Biden Administration Laying Off on the Attack on Gas Stoves

By: Georgia | Published: Feb 02, 2024

A Biden administration official previously sparked widespread discussion by suggesting that gas stoves could be banned due to their link to childhood asthma.

This statement set off a wave of reactions across the nation, reflecting deep concerns about potential regulatory overreach and public health implications.

Gas Stoves Remain Unaffected

The Biden administration has now clarified its stance, ensuring the public that gas stoves are not under threat of being banned.

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CNN Business reports that the U.S. Energy Department affirmed that 97% of gas stoves already comply with the new energy efficiency standards, alleviating fears among consumers and industry stakeholders.

Shift in Focus to Electric Stoves

Contrary to initial concerns, the primary focus of the new standards is on electric stoves.

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The Appliance Standards Awareness Project explained that these new models are expected to use at least 30% less energy than the lowest-performing models currently available, with 77% of electric ranges already meeting these criteria, per information from CNN Business.

The Goals of New Efficiency Standards

CNN Business reports that Andrew deLaski, executive director of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, said in a statement, “It’s a modest money saver for consumers, with changes that would be challenging to even notice.”

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This comment highlights the administration’s approach, focusing on incremental improvements in energy efficiency without causing significant disruption to consumers.

Collaboration for Efficiency Standards

In September 2023, a group of stakeholders, including home appliance manufacturers and consumer, climate, and efficiency advocates, released a collaborative plan aligning with the new efficiency standards.

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According to CNN Business, deLaski said, “There was disagreement over this stoves rule last year, but then the stakeholders came together and resolved it.”

Minor Adjustments for Gas Stoves

The Energy Department aims to improve the efficiency of a small fraction, about 3%, of new gas stoves, as per information from CNN Business.

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Importantly, these adjustments will not affect the features consumers value most. “The standards will not result in the loss of any consumer-desired features in future models,” the DOE said in a statement.


Price Implications and Long-Term Savings

There may be a slight increase in the prices of some new stove models due to the updated standards, The Washington Post reports.

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However, these efficiency improvements are expected to lead to long-term savings on gas and electricity bills for consumers.


Environmental and Financial Benefits

CNN Business reports that the administration has projected significant benefits from the new standards, including an estimated $1.6 billion in utility bill savings for Americans over 30 years.

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Additionally, these changes are expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 4 million metric tons during the same period.


A Bright Future for Energy Efficiency

The Washington Post reports that deLaski said, “The gas stove debate has been a distracting sideshow. What’s important is that the Biden administration is updating a range of efficiency standards that collectively will deliver significant bill savings for middle-class families.”

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If all recommendations are adopted, a typical U.S. household might save approximately $120 annually on utility bills, according to data from the Appliance Standards Awareness Project (via The Washington Post).


The Political Response to Gas Stove Proposals

The suggestion of a gas stove ban by Richard Trumka Jr., then a U.S. Consumer Product Safety commissioner, was met with immediate political response, as per information from CNN Business. One response was from Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who said on X, formerly known as Twitter: “This is a recipe for disaster. The federal government has no business telling American families how to cook their dinner.” 

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Following these responses, a White House spokesperson clarified, “The president does not support banning gas stoves,” emphasizing that any potential regulation would only apply to new models.


Republican Criticism

Sen. Ted Cruz, posted on X, saying, “Democrats want to control every aspect of our lives. The 9th Circuit struck down a similar gas hookup ban, but Democrats in Chicago don’t care. Consumers should have choice!”

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The administration, however, emphasizes its commitment to both consumer choice and environmental sustainability, as per The Washington Post.


Industry Support for New Standards

Despite the political criticism, the appliance manufacturing industry has expressed support for these new standards.

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The Washington Post reveals that Jill Notini, vice president of communications and marketing at the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, said, “It was quite a process, but we’re very supportive of where we got with the package of standards.”