Biden to Spend Over $442B on Inflation Reduction Project That Will Help Red States

By: Lauren | Published: Mar 17, 2024

November 2024, and the presidential election is right around the corner. Both prominent candidates, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are doing their best to show Americans what they have to offer.

One of President Biden’s tactics is to remind the nation of the several legislations he has passed as leader of the country, including the Inflation Reduction Act, which experts report will actually benefit red states the most.

A Divided Nation

For centuries, Americans have voted for their leaders based on their political party affiliations, but a new way to distinguish voters was established in 2000. The terms red state or blue state were assigned to states that were either voting Republican (red) or Democrat (blue.)

Map based on the last Senate election in each state as of 2022

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Over the past two and a half decades, this division has become more clear than ever before, and states seldom vote for a leader of the opposite party than their assigned color.


Biden Will Struggle to Win the Red States

In the upcoming election, all current red states are expected to vote for Donald Trump as the next president of the United States. However, it has become clear that Biden is trying to show the residents of these states what he can do for them in the Oval Office.

President Joe Biden smiles while taking a selfie with two supporters at an event

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Specifically, he wants them to understand that both the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which the president has already passed, will significantly fund the red states and truly improve their lives.

Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act, which Biden signed in 2022, is considered a landmark federal law that includes new and reinstated tax laws, investments in green energy, and the lowering of prescription drug costs and health insurance, all in the hopes of combating the country’s increasing inflation.

Poster provided by the White House, which explains the Inflation Reduction Act

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Of course, a lower inflation rate means more spending money for Americans, something that everyone in both the red and blue states would appreciate. But Biden has also argued that the green energy tax programs, more affordable health care, and over a million new jobs in sustainable energy will likely be more effective in the red states.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Will Change Even More

According to the White House, Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is a “historic opportunity” to improve the country’s transportation systems, broadband internet availability, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and much more.

Graph explaining the percentages of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding

Source: ResearchGate

Biden has promised that this new law, which he has already passed, will make an almost immediate and tangible difference for every American, but especially those in the red states.

Why Are the Red States Getting the Most Out of Biden’s New Laws?

One of the most important factors of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is that its billions of dollars in funding are being distributed throughout the states that need the improvements the most. In most cases, those are the rural red states such as Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming.

View of a train waiting at the end of the line

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For example, big money is being given to Alaska so the state can build new roads and improve its transportation systems, as many of its residents live hundreds of miles away from each other.


Biden Is Especially Excited About Bringing Broadband Internet to Middle America

Additionally, Biden has set aside millions of dollars to ensure every American has access to a reliable broadband internet service.

Man visibly frustrated while using a laptop

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Those who live in coastal or urban locations may not even realize that there are still large swaths of middle America that don’t have great WiFi at home or even at their offices, but it’s quite a big issue. Therefore, the vast majority of those who will see a big change in their internet access are those who live in rural, red states.


Some of the Money Will Undoubtedly Head to Blue States

It’s important to note that while Biden’s plans will offer specific attention and funding to several red states, they aren’t the only ones who will reap the rewards of Biden’s plans.

Large field under a row of green energy windmills

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Specifically, many coastal states and urban areas will likely see more benefits from the green energy policies Biden has included within the legislation.


Semiconductor Investments Are Likely to Affect Both Blue and Red States

Additionally, President Biden has also spent a whopping $53 billion on semiconductor investments since the start of 2021. A decision which, the president believes, will benefit every single American.

Map provided by the White House of President Biden’s investments across all states

Source: White House

Known as the CHIPS and Science Act, the President has invested in several companies, including BAE Systems, Intel, Microchip Technology, and GlobalFoundries, in the hopes of improving the country’s economy while ensuring stay focused on sustainable energy.


Biden Called Out His Rival for Not Doing Enough

There is no doubt that Biden is trying to win over as many Republicans as possible who may be on the fence about reflecting Donald Trump.

Former president and 2024 candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters

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In his recent statement, the president even called out his rival, pointing out that “[Trump] had ‘Infrastructure Week’ for four years and didn’t do a damn thing.”


Not Everyone Believes That Biden’s Plans Are Best for America

It’s important to note that, of course, Biden’s administration is extremely proud of its initiatives over the past few years, and they truly believe that these legislations will help fuel the country forward.

President Joe Biden speaking at the State of the Union Address March 2024

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However, not everyone sees the plans as a positive. Some, for example, worry about increased government spending, while others don’t support the investment in microchips or electric vehicles.


Could Trump Overturn Biden’s Legislation?

Who will win the upcoming election is still anyone’s guess; it seems that every poll taken reports either one or the other to return to the Oval Office.

President Joe Biden speaks at an event/Former president Donald Trump smiles at the audience

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If it’s Biden, these legislations will stay in place whether Americans like them or not. But if Trump becomes the next president, they will likely be overturned almost immediately, again, whether Americans like it or not.