Airlines That Refuse to Fly Boeings Following Faulty Equipment and Growing Safety Concerns

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Mar 24, 2024

Amid Boeing’s ongoing issue with faulty planes, many travelers around the world are seeking to fly with airlines that do not use Boeing jets. Luckily, for these worried flyers, some airlines use different plane manufacturers.

In the United States alone, there are multiple airline companies that do not have Boeing jets in their stock. However, some of these airlines may soon replace their old planes with Boeings.

More People Searching for Other Jets to Fly

Boeing has had a bad last few months. From the door plug that blew off of an Alaska Airlines plane earlier this year, to the many allegations their whistleblower — who was recently found dead with an apparent self-inflicted wound — Boeing has been in the spotlight nonstop.

A Boeing jet flying in the clear blue sky.

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This extra attention has awakened many people to some of the faulty planes that Boeing seems to have. Worried, they’ve begun to seek out airlines that don’t use Boeings.


Boeing 737 MAX Planes

While some travelers are deciding to avoid Boeing as much as possible, most fliers are mainly choosing to steer clear of Boeing 737 MAX planes. These jets are the planes that are always in the news for near-disaster situations.

A Boeing 737 plane flying overhead in a cloudy sky.

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Airlines don’t just use Boeing. Many also have Airbus planes. Often, airlines have a mix of Airbus and Boeing craft in their fleet. Some airlines, such as Southwest, only use Boeing planes — and Boeing 737 jets, specifically

Traveling in the United States

Throughout the United States, there are many airlines that do not use the Boeing 737 series. Delta remains one of the best airlines to use, especially because the company often caters to economy travelers.

A plane on an airport tarmac with cars and workers around it.

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Delta currently doesn’t have any Boeing 737 MAX jets in their fleet. However, they have ordered 100 new models from the company, which will be delivered sometime in 2025.

Delta Does Use Boeing

Though Delta doesn’t currently have any 737-class jets, they likely will soon. Therefore, fliers may soon see these planes rolled out. Delta does use other Boeing craft.

A Delta jet seen in a blue and white sky in the daytime.

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The 737 series isn’t the only Boeing planes that seem to be having issues, however. Earlier this year, a Delta Boeing 757 jet lost its nose wheel right before it took off.

Other U.S. Airlines to Use

Those looking to avoid Boeing 737 MAX jets completely have other airline options to choose from. For example, Avelo, Frontier, and Hawaiian Airlines don’t use these types of models on any of their flights.

An up-close look at a Spirit Airlines plane flying in a cloudy and dark sky.

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Luckily for fliers around the U.S., they have even more options to choose from. Reporting shows that JetBlue, Sun Country, and Spirit Airlines also use other planes other than the Boeing 737.


Travelers in Europe

Fliers throughout Europe also have a slew of airline companies they can choose from when traveling by air. Though the Boeing 737 MAX jet is active in many fleets, not every company uses them.

An Air France white plane on an airport tarmac in the daytime with grass and other planes beside it.

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Air France, Air Europa, Pegasus Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM, easyJet, Wizz Air, Iberia, and Aeroflot currently do not use any Boeing 737 planes.


Boeing’s Ongoing Issues

Boeing has been rocked with various issues in the past few months. The company’s ongoing, very public struggles seemingly ignited after an Alaska Airlines door plug blew off in the middle of a flight.

An up-close look at an airplane’s engines while it is flying above clouds in the sky.

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Though the plane made an emergency landing and no one was greatly injured, the stunning footage of the flight made viral news. Since then, it has seemed that other Boeing planes have suffered from safety issues.


Boeing’s Other Incidents

After this Alaska Airlines situation, other Boeings have made headlines thanks to dangerous complications. In early March, a Boeing jet’s engines burst into flames after exploding in Texas. This resulted in flames appearing in the sky.

A view of an airplane’s wing while it is in the air by clouds in the daytime.

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Also in Texas, a United Airlines 737 MAX 8 jet veered off the runway right after it landed. The plane ended up in a grassy area beside the tarmac.


Emergency Landings

A few Boeings also made emergency landings in the past few months, even though nothing too major seemed to have happened on board. For example, an American Airlines Boeing 777 jet had to make an emergency landing at LAX.

An airplane landing on a tarmac by dirt in the daytime.

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This plane, which was carrying 279 people, didn’t seemingly have any major issues on board. However, it landed because there was an apparent “mechanical problem.”


Boeing Whistleblowers

Though some may feel that Boeing has only recently had such tremendous problems, issues within the company have allegedly existed for years now. John Barnett, a Boeing whistleblower, came out and explained that the company pressured workers to put “sub-standard” parts on the planes.

An airplane’s wing seen up in the air by white clouds and a teal sky.

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Other Boeing employees have since come out and explained they were told to make quick fixes to any plane mistakes — and then to not document these fixes.


Barnett’s Death

Barnett’s sudden surprise death from a self-inflicted wound has once again put Boeing in the limelight. Barnett’s accusations against the company have only reignited from his death.

An airplane seen in the sky by clouds during a sunset, which makes the sky orange and red.

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Though many analysts say that air travel still remains incredibly safe, Boeing’s ongoing problems have worried many. Now, many travelers may make a concerted effort to avoid Boeing 737 jets as much as possible.