Angry Shoppers Say Having Receipts Checked Is a Fourth Amendment Violation

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Mar 25, 2024

American shoppers argue having their receipts checked as they leave Walmart stores violates their Fourth Amendment rights. 

Now, some angry shoppers are uprightly refusing the mandatory checks, with many taking to social media to express their frustration with the controversial practice. 

The Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment stipulates that no unreasonable search or seizure will be carried out on any citizen. 

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Yet, one of the nation’s largest retail stores continues to cause controversy as they remain persistent in checking shoppers’ bags against their receipts before they leave the store. 


Walmart’s Bag Check Policy

Walmart’s policy of having employees check the contents of customers’ bags at the exit isn’t new. 

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However, since its introduction, Americans have fought hard to avoid and outright refuse the controversial checks.

Unconstitutional Practice

Many shoppers at the popular retail chain feel they’re treated as thieves when they leave the stores. 

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Others have taken to social media to argue that mandatory checks are unconstitutional.

Uncomfortable Situations for Employees and Customers

The mandatory checks have led to numerous uncomfortable situations for both shoppers and employees. 

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Various Americans who strongly oppose the anti-theft measure have been pictured arguing with store employees and managers. Others have decided to boycott the retailer altogether. 

Walmart Shoppers Complain on X

Frequent visitors to Walmart have begun complaining about the policy online on social media sites such as X. 

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One user wrote the entire practice was “comical,” per The Sun


Make it Make Sense

One X user writes she can vote without her ID but can’t leave a Walmart without having her receipt checked. 

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“Walmart wants to check my receipt every time I walk out of the store, but I can vote without showing any ID. Make it make sense,” they wrote.


Violating the Fourth Amendment

“YOU now own the receipt and items the moment you pay,” wrote one X user. 

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“The attempt to ‘check’ your receipt violates your Fourth Amendment rights. Not to mention, the EMPLOYEE cannot detain you LEGALLY.”


Social Media Influencer Receives Praise

One social media influencer garnered praise online after walking out of a Walmart store without participating in the mandatory check. 

@fuktfinger5936 pictured during one of his many YouTube videos

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Known to his followers as @fuktfinger5936, the influencer posted a clip online of the moment he encountered an employee who demanded his receipt. 


You Can’t Hold Me Against My Will

During the short video, the influencer is seen walking past the bag checker and out of the store. 

A Walmart employee is pictured asking @fuktfinger5936 for his receipt

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At that moment, he’s heard saying, “I paid for this stuff, and you’re going to let me go. Otherwise, you’re holding me against my will,” according to Daily Express


YouTuber Receives Praise Online

The YouTuber’s outright refusal of the controversial check received considerable praise online. 

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One viewer commented, “The best way to refuse this garbage is not to shop at Walmart at all.”


The Checking of Receipts Here to Stay

According to Business Insider, “Shoppers are not legally required to show receipts at any retailer. But refusing to show your receipt could give a store probable cause to detain you.”

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It appears the checking of receipts is here to stay at Walmart. For some customers, it’s not worth the hassle, and they will continue to shop at other retailers where the controversial practice is nonexistent.