American Flag Deemed ‘Hate’ Symbol by School DEI Trainer, Who Also Wants CRT Opponents Fired

By: Georgia | Published: Jun 05, 2024

A diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) trainer expressed concerns about the American flag, suggesting it might be becoming a symbol of “hate” and “extremism.” 

This statement has ignited considerable debate among educators and the broader community about the symbolism of national icons in contemporary society.

Critical Race Theory and Employment

Dr. Nancy Dome, a prominent DEI trainer, has been vocal about her stance on Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the education system. 

Portrait of Dr. Nancy Dome smiling, wearing a pink shawl and a scarf

Source: Dr Nancy Dome/Facebook

She believes that employees who resist CRT do not fit within the educational culture, stating in her published work that these employees are a “poison to culture and climate.”


Implementing the Color Line Exercise

The color line exercise introduced by Dr. Dome in DEI training sessions assigns scores to employees based on their perceived level of oppression. 

A hand holding a pink sign that reads "Equity Diversity Inclusion #notalone" during a public rally

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This exercise is designed to make participants aware of societal privileges and inequalities visually.

Teacher's Reaction to DEI Training

Isaac Newman, a teacher who participated in DEI training, described the experience as “insane.” 

A classroom setting with diverse students focused on a teacher speaking at the front

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He expressed his frustration with the compulsory nature of the training and the lack of clarity about the consequences of non-participation.

Shifting from Equality to Equity

Dr. Dome advocates for equity over equality, arguing that individuals should receive varying levels of support based on their specific needs. 

A person pointing to a stone inscription that states belief in universal rights to education, equality, and freedom for all

Source: Dr Nancy Dome/Facebook

This approach, she believes, is more effective in addressing disparities within the educational system.

Epoch Education's Influence

Epoch Education, led by Dr. Dome, serves as a DEI consultant for several large school districts. 

A celebratory banner for Epoch Education's 10th anniversary featuring a photo of Dr. Nancy Dome and various handwritten words related to education and race

Source: Dr Nancy Dome/Facebook

The organization promotes an equity agenda, impacting tens of thousands of students and educators across these districts.


Promoting CRT Principles

Epoch Education actively promotes the principles of CRT through its media channels, including YouTube. 

A wooden table with the hands of four people of different skin colors, showing a gesture of unity and collaboration

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These materials emphasize the importance of recognizing systemic inequalities and the insufficiency of color blindness and meritocracy as solutions.


Details of the DEI Scoring System

During DEI sessions, participants are asked to score themselves based on a series of prompts about race, with scores reflecting their level of societal privilege. 

A group of people with hands together in the center of a circle, wearing colorful winter clothing

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White women and men often score higher, indicating systemic advantages.


Critiquing Liberal Ideologies

Epoch Education’s materials critique common liberal ideologies such as incremental change and color blindness.

A protestor holds a cardboard sign saying "Equality in Diversity" with a cityscape background

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They describe them as inadequate in addressing the profound effects of racism in society.


Addressing Racism in Educational Videos

A September 2020 video by Epoch Education clearly states that racism influences all domains of society, including education. 

A hand holds up a cardboard sign that reads "Everybody vs Racism" at a public demonstration

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This video is part of their effort to educate on the pervasive impact of racial inequalities.


Mandatory DEI Training Concerns

Newman’s concerns about mandatory DEI training highlight a significant tension in educational policies. 

Colorful sticky notes arranged in a circle around the words "Diversity & Inclusion" written on a white circle

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His experience reflects a broader discomfort among some educators with the directions of such training.


The Community Model of Equity

Dr. Dome argues for a community-based approach to equity, suggesting that ensuring the well-being of every community member leads to a safer and more prosperous society for all. 

A person at a rally holds up a sign stating "End Systemic Racism" with a crowd and monuments in the background

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She emphasizes the interconnectedness of individual success and community health in her writing.