Aldi Employees Asked to Deny Service to Shoppers That Refuse New Bag Policy, Customers are Outraged

By: Carissa | Last updated: Nov 12, 2023

In an effort to limit theft, Aldi grocery stores have implemented a new rule that states customers must give employees permission to search their bags before leaving. The concept of sifting through people’s shopping bags has not gone over well with customers.

While many of the store’s loyal patrons are outraged at the store’s new policy, Aldi workers have been instructed to deny service to shoppers who refuse to comply.

Making Sense of Aldi’s New Bag Policy

Customers are appalled at the audacity of Aldi’s new policy, and some have declined when employees have tried to search their bags.


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However, Aldi has doubled-down on its invasive bag-searching strategy by denying customers service – and banning them from making future purchases – if they don’t don’t agree with the way they conduct business. For now, the change is not a “national policy” and participation will be decided by each store independently.


Aldi Has Always Taken Security Seriously

Aldi has always kept grocery costs low and security measures high. The grocery chain is unique in many ways, one being that customers are required to pay a deposit for their shopping carts. 


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The cost of a cart at Aldi is just 25 cents, and shoppers get their quarter back upon returning their carts. Other new security tactics at Aldi include putting security tags on cheese and locking up more high-end deli meats behind the deli counter.

Aldi Puts More ‘Valuable’ Products in Security Bags

Known as a value grocer, a high number of stolen items would force Aldi to raise prices. Thus, the retailer isn’t taking any chances when it comes to theft, and has gone to great lengths to ensure people pay for their products.


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Aldi has even started placing more valuable items, such as butter, chocolate, and toothpaste, into special security bags to discourage stealing.

Several Factors Have Led to an Increase in Thefts

Aldi’s security measures may seem extreme, but its preparedness was brought on by necessity. The overall number of thefts have skyrocketed since the pandemic, and law enforcement is no longer able to combat criminals the way they once could.


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In the UK, more than 70% of theft calls to the police go unanswered. With virtually no threat of consequence for thieves, they are unapologetically swiping things from store shelves. In addition, self-checkout has also contributed to the rise in store thefts in recent years.