Biden’s Plan to Offer ObamaCare to Illegal Immigrants Deemed ‘Madness’ in Congress

By: Georgia | Published: May 09, 2024

Starting in November, a groundbreaking rule will empower DACA recipients to access ObamaCare. 

This move by the Biden administration aims to extend healthcare benefits to tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants who arrived as children.

Republican Roadblock: Not Without a Fight

However, the path isn’t smooth, as Republican Congress members are pushing back hard. 

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Representative Nancy Mace has introduced a resolution of disapproval, aiming to halt what she describes as an incentive for illegal immigration.


Tech Tweaks Trigger Big Benefits

By tweaking the definition of “lawfully present,” over 100,000 uninsured immigrants could soon gain health insurance

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These “technical modifications” are set to redefine eligibility with significant implications.

Political Timing: An Election Eve Change

The timing of this rule is key, launching just days before the 2024 Presidential election. 

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This strategic move is seen by some as a play for votes, showcasing the administration’s commitment to healthcare and immigration reform.

Congressional Support Needed

For Rep. Mace’s resolution to succeed, it would need approval from both the House and Senate. 

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It faces a tough road ahead, requiring either presidential sign-off or a strong enough majority to override a veto.

Scathing Criticism from Rep. Mace

Rep. Mace didn’t mince words.

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She said, “Joe Biden, ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris, and impeached DHS Secretary Mayorkas flung our borders wide open, caused an invasion of our country by illegal aliens, and prioritized giving taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens over American citizens.”


Biden Stands Firm Amidst Controversy

Despite the heavy criticism, President Biden is not backing down. 

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He proudly supports the DACA recipients, emphasizing their significant contributions to the country and his commitment to fortifying DACA.


A Presidential Plea for Congressional Action

Amidst the policy announcement, President Biden urged Congress to embrace broader immigration reforms.

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“On Day One of my administration, I sent a comprehensive immigration reform plan to Congress to protect Dreamers and their families. Only Congress can provide Dreamers permanent status and a pathway to citizenship. Congress must act,” he said.


Healthcare for Hundreds of Thousands

The administration estimates that the rule change will enable over 100,000 DACA recipients to finally access essential health services. 

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This is a major step in healthcare equality.


The Battle Lines Are Drawn

As November approaches, the political battle heats up. 

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Supporters laud the move as a step towards inclusivity, while opponents decry it as mismanagement of taxpayer funds.


Spotlight on DACA

The rule change brings renewed focus to the DACA program.

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The program has shielded many young immigrants from deportation and allowed them to work and study in the U.S. legally.


The Countdown Begins

With the rule set to enact just before the election, all eyes will be on its impact. 

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Observers are keen to see how this significant policy shift affects the healthcare landscape and the political climate.