Are Hybrid Cars About to Overtake EVs?

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Mar 30, 2024

In a world where people are being encouraged to switch their gas motors for EVs, many are opting for a slightly different option.

Many people are preferring to buy hybrid cars, with experts saying that so far in 2024, hybrid sales are miles ahead of their electric and gas counterparts.

Hybrid Cars Offer Both Gas and Electric

Some people say that you can’t get the best of both worlds, but hybrid cars offer just that.

A plug-in hybrid grey car. There are some black and red wires going into the boot of the car.

Source: Vlad B/Unsplash

According to WhatCar, a hybrid car works by using electricity for a certain number of miles, and once those miles have run out, it switches to using gas.


Car Experts Have Predicted Hybrid Sales Will Grow

Car expert research site Edmunds has predicted that hybrid car sales are going to soar in 2024.

A blue bar chart. There are four bars and each one increases in size. The bars are against a black background and there is a blue arrow that goes up with the bars.

Source: krzysztof-m/Pixabay

Americans are reported to currently prefer to purchase a hybrid car over EVs, with sales of the former having recently grown.

Hybrid Car Sales Have Grown by 99%

Hybrid cars are one of America’s favorite cars to drive, and their sales have grown by 99% in just one year.

A man looking at his laptop. There is a chart on the laptop that shows a huge increase in growth recently.

Source: Artem Podrez/Pexels

The hybrid car market share was at 4.9% in November 2022, and this grew to 9.7% in November 2023. In contrast, the sale of EVs has grown by 25% in the same time frame.

Hybrid Cars Have Environmental Benefits

The push for drivers to use EVs as opposed to other cars is due to the benefits on the environment, but hybrid cars also offer their benefits.

A hybrid logo on the side of a white car.

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Hybrids will run on electricity before they revert to using gas, which helps the environment massively. They also improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, decrease reliance on fossil fuels, and release fewer CO2 emissions.

Hybrid Cars Offer More Convenience Than EVs

As they offer more convenience than EVs, this is likely why hybrid cars are selling faster.

Some EVs parked up next to a charging station, charging their cars.

Source: Michael Fousert/Unsplash

Where EVs rely purely on electric power, this can cause large delays when traveling somewhere, especially long distances. However, as hybrid offers gas as well, hybrid drivers don’t have to worry about pre-planning where to fuel their cars.


Hybrid Cars Topped the List of the Best Cars in 2024

The Daily Mail has compiled a list of the top 10 cars of 2024, with hybrid cars leading the way.

A hybrid car parked up on the side of the road next to a field.

Source: Conscious Design/Unsplash

Hybrid cars make up over half of the list, with three cars being gas-powered — and just one EV.


Joe Biden Has Announced Strict Emission Limits to Boost EV Sales

President Joe Biden has announced strict emission limits to boost the falling sale of EVs and entice car buyers to choose EVs over other models.

A close-up image of an exhaust pipe on a red car.

Source: Rooney Salazar/Unsplash

The idea is to place limits on the amount of pollution permitted from vehicle exhausts and increase these limits each year. The BBC reports that this will prevent 7 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the next 30 years.


Biden Using Federal Tax Credits to Encourage Americans to Buy EVs

Not wanting to stop at strict emission limits, Biden is also using federal tax credits to encourage Americans to buy EVs.

A man sitting at a wooden table with a cup of tea looking at a letter for tax credits.


The White House reports that these tax credits aim to reduce up to 30% of the cost of EVs, making them cheaper for the average American.


Americans Cannot Afford EVs

One of the major issues many consumers are having with EVs is the cost.

A person holding up some dollar bills.

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AMPO suggests that car buyers should spend 10% of their take-home pay per month on a car. While this might seem reasonable, the average monthly cost of an EV is $691, which suggests someone would have to take home $7,000 per month to be able to afford one.


EV Sales Are Breaking Records — But Growth Is Stalling

PBS has said that almost a million EVs were sold in 2023, which is a record number.

A bar chart with four red bars that gradually decrease in size. There is a blue arrow above them that goes down with the bars.

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However, EVs only contribute to 7% of car sales in the U.S., which is smaller than the rate of growth officials would have liked to see.


The Debate of Hybrid vs. Electric

With many people aware of the environmental benefits of an electric car and hybrid cars offering better flexibility, car buyers often debate whether to buy hybrid or electric cars.

A silver car parked on the side of the road next to some fall trees.

Source: Hyundai Motor Group/Unsplash

All consumers can do is decide what works best for them, based on factors such as their budget and the availability of EV charging points in their area.