Long Island ‘Vegan Bakery’ Exposed for Selling Dunkin Donuts as Their Own

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Mar 14, 2024

A bakery owner in Long Island has been accused of selling Dunkin’ donuts as her own. This realization occurred when a vegan grocery store ordered donuts from this baker. Immediately, the store noticed that something was off about the delivered donuts.

An investigation eventually led to the store believing the owner had bought Dunkin’ donuts, but claimed she had made them. On top of this, the owner said the donuts were gluten-free — and they were not.

A Vegan Store’s Discovery

CindySnacks, a vegan grocery store in Huntington, New York, took to social media to share how a trusted bakery owner had tried to pass off Dunkin’ donuts as her own.

A variety of different donuts stacked on top of each other on a surface.

Source: Rod Long/Unsplash

According to CindySnacks, they ordered pastries and donuts from Savory Fig, a Long Island vegan bakery owned by Michelle Siriani. Siriani dropped off the store’s orders, and CindySnacks got to work putting out the snacks for customers.


One Odd Donut

However, one of the owners of the store realized that something was amiss with their order. One donut in the middle of one of the boxes was different from the others — and looked very similar to the types of donuts that Dunkin’ Donuts sells.

A close-up of very bright and colorful donuts with sprinkles on top.

Source: Alexander Grey/Unsplash

CindySnacks felt odd about this donut. Out of an abundance of caution, they pulled all the donuts off the racks of their store until they received confirmation from Siriani that this donut was vegan and gluten-free.


CindySnacks quickly reached out to Siriani. According to the grocery store, Siriani explained that she made this donut herself — and that it was not from Dunkin’ Donuts.

A person holding a donut on top of a Dunkin’ Donuts bag

Source: Mike Mozart from Funny YouTube, USA/Wikimedia Commons

However, the owners of CindySnacks felt that Siriani was not being honest. On their Instagram account, they wrote, “We (Cindy and I) were not given satisfactory answers nor evidence and in that moment knew deep down how bad this was.”

An Investigation

CindySnacks wanted to be certain of what they were dealing with. As they felt Siriani was lying to them and trying to say the supposed Dunkin’ Donuts were her own, they did an investigation.

Three donuts on a white surface, two of which have chocolate icing and sprinkles.

Source: Z Graphica/Unsplash

The first thing they did was buy the alphabet sprinkles Siriani said she used on the donut. However, the sprinkles she supposedly used were much bigger than the sprinkles on the donut. Also, the sprinkles on the questionable donut remained incredibly similar to what Dunkin’ Donuts uses on their pastries.

The Issues With Sprinkles

CindySnacks also searched on the internet to hopefully find similar sprinkles that Siriani could’ve used. However, they came up short.

Many chocolate donuts on a cooling rack with colorful sprinkles on top.

Source: sheri silver/Unsplash

The sprinkles Siriani claimed she used were not labeled as vegan, which worried the owners. The Amazon listing of this item also didn’t list the ingredients — something the grocery store also didn’t like. However, the most damaging problem was the fact that they looked nothing like the sprinkles on the donut.


A Gluten-Free Test

The investigation continued. CindySnacks had ordered gluten-free donuts from Siriani to put in their store. These donuts were supposed to be 100% gluten-free. However, if it truly was from Dunkin’ Donuts, there was no way it would be.

A person using a smartphone to take a video of donuts and baked goods in a bakery.

Source: Jenna Day/Unsplash

So, the owners of CindySnacks decided to buy an at-home gluten test to see what would happen if they tested the donut.


The Results of the Test

“We then ordered an at-home gluten test trusted and used by gluten-sensitive and allergic individuals,” the CindySnacks Instagram account wrote.

Many people walking past a Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins building at night.

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“The test results as seen in slide 4 proved to us that at the very least, this donut (and most likely ALL of her donuts) contain substantial amounts of gluten. We can only assume, given this recognizable logo design, where these donuts really came from and what other ingredients they might contain,” they explained online.


The Grocery Store’s Apology

CindySnacks ended their social media post by apologizing to all of their customers. Even though they weren’t the ones responsible for this, they wrote that they are “enraged” they trusted Siriani and her bakery.

A close-up view of a donut with teal icing and sprinkles on top of it on a tray beside other donuts.

Source: Shayna Douglas/Unsplash

“We have cut all personal and business ties with this person effective immediately,” CindySnacks wrote. “We are mortified that we provided any of her products to our customers and our own family.”


Siriani’s Claim

To make matters worse, CindySnacks explained that Siriani and her bakery were highly recommended to them. Savory Fig seemingly has been touted to them as a gluten-free and vegan bakery to trust and use.

Rows of donuts with various different sprinkles and toppings in a white box.

Source: Courtney Cook/Unsplash

Siriani herself evidently has stated she has worked as a pastry chef for over 15 years.


What Happens Next

CindySnacks did update people on the developments of their accusations. According to one of their latest social media posts, they got in contact with the Division of Food Safety and Inspection from NY Agriculture and Markets.

A glass case holds four different options of pastries, three of which are different kinds of donuts.

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This has subsequently led to the organization opening up an investigation into their claims. Siriani, however, has not made a statement yet. But, she has deleted Savory Fig’s Instagram account.


Public Outrage

Quickly after CindySnacks’ post, their story went viral. Many people online were stunned to see what Siriani and Savory Fig did — especially when they saw the photos of the Dunkin’ donut.

A brown box with six donuts on a wooden surface beside a mug and a phone

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The backlash was swift. Many also pointed out that those with allergies could have eaten the donut, thinking it was gluten-free. This could have resulted in a much more severe ending if someone had become sick after eating a donut they were told was safe for them to eat.