AOC’s Congressional District Is Fed up With Illegal Immigrants and Worried About Community Safety

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: Apr 06, 2024

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has faced harsh criticism from her constituents in the Bronx and Queens due to alarming rates of illegal immigration.

As reported by Fox News, the district is facing increased issues with crime, resulting in businesses and residents being put at risk. Community members attribute the rising crime rates to the increased level of illegal immigrants taking up space in the area.

Increased Immigration Has Brought Unwanted Behavior

A surge in violent crimes, robberies and assaults have risen recently, and many blame the Biden administration for allowing open immigration policies.

A busy New York City street during the early hours of the morning

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Residents report feeling unsafe in their neighborhoods due to the presence of street vendors, crime, and overpopulation.


Local Businesses Suffering Due to Competition

Many brick and mortar and small businesses have had to change their hours or close entirely due to the issues with street vendors taking their business.

A woman makes a purchase at a small street vendor in New York City

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Fox News reports that small businesses are being priced out of the market due to the strict competition with street vendors. However, the vendors do not always have the right permits to operate, causing tension in the neighborhood.

Constituents Blame AOC for Issues

A lack of engagement by elected official AOC has brought critics knocking on her door.

A brick building with the words “Municipal Building”

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Community members have directed letters and calls to AOC’s office in an attempt to grab her attention about the continuing safety issues. Their desires to have her take measures and become more involved with community issues has been noted by her office.

Jackson Heights Is Not Backing Down

The community members of Jackson Heights, New York, have decided that they will not be quiet about the issue.

Community members line up to speak into a microphone at a public commons

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The community has called for action to be taken in their neighborhood to alleviate the issues. They hope that AOC will act in collaboration with the outcry.

Concerns Over Representation in Local Government

Many residents have concerns that their voices and issues remain ignored due to the disconnect between local communities and local government.

A stucco building has the words “Town Hall” written on it

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A common complaint about AOC is that her agenda differs from the real issues facing people of her district. Accountability and representation are on the forefront of issues for community members.


Crime Has Increased in New York City

As reported by the recent NYPD CompStat statistics, violent crime has risen in the past few years, but has lowered overall in the past decade.

A white police car with NYPD written on the side

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The rise in crime is often attributed to friction in the city and changes in lifestyles following the Covid-19 pandemic. Fox reports that many community members have blamed increased levels of immigration for the increase in crime.


Immigration Data Inconclusive on Crime

In a report by the Washington Post, analyst Glenn Kessler notes that no studies have shown a connection between crime and illegal immigration.

A stack of newspaper sits on a wooden table

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Despite the data, residents of Jackson Heights have felt the shift in the city and fear for their safety.


Large Amounts of Undocumented Immigrants in NYC

Recent surveys show that as many as 476,000 undocumented immigrants currently reside in New York City, throughout all boroughs.

An aerial shot of New York City and the Brooklyn Bridge

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This number has actually decreased in recent years. The number of illegal immigrants living in the city was well over half a million as recently as 2018.


Poverty a Bigger Factor for Crime in Cities

Poverty, overcrowding, and a lack of public resources all contribute to the cause of crime.

A busy New York City street with cars parked on either side of the road, multiple brick buildings are seen in the background

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A reason for the heightened rash of crime in Jackson Heights can be better attributed to the pervasive poverty felt in over-priced New York. These are both issues that the community members hope that AOC begins to address.


Concerns Over Illegal Vendors

One of the main concerns that Fox News discovered in the neighborhood was the common concern over illegal street vendors in the area.

A street vendor sells food from a small cart with a red and white umbrella

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One commenter stated that kids are not allowed to even have lemonade stands on the street, but adults are setting up unregulated food stands and turning a profit with no sanctions. These contradictions are upsetting residents.


Residents Look Forward to a Crime Free Future

Many community members have expressed hope that AOC and other governmental elected officials will hear their calls for action.

Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez speaks with a community member on the streets of NYC

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Local groups have hopes that the congresswoman will bridge the gap between her governmental policies and the issues plaguing real people in her district.