“What’s the alternative? Trump?” asks Kevin Hill, 46, from Oakland.

Former President Donald Trump speaking at a rally, wearing a dark suit and red tie, addressing the crowd with a microphone in hand

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This shows the deep-seated reluctance among Black voters to consider the former president as a viable option, despite their growing reservations about Biden.


Questioning Trump’s Outreach

Donald Trump claims to be making progress with Black voters, but the latest poll data begs to differ. 

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The numbers suggest a continuing unpopularity, contradicting his optimistic campaign narratives.


Critical Countdown

With the election countdown now under 150 days, every single vote becomes crucial, especially among Black voters, a key demographic for Biden. 

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Their support could be decisive in what’s shaping up to be a tight race.


More Than Politics

Black voters are passionate about cultural and educational issues, like opposing book bans and supporting the teaching of African American history. 

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These issues resonate deeply and could significantly influence their voting decisions.


Top Economic Worries

As the election approaches, economic issues like inflation are at the forefront of voters’ minds, with many feeling the country is not headed in the right direction. 

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These economic concerns are poised to be a major factor in the voting booth.


Diverse Views on Social Issues

The recent poll shows strong support among Black voters in both Michigan and Pennsylvania for abortion rights, more so than the national average. 

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However, opinions are mixed on the support for gender-affirming care for transgender minors, highlighting diverse perspectives within the community.


Weighing the Future

As November nears, Black voters are evaluating candidates based not only on likeability and party lines but also on their stances on crucial issues like the economy, social justice, and cultural integrity. 

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Their decisions at the polls will likely play a pivotal role in shaping the election’s outcome in these key states.