As Migrants Pour Into NYC, President Biden is Being Urged to Declare a ‘State Of Emergency’

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Nov 11, 2023

In the past year, approximately 90,000 illegal immigrants started living in New York City, and the democrats of the Big Apple are urging President Joe Biden to respond by declaring a “state of emergency.”

NYC government officials claim they need the President’s help and funding to deal with this issue, stating, “Our city is at a breaking point.”

Increased Illegal Immigration Is Costing NYC $8 Million a Day

Illegal immigration is allegedly costing New Yorkers almost $8 million every day.


Source: Andrew Litchtenstein/Getty Images

Mayor Adams claims that if this issue is resolved, the city will have spent more than $4.2 billion on housing, public services, police, street cleanup, and everything else necessary to handle this influx of people.

Housing for Immigrants Causing Huge Problems

Because of the increase in immigrants, the population in NYC shelters has grown by more than 110% in the past year.


Source: Viviane Moos/Getty Images

Mayor Adams has two ideas to combat the overwhelming need for shelter, and both are receiving negative feedback. One is to relocate immigrants to other cities and states, while the other is to house 1,000 people at the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens.

What Can Be Done About the Immigrants in NYC?

Government officials in NYC are not only requesting funding from the President, but they also want Biden to expedite work permits for the undocumented immigrants.


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Although NYC is looking for an immediate response to solve this issue, many are claiming that a “quick fix” is not the answer, and instead, they need to be looking toward comprehensive immigration reform.

What Will Happen to the Immigrants in NYC?

Whether or not President Biden will declare a state of emergency and help NYC fund the immigration issue is yet to be seen. For now, Mayor Adams is doing his best to deal with the 90,000 undocumented people living on the streets.


Source: Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

However, this problem is creating quite the debate as to whether or not immigrant labor integration is the answer, and how it would affect the American workforce.