Biden is Trying to Win Over Anti-Trump Republicans, It Isn’t Working

By: Alex Trent | Published: Apr 05, 2024

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are set to have a close presidential rematch in America’s general elections in November. To better his position, Biden’s allies have been attempting to make inroads behind the scenes with anti-Trump Republicans, hoping to convince them to come out and support him publicly.

However, Biden and his ally’s efforts have so far not borne any fruit. To date, no popular or nationally recognized Republican has endorsed Biden for president despite some anti-Trump fervor among these Republicans and their supporters.

Behind the Scenes

CNBC reported that it had talked to sources familiar with an effort for allies of President Joe Biden to attempt to woo and charm high-profile Republicans who have said they won’t support Donald Trump for the Republican ticket.

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Despite these efforts and some popular Republicans taking this anti-Trump position, none are daring to take the next step to endorse Joe Biden.


Republicans for Biden

According to sources familiar to CNBC, there may be an effort to create a coalition of “Republicans for Biden” which may include names like Republicans Liz Cheney and Chris Christie.

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The plan would be for this group of Republicans to come out and officially endorse Biden at the Democratic National Convention in July, where Biden is expected to receive the Democrat party’s endorsement for president.

Building Coalitions

A recent statement by the Biden campaign seems to confirm support for this strategy, as they want to frame Biden as a great unifier who stands in opposition to the divisive rhetoric of Trump.

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“Winning campaigns build coalitions, and that is this campaign’s north star for every single day between now and November — earning the support of the voters who will decide this race,” Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz wrote in an email to CNBC.

Nikki Haley

Before Nikki Haley dropped out of the Republican presidential primary in March, she had been trying to lure in traditionally Democrat donors to help fund her campaign.

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Notably, during her announcement when she dropped out of the race, she refused to endorse Donald Trump for president. This left some to speculate that she was leaving the door open to a potential Biden endorsement down the road, but Haley has not made a move since.

Pressure to Endorse

CNBC, citing anonymous sources, said that Biden donors who also gave money to Haley during her run for the presidential nomination have been putting pressure on her to endorse Biden.

Nikki Haley speaks at a podium in 2023.

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However, these sources have also said that Biden and his campaign advisors have not made direct contact regarding the possibility of an endorsement, and it’s unclear what Haley’s response has been, if any, to the pressure to endorse.


Biden Campaign Targets Haley Voters

After Haley officially dropped out of the race, some of her voters were left without an immediate candidate to turn to. Haley had positioned herself as an anti-Trump candidate, and the Biden team has recently released ads targeting her former supporters.

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One poll found that Haley voters are twice as likely to vote for Biden than Donald Trump.


Biden Speaks Warmly of Haley

Joe Biden himself has made public comments complimenting Haley, saying she was a truth teller and praising her for standing up to Rusian President Vladimir Putin.

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“It takes a lot of courage to run for President — that’s especially true in today’s Republican Party, where so few dare to speak the truth about Donald Trump,” Biden said in a statement. “Nikki Haley was willing to speak the truth about Trump: about the chaos that always follows him, about his inability to see right from wrong, about his cowering before Vladimir Putin.”


Haley Supporters Welcome

In another attempt to make inroads with Republicans, Biden made an effort to reach out to Haley’s former voters.

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“Donald Trump made it clear he doesn’t want Nikki Haley’s supporters. I want to be clear: There is a place for them in my campaign,” Biden said in March.


High Stakes

Biden hopes that by outlining what he sees as high stakes for the country, he can sway potential Republicans and their voters to join his side.

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“We all know this is no ordinary election. And the stakes for America couldn’t be higher,” Biden said. “I know that Democrats and Republicans and Independents disagree on many issues and hold strong convictions. That’s a good thing. That’s what America stands for. But I also know this: what unites Democrats and Republicans and Independents is a love for America.” 


Why Aren’t Anti-Trump Republicans Endorsing Biden?

CNBC contacted an advisor to a Democrat Biden donor, who said that trying to get Haley to endorse Biden would be an “almost impossible task.”

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Donald Trump has the will and support of an overwhelming majority of the Republican base. Any Trump critics from within the party have to be selective in how they dissent against him or they could ruin any future political aspirations.


Republican Donors

A common saying in national politics thought by some is that “money talks.” One reason that high-profile Republicans who might otherwise be open to endorsing Biden and vilifying Trump is that Republican donors are not taking the first step.

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Some anti-Trump Republican donors had been funding Nikki Haley’s campaign but have held back on sending money to Biden so far.